Microsoft’s Switch to Windows Phone Android app released on Google Play Store, bombarded by Android fans

Switch To Windows Phone app

It’s hard to tell if Microsoft is being genuine with their latest release to the Google Play Store this evening. “Switch to Windows Phone” just went live moments ago and it’s an Android app that looks to “help” users looking to make the switch to Windows Phone an easy one by locating apps (or similar apps) on WP8.

Given Google’s very open policy about app submissions in the Play Store, Microsoft is seemingly taking full advantage of this to stick it to Google on their home turf. Feels more like a low-blow to me. Unsurprisingly, the app is already getting pounded by Android fans who are keen to what Microsoft is up to. If you guys want to give it a download and see for yourself if Windows Phone 8 would make a good switch, it’s doubtful but I’ve provided the link for you anyway.

[Switch to Windows Phone on Google Play]

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  • TechGuy22

    lmfao the fudge is this

    • Subzer0

      stfu marcos and read the article.. lol

      • TechGuy22

        you tracked me down from PP to here. you really love me man.

        • Subzer0

          No ive seen you around here before.. your the guy that makes unhelpful ignorant comments to everyone. just thought id return the favor. XD

          • TechGuy22

            lmfaooo. people love me here. am i right Chris :D

          • Chris Chavez

            …. O_o

          • Autobot

            LOL best response ever!!

          • ratnok


  • bawboh

    As someone that was on Android and switch to Windows Phone 8, I see nothing wrong with the platform. There are things I miss in Android, but I personally like Windows Phone 8 more. It’s all a personal matter. People ask me all the time if I think X or Y OS is a good fit for them, and it ends up a personality quiz to see what they want. Seriously, if you’re thinking about trying out another system, this at least helps you see if it’ll be an easy switch before doing so.
    I have nothing against Android (it’s really iOS that I hate the most – seriously, it’s an app drawer and nothing more) but I found myself not using half of what it had and preferred the different look of WP8. YMMV

    • harold

      As far as i’m concerned if you switched you were never fully into android

      • Spoken Word™

        Harold, Harold, Harold…. It’s idiotic talk like that that makes the vast majority of Android users sound like complete #AssClowns. Why do things have to be either or? A person can use multiple OS’ and enjoy them but still prefer one over the other. I’ve been all Android since 2009 but I can appreciate iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 because they all bring something to the table. Put away your #FanBoy ways and join the grownups who know that there’s no such thing as a best phone/OS/etc. There’s only what’s best for your needs!

        • harold

          I still stick to what a said and I say it without calling people names

          • bawboh

            *shrugs* Okay. I did use Android from the OG Droid all the way to the HTC One X. I still appreciate the OS and the innovations and changes it brings to the table. It’s just not for me. Different strokes for different folks. My GF prefers Android, and that’s just fine, in my opinion.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            you’re totally correct. who is he to dictate what being “fully in to Android” really means anyway? That’s pretentious and shallow.

          • No_Nickname90

            Does that mean those who were on iOS since it first came out and switched to Android really wasn’t into iOS?

            I used to love chocolate chip cookies. Now I’d rather watch everything chocolate be burned and sent to the Pits of Tartarus.

          • Ahhk

            Typical Oatmeal Raisin fanboy! WTH is wrong with you?!?

            Chocolate Chip forever!!!


          • No_Nickname90

            Actually, I do love Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. A lot actually. Hmm… I think I want some now.

          • Ahhk

            haha. See. Now you have to go to the store. That’ll learn ya.

          • Haxcid

            WTH is wrong with you???. Oatmeal Raison!!! FTW!!!
            Love oatmeal cookies… they are my fav but occasionally I indulge in choco chip and feel no shame!

          • Robb Nunya

            Don’t let my wife hear you… she keeps her knives sharp for you heretics… :D

        • Manbo

          Last time I checked, real grown-ups didn’t hash tag catch phrases.

      • Carmen Diva

        I was fully into android for 3 years….Starting With an OG droid and over the span of 3 years, I owned over 30 android. People can like more than one OS and get bored with an os.

        I’ve been using a Yellow Lumia 920 with wp8 since it’s Launch in November 2012 and it is hands down better FOR ME. I still love android but at this point and time I am not interested in it.

        I look at it this way…it’s a relationship that you outgrew and tired of but you still have love for the individual or in this case OS.

        • ratnok

          You own a YELLOW phone? Ewwww….
          Also, if you’re “not interested” in Android, why are you commenting on a site called Phandroid?

          • Admin

            While I don’t own a yellow lumia 920, I have seen it and it looks gorgeous, like a yellow Ferrari. The red ones look great too.

          • ratnok

            Try taking one of those to a board meeting and see what happens kiddies.

          • bawboh

            They actually modeled the colors off of Ferraris. Just some trivia for you there…

    • robjackson81

      “It’s all a personal matter.” That says it all.

      Why do some people have blue as their favorite color and others Orange? Why do some people call football their favorite sport and others baseball? Why is one person’s favorite movie genre Comedy and someone else’s Horror?

      Blue, pink, football, baseball, comedy, and horror can all be equally awesome… we each, personally, just view and value them differently. And when you can accept that, it probably means you’ve become an adult.

      • bawboh

        27 years I’ve done my best to avoid the phrase “you’re an adult.” 27 years ruined in a comment on the Internet.

        I need a drink…

        • Haxcid

          Welcome to being an adult… Here is your mortgage, comfortable shoes, and minivan…

          • itmustbejj

            1) Mortgages are pretty awesome after you’ve spent a large part of your life not getting a return on your money from rent.
            2) Why would anyone wear uncomfortable shoes to begin with?
            3) Just skip the kids and keep the awesome car :)

            I understand your comment was a joke, but being an adult can be pretty rad as long as you don’t pick a shitty lifestyle.

      • ari_free

        Some people like freedom and some would rather let Microsoft control their choices. If you are the latter then Windows Phone will be perfect for you.

    • JMcGee

      While I pretty much agree with the stuff you said regarding personal preferences and all, I still think you’re a shill.

    • No_Nickname90

      A custom launcher app drawer gives me more options than iOS’ home screen. LoL!!

    • Andy_in_Indy

      I am curious about the accuracy of the apps statements. Another Android blog called that into question when it started showing app icons that were not on his phone. Do you still have an Android phone that you can use to check that? (The app does not list the app names so it has to use both devices to work)

    • flamencoguy

      Don’t like MS tactics directed only against Android/Google with “Scroogled” campaign and now this. Why don’t they also do the same for all of their competitors (Apple, Blackberry) if they are truly unbiased. Not the OS. Just their attitude, behavior and arrogance. Why don’t they just create something better. Fine if u like WP8. I personally do not like Windows 8 on my notebook. I preferred Win 7. So their main selling point is “live tiles”.
      This is nothing new. Just renamed “gadgets and widgets”. They are also coercing Android manufacturers to licence unnamed patents. It is this underhanded business strategy that I have come to despise.

  • harold

    It will be a cold day in HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Joe_HTH

    LOL! How is this app a low blow? Do you want me to name all of the Google low blows? How about intentionally blocking WP users from accessing a free and open Google Maps websites, except for those in the EU where they are under investigation. How about Google intentionally and willfully using Microsoft and/or Apple patents to build their OS, without seeking out a license. Hell, Google’s entire business model is a low blow.

    • TechGuy22

      thanks. do you want a cookie ?

      • Joe_HTH

        You Android twats don’t deserve any software from Microsoft. Microsoft shouldn’t develop a thing for Android, except for this app. They should pull Skype, Skydrive, Smart Glass, Outlook, and every other thing they develop. I’d be surprised if any of you Google loving fanboys even used Microsoft’s software.

        • TechGuy22

          LMFAO this kid is so butthurt, im not sure why. no one fucking uses your apps. smart glass lmfao seriously. dude stop embarrassing yourself.

        • Jamille Browne

          Tango, Google Drive, Idk what smart glass is so dont care, outlook… still don’t care there are apps that still let me access it. What does microsoft develop that Android is missing? it seems to be for every app microcrap has android has a FREE alternative.

        • bawboh

          I think that if someone wants to switch, this is a good way to check out their alternatives before doing so.
          Microsoft is a software company. They are beginning to recognize that means making software for more platforms than Windows. If they pulled those apps, they’d be shooting themselves in the foot.
          I’m a Windows Phone user and fully support them putting software on other platforms. This app is only meant to help people make the switch from Android to WP8. It’s the author’s own opinion that it’s a low blow, which is a fine opinion given the current situation, even if I don’t agree with it. You’re doing nothing more than making yourself, and other WP8 users, out to be crazed fanatics with comments like this.

          • Patrick Smithopolis

            There’s no Microsoft app worth downloading in the Play Store. Maybe if they ever get around to releasing an office app things will change.

          • ratnok


          • BulletTooth_Tony

            most all of them are worth downloading. Smart glass, my Xbox live, Skype, Sky drive, Outlook… they’re all outstanding with tons of polish sorely lacking in Google’s own apps. In fact… Google’s own apps on iOS have tons of polish sorely lacking on their Android counterparts.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          That’s right we don’t need them lol.i don’t use any of those. I would never need to. Really, be honest why would anyone NEED to? The only app most ppl would need would be skype. Though Google talk works extremely well. Wp users would hate to be blocked from YouTube though, or google search engine or even gmail. sorry but it sounded very pathetic.

        • ScottColbert

          Oh noes, not Skype! Anything but that! Douche.

        • DavidVarghese

          Here’s the thing: Windows phone is a combination of failing software and apps from Microsoft. Internet Explorer, Bing, Zune, Outlook, shall I go on?
          So why on earth, would I want an OS that is made from failing aspects from Microsoft?
          Your argument is invalid.

        • 12fusion

          You sir are a dumb ass. Why don’t you gtfo

        • BigBadWolf

          I honestly don’t use any of those apps on android. PULL EM!!! haha

        • NexusKoolaid

          Skype – FYI they didn’t develop it – they just bought it.

          Skydrive – I have DropBox and Google Drive. I don’t need this.

          Outlook – Meh. Also, until recently the Android App was an embarrassment. I have Gmail now – don’t need Outlook. Oh, and I should add – it was developed by Microsoft + SEVEN. Am I reading this right? They needed help to get this one right?

          on{X} – Requiring Facebook login for a Google device is idiotic.

          Bing – What do I need Bing for when I have Google Search?

          OneNote – What do I need this for when I have Evernote and Google Keep?

          Office for Android – So far it’s vaporware. And TBH, the available productivity suites on the Play Store are good enough that I don’t miss it or want it.

          So yeah, given their track record I agree with you – Microsoft shouldn’t develop a thing for Android. They should stick to making apps with fruity colored icons. Or better yet, find a better way to market and advertise their products.

          Oh yeah, that makes me want to buy a Surface (rolls eyes).

        • flamencoguy

          Don’t need to use their software. Not well integrated like Google’s.

          Used it enough at work and PC at home.

          I search out best in the class. MS does not cut it. I’ll admit they did a good job with Outlook.COM

          Google Chat, Google Drive/Box/DropBox, Google Glass (I know notthe same as XBOX SmartGlass) , GMail

    • Spoken Word™

      Who pissed in your punch? You’re tossing around a lot of accusations and seem a little butthurt! It seems a bit appropriate to ask…. You mad bro?

    • Endoverend

      Willfully using patents? I’m guessing you’re unfamiliar with our patent system here in the US. Software companies patent every non-invention out there to create a minefield to use against competitors. Good companies use these defensively, Apple and Microsoft use them to stifle competition.

    • flamencoguy

      Who created and owns the Maps website? Why would they want to let WP access it?

      They own it. They can decide who can access it. Does MS or Apple give Android/Google users any freebies?

      You make it sound like Google got the patents from the USPTO and from there created the blueprint to copy MS and Apple. I don’t think you know how this works. MS and Apple just has everything patented to use as a weapon of mass prevention of use. So if you came up with something that is in anyway similiar to what they have patented. They will sue you to cause you pain and thus not be competitive.

      Google is very creative. They don’t need to copy anything.
      Have you heard of Google Now, Earth, StreetView, Translate, Search, Google+, Chrome, Chromium, …. the list goes on.
      Did MS Bing not copy Google Search and even used Google search results as their own?

    • flamencoguy

      Microsoft willing using others’ patents without seeking a licence by your definition?

      More sophisticated thinking required for these accusations! They may or may not be true. Don’t buy all the claims you hear.

  • androidscales

    bottom line win8 phones sucks donkeys ass . Even BB beats the crap out of win8 pos phones

    • Wil Baldwin

      LoL! A hilarious but true comment, about as colorful as my Nova Launcher running on Slim Bean 4.2.2.

    • Admin

      It is a matter of taste. I have used windows phone 8 too and I liked it. I am on the verge of selling my note 2 to get a Lumia 920 or upcoming 928.

  • Kwam

    Lets wait a month and see how many Downloads this gets. I know that the WP Base is suffereing. Maybe for the people that actually like to have their mobile and home windows all in one accessibility this will help. Not really a low blow, just trying to give users an easy way to try something out. I’m sure there’s an apple to android app, in the apple store that does the same thing.

  • Max

    actually worse than I expected. violates google play ToS since its only purpose is to promote hotmail app ;). ran slow blacked out my screen for some reason, than showed me a random percentage after about 10 minutes. with icons from random apps, most of which i dont have

    • Haxcid

      Get a new phone. I ran it on my crappy 2 year old LG Revolution and it ran just fine and did exactly as they claimed. It gave me a list of my apps and their counterpart in the WP store or the closest match.
      If your phone blanked out and ran slow… time for a new phone.

      • itmustbejj

        This answer is too simplistic. It could be just as likely that his phone is TOO new, or that the app isn’t robust enough to support the wide range of hardware that exists in the Android ecosystem.

      • Max

        To be fair, it only went black for a couple of seconds, then I back buttoned it. I’m sure it’s just a bug, in an app with less than 100 downloads it’s kind of expected. My Droid 4 is fine. It did run slow, but I also have 200+ apps. Still, I’ve used other apps that had to search through all my apps, like app2sd and such and they went way faster. You only get a list of apps, supposedly if you are willing to sign into a microsoft account.

    • Robb Nunya

      Yep… that’s a Microsoft App!

    • Don

      LOL…… Hey your android phone CANT EVEN RUN THIS SIMPLE APP correctly…. How Clever of them…

      Switch to WP8…by Microsoft…..

      Serious note…i use both and the iPhone for that matter ( I work in the mobile industry)

      Windows application selection is getting much better.. at least they can finally say…hey we might have that application too!

      But…you dont buy a WP8 for applications, you buy and iPhone if you need the best applications. You buy a WP8 if you want a great phone with top of the line Office support.

      There is nothing else like Office 2013 (or 365) plus access to WP8

      • Max

        Nothing except…. google drive.

  • Cory Skelton

    I don’t necessarily see it as a “low blow”. It’s a little desperate, maybe, but there ARE Android users who would be happier if they had a Windows Phone instead. Or an iPhone. Personally the one and ONLY reason I have a “relationship” with my phone is because it is an Android and I’m constantly customizing it and making my phone closer to what I want it to be…

    That being said as much as I would dislike having to be stuck with W8 OS on my mobile device I *love* Windows as a PC OS and I wish Windows and Google got along better so Android could work even better with a PC.

  • Breathless

    I wonder if Microsoft allowed a Switch to Android app in the Windows Marketplace (or whatever it’s called now)…

    • paco cornholio

      Pay $10,000 to develop an app targeted at 16 users…

      • BigBadWolf

        lmao! thumbs up

  • Jason Farrell

    Do your duty Phandroids:
    Install -> Rate 1 star with funny comment -> Uninstall


    • Carmen Diva

      But that is a bit dumb though because if people download, doesn’t that more or less bring more attention to the app?

      • Jason Farrell

        Negative attention. Rating stands at 1.4 out of 5.

        • arajashe

          mind you, it is actually that high because of a few sarcastic 5s :)

    • Eric Koelling

      Wow. I thought Apple fanboys were bad. You’ve corrected me. There is nothing wrong with trying another mobile platform. There is something wrong with what you said though. Almost saddens me I used to be one of you guys owning a Galaxy S3.

      • Jason Farrell

        You’re not phan enough for this site, so make like a blackberry tree, and wither

        • Haxcid

          I agree with Eric… You might as well paint an Apple on your chest and walk around muttering all day about how it just works…

          • Jason Farrell

            If I painted an Apple on my chest it would cover up my Android tattoo, and, well, that’s just unthinkable.

      • Fahim Yaqoob

        what, and Microsoft can bribe users on twitter, by offering them prizes. to write something bad about android. I have been using Microsoft software all my life, And i feel they are loosing it. I miss the days when Bill gates was in charge.

        • David Cramblett

          I don’t know how Ballmer has made it this far.

      • ari_free

        Let’s put it this way. Would Microsoft allow an app by Google to help Windows Phone users switch to Android? Nooo.

    • TheDrizzle

      That’s scary that this comment has so many upvotes.

  • ac

    Sounds like desperation to me.

  • No_Nickname90

    This is actually not a bad idea. I’d love all my apps to be there ready to be downloaded. Not that I’m switching, of course.

    You humans are quite a cruel species, unlike your less dominant beings.

    • Manbo

      Mole people?
      Dude… mole people are crazy cruel. They’re down there right now, plotting, scheming…

    • ratnok

      You clearly haven’t used the app. It’s a bait and switch. Most of your apps are NOT on WP8. It recommends phony replacements that won’t have your app data.

    • Ahhk

      That’s high praise coming from you….you CHOCOLATE HATER!

      • No_Nickname90

        ROTFLoL!! You just can’t leave me alone. I will never love chocolate again. =.P

        • Ahhk

          That’s crazy talk. You’ll be back….

          In the mean time, enjoy your dehydrated grapes :P

  • Wesley

    Lol, Microsoft are like jehovahs witnesses pestering you to change religion…get lost Microsoft! Your desperation is pathetic.

    • Jose Andino

      Gee let me think about moving to the windows phone platform. HELL NO!!!!! lol

  • Jamille Browne

    Crap app needs more than 50% battery life and a Microsoft account to work just a scam to get people to sign up for Microsoft emails just like windows 8

  • cooldoods

    I bet Microsoft will spin the number of downloads into some report alleging that so-and-so number of Android users are considering switching to WP8. I wouldn’t pay attention to the app and just leave it to Google to take it out if it violates guidelines.

  • socalrailroader

    “Feels more like a low-blow to me. ” As if Google is innocent ;)

    • ratnok

      Yeah, Google put the same crap in the Windows Marketplace, oh wait….

      • Admin

        Yes, they have a crappy Google search app in WP marketplace.

        • ratnok

          We’re not talking about Search, troll. We are talking about an app specifically designed to encourage users to switch. Bing is the MySpace of search engines.

  • NardVa

    I only got 86% match. That means I’m gone lose some apps and the ones that did match up probably aren’t free.

  • bbqsfire

    I had bad mouthed wp just like everyone else and then I had a friend get a lumia. it was my first real experience with any real hands on time and I have to say the phone performance is not bad. I think creating an app like this does seem like a slap in the face to android fans but that is why I love android. you have the ability to have this if you did want to try wp. I use about 20 apps religiously out of the 100 plus on my phone and they work just as good on the wp. granted I would have withdrawal symptoms from not flashing a new Rom every couple of weeks but choice is always good.

  • Carmen Diva

    I just fired up my Galaxy S3(It’s been sitting in my top drawer since October since I officially moved to WP8 and Lumia 920) just to check out this app.

    Not bad at all…I do personally think people should actually be able to own apps before making reviews but ehhh :P

    • ratnok

      What are you talking about? This app is crap. It asks for your personal information (phone number, email, etc) and forces you to sign up for a Microsoft account, only to tell you that Windows Phone doesn’t have all of your apps, and many of the ones it does “have” are bait and switch replacements. Microsoft is pathetic. I’ve been interested in moving to WP8 ever since the Lumia 920 came out. No longer. Not only is is Microsoft acting like a shady car salesman with this app, but the platform is asking me to give up half my apps and use second rate replacements while losing my app data. At least if I moved to Apple or Blackberry I wouldn’t have that problem.

      • Mittar Khalsa

        Lets put this in context, she switched from the GS3 to the Lumia, of course she thinks this app is good.

    • Tim242

      You have to download the app In order to rate and review. It is terrible, and Microsoft is tacky and desperate

  • thatcrazyone

    of course. “let’s send 1 troop into the enemy camp wearing our banners.. if he comes back alive he’ll be lucky”
    “he’s back.. he’s alive.. but.. um.. he seems.. how do I put this?.. raped.. yup, that’s what that look in his eyes is.. rape”

  • timmyjoe42

    This smells like it would violate google’s terms of service, or they need to update it so the app does violate it. MS is just trying to steal customers. (Side note: I really like Window Phone, and am considering one for my next device when my Nexus 4 gets destroyed. My only real issue with Windows Phone is not being able to drag and drop files.)

  • G*

    Hmmm. Not available in the UK. Therefore I have no alternative but to rate it as a jingoistic sack of wank!

  • iwave

    They’re 10 years too late. They had their chance to keep me as a customer by making Windows Mobile into a real operating system. Never again Microsoft. Windows 8 will be just as much of a dead-end o/s as all of Microsoft’s other offerings. All the innovation will come from Android.

  • Crackis4lovers

    I equate my entire identity to what phone I use!

  • ac

    I just will never trust Microsoft with phones ever again. One thing that pushed me towards Android was the similarities between Windows Mobile and Android, but…with easier ways of customization without having to worry about having to search through tons of google links to find an answer. Windows Phone is way too far a departure from that (which Microsoft had clearly mentioned they’d be doing after discontinuing Windows Mobile). I just don’t like the entire concept of Windows Phone. The tiles confuse me (owning a Surface has made me realize how much I wish I could get rid of that entire frontpage tile concept and just have a standard desktop look and feel).

  • Robb Nunya

    Wait… Windows still makes a phone OS? Who’d have thunk it.

    • Eric Junior

      … and Blackberry… I know, crazy.

  • flamencoguy

    Google should create a Switch to Android app. Two can play that game.