Official CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies now available for the HTC One (GSM)

CyanogenMod 10.1 HTC One

Great news for HTC One owners who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of CyanogenMod for the device. CyanogenMod 10.1 “nightlies” are now officially available for the AT&T and T-Mobile HTC One. The HTC One has been touted as one of the easiest devices to unlock, root, and flash a custom ROM onto since the Nexus 4.

Those of you familiar that “ROM life” (I’ve recently been sucked back in) know how this sorta thing works. Depending on your specific model, it’s as easy as jumping onto, unlocking the bootloader, flashing ClockworkMod recovery, flashing CM10.1, flashing Gapps (Google apps), and you’re off to a custom AOSP good time. Well, for the most part.

Flashing CyanogenMod onto your HTC One will “remove” Sense 5 and yes, the much hated (but still very useful) BlinkFeed. Unfortunately, some of the One’s better known features such as IR blaster functionality and WiFI Calling for T-Mobile, are not working at the moment. Also, calling is a bit wonky as well.

I think it goes without saying that nightly builds aren’t the most stable of releases, so, as always — flash at your own risk. You can hit up the thread on XDA below for the full list of instructions as well as download links. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to root n’ flash this onto my HTC One Developer Edition to see what all the hype is about. Cheers.

Thanks, Jeff!

[XDA via CyanogenMod]

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  • TechGuy22

    im running PAC ROM on my ATT One. pretty amazing. i still miss the camera though. hopefully someone will port the camera over to AOSP

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, Daniel mentioned that progress is coming along. Said he could get it open for a second before it force closes or something along those lines. With all these developers working on the One, I’m sure camera will be up and running soon :)

      • No_Nickname90

        That’s lovely to hear. I don’t want to get rid of Zoe.

  • juaninamillion

    Are all of the versions compatible with each other?

    • Chris Chavez

      Apparently only at this point because I it’s so early (you’ll actually have to manually edit your APN settings). I’m sure soon it’ll branch off to its respective carrier categories on XDA and what not.

      • PhoenixPath

        I’ve heard talk on XDA of merging the T-Mob, AT&T and International Dev forums. They are so similar it is definitely an option.

        They could easily include framework/driver .zip mods to give T-Mob users wifi calling and fix AT&T users signal bar mods/signal level triggers.

        They’re still taking suggestions on this last I heard.

  • pclever1

    what wallpaper is that?

    • kc

      Yea the wallpaper looks really good. Where can i find it?

      • Chris Chavez

        Inside…. the ROM? O_o

        • kc

          Duh!! ಠ_ಠ
          I dont own a HTC One :(
          So is there any other place i can get this wallpaper from?

          Or is it possible to unpack the apk and extract the wallpaper from the ROM on my desktop? Im a noob at this so forgive my ignorance.

        • kc

          By the way, i remember Quentyn had posted an article which said the HTC Logo is a capacitive button, disabled by HTC, but can be enabled by a custom kernel. Would this ever see the light of day after HTC releases the stock kernel for 4.2.2 for the HTC One?

          • No_Nickname90

            That entire area is a capacitive area. So I think it’s out now. I’m still looking for it, though I’m not looking very hard. What they do is make that particular area an action. So when that area is tapped it will do a function. (Menu, home, etc).

            This is how you are able to slide from the screen to that area back onto the screen. You are still touching “screen” so that area can be mapped.

  • PhoenixPath

    ” Also, calling is a bit wonky as well.”

    Well…good thing it’s not a phone…oh…wait…/s

    Jumped from VZW and the Galaxy Nexus to the One on T-Mobile so I could actually make and receive calls. Much as I love AOSP/CM/AOKP, I still would like to be able to use my phone as…a phone.

    I can live without the IR Blaster or WiFi calling. Everything else needs to be working though, or there’s little point to it.

    (That said, if baldwinguy77 gets shiny working on it with calls…I’m in. In a heartbeat. Only thing that made the VZW G’Nex usable…)

  • Anthony McKay

    This makes me one step closer to getting The One, only thing is now I’m just waiting to see what Google I/O brings us. If nothing, hello One.

  • William Witry

    Hi Chris, I may be mistaken, but what makes you think would allow me to unlock my bootloader? I do not see HTC One in the dropdown.

    I appreciate your work . . .

    • Samm Love

      You just choose all other supported models.
      From the site [ Select “All other supported models” if you cannot find your phone in this list. Devices launched after 9/2011 will be shipped with the unlock capability.]

      I have a rooted HTC One and used that option.

      • William Witry


  • Rolan Bello

    Will it work with my Developer Edition? No trouble there?