Facebook updated with stickers for messaging, new Pages layout

Facebook Stickers

Facebook’s emojis on steroids have made their way to the social network’s official Android app. Stickers were first introduced as part of Facebook Messenger and give users the ability to spice up conversations with graphics that ride the border between cute and Adventure Time acid trip. They can be located by tapping the icons at the bottom of the messaging window.

Additionally, the update revamps the layout of Facebook Pages, bringing useful actions to the forefront. Buttons for Like, Directions, Check In, and Call are now located at the top of a page. The updated Pages reached Facebook’s iOS app last month, when the changes were detailed at Facebook’s Studio blog.

A minor tweak, the app now gives users the ability to delete comments from posts. You can snag the latest version in the Google Play Store, free of charge as always.

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  • Cesar Ortiz

    I guess there is no point for facebook messenger now… probably only for the chatheads, but those get a little annoying when they disappear all of a sudden..

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Its about time you can delete comments again.

  • Tony Lai

    I thought sticker was available in messenger since last update.

  • qufebg


  • http://www.facebook.com/ManaBurnX Will Swetman

    Yeah, I’m with Tony. I’ve had this update for quite a while now but maybe it wasn’t rolled out to everyone at the same time. One thing I want to know is why one of the stickers, the fat cat one, is animated on my friends phone (iPhone) but it doesn’t move on my phone (Note 2). Anyone not on an iPhone have the fat cat animations or do they just look like still pictures and won’t animate when you tap on them?

  • DonMcCall

    I could care less. The update still has permission to auto-update baked in, so I refuse to download it.

  • sourav

    paid apps for free