Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 get pierced by a .50 caliber rifle [VIDEO]

Have you ever wanted to see a .50 caliber sniper rifle rip through the heart of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 (or any cell phone, for that matter)? No? Well, too bad. It’s happened, and by now your curiosity is already piqued to the point of no return. The folks at RatedRR Phantom did the deed, showing us how the phone looked as a shell the size of my first barreled toward it in super slow motion. I can’t lie, it made me cringe a bit at first, but you just can’t help but be curious about it. If you’re as tech-desensitized as I am and don’t mind a little plastic gore, be sure to hit the play button above.

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  • Tyler

    Low hanging fruit, I know.

  • Craig Becker

    How long til gorilla glass 17 is out? I heard that is gonna be bullet proof.

  • Derrick Pitts

    The HTC One wouldve dodged the bullet.


    • naduh

      No. If the HTC One were “the one”, it wouldn’t have to. -Morpheus

  • Covert_Death

    how is this white trash? he is obviously an educated individual if you actually watch any of his videos.

    just because guns and destruction are involved does not make it white trash.

    • Dan

      Ummm… Regardless of the education of the host… having lots of guns and destruction *is* usually a hallmark of the white trash.

      • Adam McIntosh

        Umm, how about no? Your hobby isn’t the same as his hobby so therefore he is white trash?


    I would rather watch video’s of iPhones taking 50-cal rounds in the face.

  • harold

    Why does it say pierced?

  • DYNK

    The plastic cover survived like a boss

  • Ag ibragimov

    they should’ve tried capturing the impact on the phone’s camera…

    • dfsdf

      at 30 fps they would have seen nothing

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    I love this. Id love to unload my SKS on a phone in super slow motion. That looks like a dream job!

  • PuzzledObserver

    Stupid video, designed to get view count from stupid viewers. The author is a coward loser. He probably never has the courage to do anything in life and tries to assert his masculinity on a defenseless phone.

    • Caleb Loop

      Its a phone, not a puppy. Calm down.

  • real0325

    The (one ) would’ve took it like a champ, with its super slim frame, Teflon internals and steel plate casing.

  • sstarz

    What a waste of valuable ammunition on such a great phone

  • rick slick

    What a society we have become, watching people destroy perfectly good and useful products for the sake of marketing and entertainment. They could have donated that S4 as a benefit for the victims of the Boston attacks… what a waste.

    • Babs Oyed

      That’s a perfect description of your Hollywood liberals. They destroy millions of dollars worth of perfectly good products all the time

  • Caleb Loop


  • Moosejaw

    Rick slick you need to get a grip

  • Mittar Khalsa

    Bad ASS!

  • Nostromo

    Try this with the HT COne.