HTC First drops to $.99 — would you buy it for that much?

HTC First Facebook Home wm

The HTC First isn’t a bad phone. It’s an Android phone with Facebook Home installed by default, an experience that can actually be disabled if you don’t want it. Kevin commended the phone for providing a decent balance of good hardware and simplistic software in his review, but some still felt that wasn’t worth the $100 on-contract price AT&T wanted for it.

Well, it’s cheaper now — a lot cheaper. In fact, you don’t even need a full dollar to buy it as AT&T has discounted the device to $.99. It still requires you to sign away two years of your mobile freedom, but such a cheap upfront cost seems to be perfect for a device like this. The HTC First is undoubtedly aimed at those who don’t really seek a full-blown smartphone, but a phone that gives them easy access to the world’s biggest social network.

It’s hard to ask someone to pay $100 for the simple ability to post status updates and like pictures, especially when there are cheaper phones out there that can do the exact same thing. Kudos, AT&T — that’s the sweet spot, and you’re probably going to get a lot more new sales because of it. Were any of you sitting on the fence about this smartphone before but would consider buying it for this price?

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  • Jason Blasiman

    I still wouldn’t want it if it were free

    • James

      Why not?

      • Jason Farrell



        Facebook is the largest data mining company. they should be paying people to take this phone, cause Facebook will carbon copy every single piece of data off that phone, and sell it to third party marketers.

        • Sean Royce

          No, they won’t. They might sell data, but it’s nothing you should be concerned about. Put your tinfoil hat back on.

        • niuguy

          Dude, you are an Android user. Google is as big a data money as Facebook!

          • niuguy

            doh miner.

  • aw1974


  • blest



    Off-contract pricing has been slashed by $100 as well, if anyone is interested. I’m guessing a limited exclusive for this on AT&T is about ready to end, either tied to a calendar date or sales quota, hence the markdowns before it becomes available to other carriers.

  • MttFrog13

    nope nope nope

  • NorthVandea

    Nope, you would have to pay me to use that phone…

  • bob

    I’d buy it for 99 cents at the 99 cent store.


      3 for $1 at Costco!

      • bob

        Ahhhhhhh ya!

  • TheHowiie

    it’s not worth it, even now. especially when Facebook Home is Available via Play Store if you really want it.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Not worth the 2 yr contract

  • matt

    You couldn’t pay me to use it

  • SmithTech

    If I was on AT&T
    If I was looking to renew my contract
    If I was in the market for an inexpensive phone
    Then yes I would buy the phone.

    Some people are idiots, for $0.99 your getting a decent STOCK Android phone. The Facebook Home can be turned off.

    • enomele

      agreed. everyone here seems to be under the impression that it has a disease.

  • Cory

    I know the First isn’t as low end as other HTC phones out there but for the past 3 days I had to use my bfs Desire I think is what its called and its smaller than the iPhone even, but my replacement Galaxy arrived today. So relieved. Using anything but higher end Android device is just as bad as being stuck on iOS. So no, I would not pay one dollar to use a mid range phone, I would prefer being phoneless until I could afford the phone that will best stand up to the heavy use I am going to throw at.

    • OptimusL

      Lol who are you to decide what’s good for others to use? A mid-range phone these days includes a dual-core processor with at least 1gb of ram, apart from high end games it can run everything else just fine.

  • blue720

    What you guys fail to realize is that people just don’t want an underwhelming phone on a two year sentence. In other words, don’t be an A$&$ to be with AT&T.

  • schitzengigles10

    This phone isn’t being aimed at hardcore android enthusiasts though. Of course it isn’t going to really appeal to anyone who frequents these boards. It was designed with the heavy Facebooker, teens, and the technologically disaffected in mind. This good for a 16 year old wanting their first smartphone? Yeah. Otherwise, those with big kid money can and will trade up

  • John


  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    1 word, no. 2 words, hell no.

  • domi1kenobi

    I’d rather buy that Nokia 510 with Windows Phone 8 for 130$ at Wallmarkt than this crap.
    ( hardcore Android user since start)

  • Smitty

    If I wanted a stock Android phone for cheap I’d consider it. It’s .99 afterall.

  • guitarist5122

    Being that it comes with a contact, you’d have to pay me to take it. I’m talking like at least a grand.

  • DDroid45

    whats funny is how this phone was supposed to be targeting at young teens social networkers, and yet there are probably some grown a$$ men and women on here talking about they wouldn’t use it, NEWS FLASH idiots, its not for you unless u are broke and cant afford anything decent

    • KOLIO

      Which explains why you are here……………………

      • derrick mcgalliard

        I’m here to just read an article and to call idiots idiots, are you an idiot KOLIO

        • KOLIO

          Yeah,sure, I’m an idiot,I’m here aren’t I?

          Later on DM,have a great day……………….


    Better yet,give AT&T the finger,switch to T-MOBILE & get the NEXUS 4 for $0 down (until 11:59 PDT 5/8/13) or $349 off-contract via GOOGLE PLAY STORE.Either way,it’s a less expensive option w/a better phone,if you can live w/o 4G LTE.

  • NardVa

    Maybe buy it and disable Facebook home and you have a stock Android HTC.

  • lhtbinh1909

    Get it, root it, remove Facebook Home and you’ll have cheap Nexus from HTC.

  • Maximillion82

    Yes if it wouldn’t come with a contract.

  • hoz590