Android activations reach 900 million, 48 billion app installs as of 2013


Google has just announced that Android device activations have reached 900 million as of 2013. With 7 billion people on the planet, Google points out that still isn’t good enough — it wants to achieve more than 10% of the population in the near future. That’s an ambitious goal, but at the rate of innovation Google employs to build Android it might not take as long as we think it would.

Jumping over to some Play Store stats, we now know that Play Store installs have surpassed 48 billion to date, with 2.5 billion of that happening within the past couple of months. Google also announced it paid out more money in the past 4 months than all of last year. They also mentioned revenue per user more than doubled since last year, meaning now is a good time to be a developer for the Android platform.

With recent news from Gartner that Android took up 75% of smartphone sales worldwide last month we can only imagine those numbers will continue to climb to unimaginable heights. Go, Andy, go!

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  • PaulGoW

    But 900 million is already more than 10% of the population.

    • bob

      I’m pretty sure I account for at least a million of those activations so I’m pretty certain comparing activations to population is not too accurate.

      • ratnok


    • Michael Landauer

      A lot of us have owned more than one Android device.

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    I bet Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave

  • Jon McDonald

    Apple is almost to 50 billion app downloads based on their website counter. The Play Store’s catch-up rate is astounding.

    • Jeffrey Evans

      I was thinking that too. Would be a riot if Android beat them to the 50 billion mark.

  • Big EZ

    I hope we see a sale for 50 billion downloads, we haven’t had one in awhile.

  • androidscales

    dang android rocks