Extra Ingress invites being sent to level 2 players


Ingress invites are some of the hardest invites to come by lately. The addictive geo-location game has proven to be addictive to those who have had the fortunate chance to play, and it only makes the wait even harder for those who have been shunned. Well, if you know a friend with Ingress who has leveled up to at least level 2, it’s time to ask them for an invite.

The Ingress account on Google+ announced that all of those members would be able to invite additional people to help their faction out. It might be worth knowing which faction your friend prefers — they’d probably be more willing to let you in on the fun if you’re joining their cause (though you could just as easily lie and use the invite to join the opposing faction when it’s all said and done).

Whatever you do to convince them, do not — and I repeat, do not — do anything to make them angry if they live in your immediate area. Depending on how much clout they have in the world of Ingress they might make your life of hunting down and capturing energy points a living hell. Once you get your invite you can head over to the Google Play Store for the download. (PS: you’ll get extra special brownie points from me if you decide to join the enlightened.)

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  • FreakFly

    Those who realize they don’t need the influence of Shapers realize that their own intelligence is the true path to a better future for all! Join me in the Resistance!!! Together we can move humanity forward through our own thoughts! Not through the control of Shapers!

    • Jay Boyko

      @joedon3:disqus can I get an invite?

      • bob

        I’ve got 3 =) not sure how to use them yet.

        • http://www.facebook.com/gselb Greg Selby

          Throw one my way plz

        • esurientem .

          please send me one

    • Guest
    • George Bogaski

      Hook a fellow up with an activation code? bogaski@gmail.com

    • http://www.facebook.com/gselb Greg Selby

      leets4uc3@gmail.com im in Tempe AZ

  • Nick

    I would love to join someone in the resistance, but no invites here =( anyone want to help me out?!

    • FreakFly

      I still have 3 invites to give out. But I’ll only give them out to agents who are serious about keeping up with the game. I’ve lost too many agents to laziness.

      • Alexander Ramirez

        What can one do to prove they’re worthy? I’ve been wanting to get in on this. I live in an area where not too many people know about this.

        • PhaseBurn

          The problem with that is that there’s less likely to be portals in your area, as there’s less people to influence them.

          • Nick

            I’m not sure I’m in a good area then either =( anyone around Beavercreek, OH know how it is?

          • FreakFly

            lol. I play in Dayton. it’s crazy here. lots of portals. the air force museum is awesome.

          • jfelts

            Duplicate post

          • jfelts

            I live in Kettering. Would love to try this game if you have an extra invite to give. “Jfelts at gmail dot com”

          • jfelts

            Just will give me more of a reason to take my motorcycle out :)

          • Alexander Ramirez


          • FreakFly

            what is your area? I can check to see how busy the map is there…

          • Alexander Ramirez

            Santa Maria, CA

          • bob

            Ha! Socal is off the hook. I’m in Bakersfield and its pretty busy her but nothing like by you.

      • Nick

        I’m in, not exactly sure what I have to do, but I’m a workout fanatic and need to go on runs everyday, so I would be out and about lol. Lets make a deal here Joedon3, then close with a nice cold beer.

        • Nick

          My soul = 1 invite? (Really though, I don’t have one to begin with…)

          • FreakFly

            check your FB “other messages” folder

          • Nick

            Ohh good stuff, glad to see there’s a community around. I will take a look now, thanks a lot!

      • http://www.facebook.com/gselb Greg Selby

        Hook it up! I got your back homie. f*** the enlightenment

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7940805 Cameron Nick

        Do you still have any invites? I’m definitely trying to get plugged into this! Thanks.

      • jfelts

        I live in Kettering, Ohio. Would love an invite. Will give me excuses to go ride my motorcycle. Jfelts at gmail dot com

      • esurientem .

        I walk a lot. I would be very active. esurientem at gmail.com Please send me an invite.

  • PhaseBurn

    Quentyn’s a muppet? $respect–; Viva la resistance!

  • David Manvell

    If you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia in the USA let me know. We can get you an invite most likely.

    • http://www.techmantis.net/ Minja Miketa

      Don’t listen to him. He wants to get you to join the dark side. Let me know and we’ll Enlighten you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/gselb Greg Selby

        lol. im AZ hook me up!

  • Abstract

    Will someone enlighten me with an invite please? :D

    • Abstract

      American Fork, UT

      I’ll join whoever invites me, wish I could check the community map.

      • Grant Foote

        I’m also in AF, and have plenty of invites. Give me an email

        Forever Enlightened!!!

  • Kam Siu

    wtf @Quentyn Kennemer!! RESISTANCE shall rull them all…

  • tomaSconnie

    hey Quentyn, I’m Madison enlightened. nice to know you’re on the right side down there ;)

  • jb

    anyone have an invite? thanks

  • http://n/a brad

    Iv never heard of the game, I just seen this post on here and I downloaded the game but come to realise I need an invite to even begin playing :-( is anyone willing to send an invite my way I live in erie, pa and I want to check this game out it looks really cool I love google and if this is a google created game I’d love to play!!! Pleaseeeee :-(

    • Rdfry

      I grew up in Erie it’s a good place to be from.

  • http://n/a brad

    I’d also love to get in on this I just heard about it when I seen this post. I live in an area where I’m sure not to many people know about this either as I’m surrounded by tons of crapple I mean ughhh apple sheep!

  • G. Andrew M. Blackburn

    Mwahahahaha Everyone who posted their email address has now been signed up for sooooo much spam :D

  • Jay

    I’m in the Hartford, CT area and would humbly accept an invite to what looks like an absolutely world changing game.

  • bbqsfire

    I have been waiting for an invite from several of my friends. I hope the extra invites will reach them and I can finally play.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002422444548 Franco Alvarez

    Anyone in Richmond VA please contact me for invites, don’t waste your time if you won’t be out and about and joint the enlightened cause.

    • Lucas Brown

      I’m in Hampton Roads…..Still have an invite?

  • http://www.techmantis.net/ Minja Miketa

    I am glad you are enlightened. That comment made my day, Enlightened for the win.

  • http://n/a brad

    Rdfry by any chance do you have an invite available for a fellow erieite? :-)

    • Rdfry

      Nope I don’t even have one. I moved from Erie over 30 years ago. I live in suburban Dallas

  • bob

    Bakersfield Ca here… If you’re in the area and can prove it you got an invite from me. Resistance only though…

  • http://twitter.com/BongDabong Dave Feril

    Wooop2! Enlightened here too! Enlightened for the win!

  • Raugmor

    Enlightenment is the way! Join us, we have cookies! :)

  • http://n/a brad

    Rdfry its alright man thanks anyways lol

  • Manbo

    Anyone know if this works in Canada, or is it currently just US only?

  • Caseyjp11

    Its an interesting idea, but at this point EVE Online 2003 had more to do than this does. Hackaportal, stealaportal, connectaportal….and forget it if there isn’t any portal anywhere near you….then its….wow, cool interface…click. And yes I am in, and yes I am underwhelmed at this point…and yes I WAS involved in EVE Online in ’03. :-D

    Oh, and p.s., google? Fix the gps…ffs. You’d think the company the put out google nav could have a gps map that doesn’t behave like a palsy victim in a glass shop.

  • Eric Bonney

    I would love to play if anyone has an extra invite. I live in the Mason Ohio area :)

  • Mainline15

    Los Angeles, CA!! Invite me! :-D

  • http://www.facebook.com/StupidDreamer23 Tim Tobish

    Yay Enlightened!

  • calib

    i think they can add augmented reality feature. for example:


  • yewslus

    somebody invite me to their faction! yewslus@gmail.com northern nj