Samsung Galaxy S4 bootloader hacked, details coming soon


It didn’t take long — these things typically don’t when it comes to the brilliant Android development community — but the Samsung Galaxy S4’s bootloader has already had its a*s kicked. Dan Rosenberg, the same guy who did the unthinkable and hacked the bootloader on Motorola’s latest RAZR devices, was the benefactor here.

For now, evidence of his efforts only exist in the form of a picture posted on Twitter, but we’re told to expect more details regarding this breakthrough sometime soon. We’re not sure if this means we can expect a full user-safe method or if a caveat will be thrown in, but those are the details we’ll be anxiously awaiting.

Sources of DroidModderX have apparently mentioned that the device has been “sort of” hacked — that bit is a tad worrisome, but we can’t read much into it until we have the facts for ourselves. Keep an eye on Phandroid for the full details regarding this achievement whenever Rosenberg is ready to make them public.


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  • Matt Laney

    Told you so.

    • enomele

      Aww damn.

  • mreveryphone

    The classic cat and mouse game of locked and unlocked………

  • Robb Nunya

    I hope it cost Samsung a couple $mil to instigate the bootloader. There’s some poetic justice in a guy cracking that crap in such a short time… for free!

    • Scott Tompkins

      I doubt they go to great efforts… likely *just enough* to keep the carriers happy, and enough to keep malware from unlocking it.

    • Troy Owens

      This comment should be directed toward the “death star” and the “evil red V” but i get where you’re going.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    What is the likelihood that the bootloader lock on the AT&T and Verizon versions are the same or can be unlocked the same way?

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      Rosenberg thinks they will be unlocked the same way and if he reveals the method now it will give Verizon time to thwart it before their device is released.

  • TechGuy22

    lmfao that was fast. waiting for my ONE. ill get the S5 for sure if sammy ditches its design.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      LOL, you know… I’ve held both in my hands at the store. The HTC One is bulkier, not as wide and with sharper edges, which makes it less comfortable to hold, IMO. Plus, it has two navigation buttons instead of three. So why people keep insisting that the HTC One is better designed is beyond me. If nothing else, the HTC One is little more than a fashion accessory. Meaning, if it were plastic, it wouldn’t even sell 5 units.

  • jackdubl

    The method is going to be withheld until the Verizon variant ships at the end of May.

  • newGeo

    this is easy todo. its samsung. its an andriod. lets see iOS7 hacked so fast. i. think. not. pfft.

    • david david

      Flaming much, this was a very impressive feat. He hacked a 256bit encrypted bootloader without a source leak. Go Home newgeo. If he devoted this sort of effort to io7 I’m sure he could have. Instead he focuses on a now more popular platform.

  • newGeo

    -> still impressive though