Latest Google Play Services APK reveals Google Play Games resource files

google play games screens

We’ve heard for a while now that Google would start taking mobile gaming more seriously, with a Game Center-like service for people to connect in online games, track leaderboards and achievements, and more. We haven’t had much concrete evidence to go on, but that all changed over the weekend when an APK teardown revealed some resource files which directly mention Play Games in all its glory.

The files were discovered after the version 3.1 update to the Google Play Services APK. In it was found a half-functioning settings app that tips us to functionality like being able to control who can send you game invites and switching between different Google accounts. Some of the strings entries revealed tons of other functionality that we can’t quite envision just yet.

It references things like synchronized game saves for playing your games across different devices, tools for facilitating matchmaking and sending game invites, achievements which reward players for completing goals in-game, and ranking and tracking scores across global leaderboards. We even get a look at some of the early icons and graphics that will be used for the service.

Unfortunately this entire picture has still yet to be painted, but we’re told to expect an announcement this week at Google I/O 2013. Just looking at the slate of events on Google’s sessions schedule shows us they’re putting major emphasis on gaming this year, but we’ll have to wait for the show to see just how much Google is doing to help improve the Android gaming scene.

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  • TheHowiie

    Google helping out the gamers, how nice.

    • Brian

      They are the *real* consumers after all. What else do people typically *buy* for their computers (after initial setup)?

      • TheHowiie

        I completely agree.

    • Ae Tee

      it’s about time too… i hope this new service allows us to save games like those from Final Fantasy, etc… its a pain if one does not have Titanium Backup and need to wipe the phone.

      probably this is also why the storage between Drive, Gmail, etc is all merged now?

      again… good thing for us — Google users.

  • James Eagle

    Better late than never. Can’t wait.

  • Cesar Ortiz

    *-* this is gonna be great!!!

  • RitishOemraw

    Ron Amadeo sure is doing awesome work with his APK teardowns!
    Hope to see GTV integration soon.

  • remister

    Yes, now I don’t need to rebeat all the Candy Crush Levels :P

  • FortTech101

    I have the new Play Services, but I don’t have Play Games.

  • sourav

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