Department of Defense approves Samsung Knox for government use

samsung knox

The Defense Information Systems Agency has completed its testing of devices running Samsung’s Knox enterprise system and is signing off on the system for official government use. The approval allows those working within the Department of Defense network to use Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

The clearance means that Samsung’s devices meet one of the highest security standards for mobile devices. President JK Shin believes that the approval of Samsung Knox by the US government will make the enterprise solution more appealing to “highly regulated industries such as health care and financial services.”

For now, the Galaxy S4 is the only device to feature Knox, but Samsung has plans to include it in future “premium” smartphone and tablet releases.

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  • Lex Lybrand

    If the S4 is the only device to feature this, then why is the S3 pictured?

    • Steven Skwarkowski

      If you can tell the visual difference between the S3 and the S4, then I feel bad for you. Can you even tell me the difference in regards to this pic?

      • 12fusion

        Missing one sensor at the top on the left of the speaker. Easy to tell since I’m using a s4

        • simpleas

          i love the gs4 design. the corners are perfectly rounded. i felt the gs3 was too round.

          • taz89

            agree the gs4 fits very well in the hand is definitely more easier to hold than the s3…with the s3 i felt like it was bout to slip out ouy.

      • taz89

        larger bottom bezel, larger different shaped home button and also more space between the home button and screen, more rounded, sensor position etc i guess the real question is how can you not see the difference :) the easiest way to know is the home button really, the s4 home button is more central where as on the s3 as you can see from the pic is more lower towards the bottom of the phone.

      • DYNK

        The sides are different….a big difference

  • TheOtherGuy

    Kevin, you’re back? You didn’t stay long with iSource…

    • guitarist5122

      The grass definitely wasn’t greener on th the other side. In fact it was none existent. It was astroturf.

  • emajem_666i

    Does this come pre installed? Or is it only accessible to organizations who need to use it?

    • real0325

      I believe “organization that need” like you said.

    • master94

      pre-installed according to the manuel

  • PhishyKris
  • Fr0stTr0n

    Suck it blackberry

  • real0325

    That’s great! Now we can have some options.