Tell us the “One” feature you wish the HTC One had and win an AT&T version for yourself! [CONTEST]

The HTC One is perhaps HTC’s finest device yet. Chris alluded to that much in our official HTC One review, praising several elements of the experience such as hardware design and revamped Sense software. It’s no secret that there are a few things HTC could have done better, though.

HTC One unboxed

Everyone has their own idea about what the HTC One should have or could have been, so we want to know — what is the one feature you wish the HTC One had that it doesn’t? Answer that question and you could win yourself your very own HTC One, courtesy of our friends at AT&T!

All you have to do is drop a vote in the poll below and leave a comment (short or long) telling us the one extra thing that would have made the HTC One a no-brainer for you. We’re expecting many different answers, from obvious ones like a microSD card slot and a removable battery, to obscure ones like the revival of the kickstand or a built in Swiss army knife. Whatever it is, we want to know! Before we jump into all the fun let’s get clear on a few rules and regulations:

  • Up for grabs is 1 HTC One 32GB Silver (no service) for AT&T!
  • To enter, vote using one of the poll options below, then leave a comment explaining which feature you wish the HTC One had that it doesn’t. This will count as one entry. There will only be one entry per person permitted.
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm eastern time on April 29th, 2013.
  • Following the end of the entry period, we will select one eligible winner at random. We will give the winner 48 hours to respond. If no response has been received at that point, we will randomly select a new winner. This process will continue until a winner is determined. It’s important to use your accurate email address when submitting your entry as we will be using this to contact the winner.
  • This contest is only open to residents of the United States of America only.

That’s it! Good luck, and don’t forget to follow AT&T on Twitter, like AT&T on Facebook, circle AT&T on Google+ and subscribe to AT&T’s YouTube channel and thank them for hooking this giveaway up. PS: you must visit the site from a desktop or mobile browser to view the poll. You will not be able to vote using the Phandroid app.

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  • superbelt

    A removable battery would have made it perfect.

  •!/doomstang Doomstang

    I’ve found that I miss my kickstand more than anything.

  • rahlquist

    I wish the battery was removable so it could be upgraded.

  • Vanakatherock

    If it had a bigger battery, say, the size of the one found in the Droid Razr Maxx, I’d be happy. Otherwise, the phone is excellent.

  • Chad Vincent

    Just based off the Sensation and One S, I still worry that it’s too large. 4.3″ instead of 4.7″.

    That and an SD slot and I’d have already bought one.

    • Manbo

      I’m the opposite, I would have bought it had it come with a 5″ screen. That or a larger battery.

      • Chad Vincent

        Which goes to show you can’t please everyone.

        The day all reasonably-spec’d smartphones are 5″ or larger is the day I go back to a feature phone. I’m not down with the two-handed operation.

  • Tommy Thompson

    None of the features here are must haves for me, I do think it would be great to have a dedicated camera button though. It may just be a placebo affect, but it always seems like I can hold the device steadier when using a physical camera button.

    It would also offer being able to quickly go to the camera no matter what app you are in, which I think would be a great feature. I think it was a feature of the EVO LTE, if the device was in standby, you could just press and hold the camera button and go straight into it. Or if you were in a particular app, same thing, press the button and BAM, CAMERA TIME!

  • Dane Greening

    I think the expansion of the storage is the missing feature.

  • Clide88

    Yeah, a removable battery would be pretty sweet!

  • Ryan Matthes

    Why oh why can’t I swap out a drained battery with a fully charged one? Heavy-use days are impossible unless I’m chained to an outlet. (Otherwise, excellent phone!)

  • loserface

    Who will win?
    <—not this guy. I never win anything =(

  • David Jacobs

    I really wish it had a removable battery

  • Jack

    i wished the htc one has a 16mp camera because i like to print my kids pictures and put them on the wall.

  • xzombiex66

    The “ONE” Feature i wish it had was a Nexus logo on the back along with the Nexus button layout, ( on screen Nav, And power button on the side.) then i would buy this phone in a heart beat.

  • Dracos

    Having a replaceable battery would be nice just to swap out for a higher capacity one. I also kinda wish it had the ability to take over the world….like Pinky….

  • Christopher Watson

    I know a lot of people don’t care but I would love a dedicated camera button. if I’m talking group pics or selfies it is just easier to use a physical button rather than touch the screen

  • Adam Boritz

    I wish it had a micro SD slot so the awesome camera could be used without worry about remaining space

  • Leon

    Removable battery is important. I went to a party on Friday, had 60% went I got there, 3 hours later down to 17% because reception in the apartment was terrible.

  • AndrewScottRox

    A multicolored LED notification would have me sold on this phone.

  • SocalTeknique

    Where’s the poll??? Anyways a removable battery definitely

  • Josh Thompson

    A dedicated camera button would be very nice.

  • MrJigolo

    a kick stand for dat 1080p super lcd 3 display. DAT DISPLAY.

  • Mike H

    removable battery

  • techdan1989

    Battery…it might not be something that I need on a daily basis, but just the peace of mind of knowing I have the option on a trip where access to charging power is limited or during extended power outages is a deal maker. I’ve never purchased a phone without a removable battery. Now if you wanted to *give* me one, I wouldn’t turn it down!

  • Mittar Khalsa

    Removable battery. While I like that they’ve bumped up the size, I really do need to be able to carry spare batteries when I travel. I also wish they’d gone with a 5 inch screen, but 4.7 is “adequate”

  • Russell Freesland

    Even with the Li-Po 2300 mAh battery, I still would like the ability to purchase something that might be a longer lasting battery. I have done so with the last 2 phones that I have had.

  • Andrew Kennedy

    I wish it had a third capacitive button. I find the double tapping and holding a bit inconvenient at times.

  • bmg314

    It’s a toss up between removable battery and expandable storage. But put a fork to my nose and I’m going to say the battery. Not just because I’d like to swap it out when I’m using alot of juice, but in the case where something might go bad on the charging port, I would have to send it in to get fixed n would be without my One!

    Anyway, thanks for the contest phandroid and at&t!

    EDIT: Oh, and this would come just in time because I’m switching to At&t this week, and don’t have quite enough scratch for a new phone. :-P

  • DroidModderX

    the non removable battery was easily one of the things i would have changed about my droid dna, so i imagine it will be the same with this phone

  • Bryan Aldrich


    • Jack

      the battery already last more than a whole day with heavy use

  • Michael LoCastro

    Removable battery is the most important feature for an Android ROM flasher. As someone who loves trying out new experimental ROMs such as PACman, once in a blue moon I have to pull out the battery to reboot the phone. It’s just more useful for debugging. Also on my old EVO 4G I had three batteries so I would just switch them out when it was low. This is one reason I bought the GSIII over the EVO LTE. The other reason was that Since the GSIII was nearly identical across the four major carriers, I knew the development would be strong. I’m glad to see HTC pushing towards the same thing, as they got the ONE on three carriers, so if they continue next year to make a studier feeling product, putting emphasis on the hardware of the phone like the ultra-pixel camera and the useful stereo speakers, AND let the battery be removable, I will jump ship back to HTC.

  • Christopher Cole

    As a power user, and someone who is always on the go and must stay connected, I think that having the ability to remove and replace the battery would be a useful feature for me.

  • Luciano Chavez

    I wish it had three buttons rather than that HTC logo in the middle. I use the tasks button often so wish it had been there. Either that or make them on-screen buttons that we could configure.

  • Mike Broder

    Gorgeous big screen, fast processor, great memory, awesome build quality. Who doesn’t want to use this thing all day?!?!? A removable battery would really help power through the day.

  • Steve Brassington

    I have to say the battery. At work sometimes I get awful reception the hiuce can be gone very quickly and the same thing if I’m out and about in a poor service area. It would be great to keep a charged spare and be able to just pop the new battery in.

  • Adam Heinrich

    It was a toss up between removable battery and expandable storage, but since I wouldn’t root the phone a removable battery wouldn’t benefit me as much as being able to expand storage.

  • redrooster13

    I really wish it had an SD card slot! It would be useful on the 32gb version! The 64gb would be enough though. Really wish it only released in 64gb for $200 on contract, much like the one x+ did.

  • Brian Clement

    Even though the 32GB is very reasonable, I don’t like the trend toward no removable storage in phones as of late. I don’t want to prioritize my media!

  • spartacvs13

    Removable battery and stock Android would be nice.

  • Joe Trinosky

    If HTC would have made the ability for removable batteries many geeky power users would be more apt to jump on board.



  • cammykool

    SDcard and price….

  • Ryan Ouellette

    Being able to had extra batteries when traveling is key

  • Cyber

    The ability to record videos and take still shots at the same time.

  • Kevin Seay

    In the recent devices, HTC has been known to have strong camera features and software. However, it rarely steps out from the pack in terms of resolution. I wish the HTC One was one of the devices stepping out into the front of the camera herd. With their solid software and pack leader hardware, there would never be any comparisons between the One and any other phone in that seasons release wave

  • David

    I think on screen keys would have been nice.

  • Kris Stewart

    Just make the battery big enough that is doesn’t have to be replaced. Sense 5 is much better now fix the other HTC problem, battery life.

  • Casey Workman

    I kinda wish it had more on screen buttons. Not overly fond of the the two button setup…but hell, who knows.

  • Draxlith

    I voted for Battery Removal. Seriously, I want my devices to last for years, and this makes it harder. That said, I certainly won’t complain if I I don’t have to pay for one :)

  • sully5059

    I voted for better battery life, as opposed to replaceable battery.

    I watch some shows on TWiT and Leo Laporte has been showing off his new One. He loves the phone but has been complaining that the battery drains very quickly. When he used the Galaxy S3 he carried a few spare batteries around with him so that he could switch if he needed to, but I don’t think that’s the answer. Manufacturers need to get over the obsession with making phones thinner and use better batteries.

  • MichaelTolly

    Being able to pull the battery due to a boot loop would be nice.

  • Timothy Robinson

    Wireless charging would be my number one. I don’t really get why more manufacturers aren’t putting this as a standard feature on their phones. We all know with moderate/heavy use most phones won’t last a whole day. I would love to be able to have a pad/orb/pod set up on my desk at work so throughout the day I could place my phone on it and never have to worry about plugging/unplugging my phone. I hate carrying around multiple batteries and the one thing I love about my Optimus G is it’s sleek design, so bigger batteries that add bulk are out.

  • Andy_in_Indy

    I wish the one had a search button. I use that all the time on my current phone and I would miss that on any phone without that option.

  • UCHuskies

    A kickstand to help showcase the multimedia abilities including the beautiful SLCD3 display and those boomsound speakers.

  • Roberto Murillo

    Three buttons for sure. I found the button interactions awkward when I took it for a test drive at the store.

  • DDroid45

    Expansion slot for more memory, just like the micro simcard slot, I think that would be a cool new lil feature.

  • Tabletmeister

    Removable expansion, so I can load and sync photos and music onto it to carry around, but without having to encroach on the internal storage for apps and data.

  • JD

    Not seeing the poll anymore so I’ll throw mine out down here. A kickstand would be cool, but thinking outside the box I believe the Samsung Galaxy Beam has a pico projector. HTC One with Beats Audio + pico projector = instant movie experience. Add a Moga Pro controller = fun gaming experience. Pick Me plz! :D

  • Trace Anderson

    From everything I’ve seen and read about the phone it seems to be a near perfect device. Not sure what else could be added to the phone.

  • vawwyakr

    Sticking with my issue about the One X, needs a removable battery. I know it makes it thinner blah blah. I have a 7000mAH battery on my S3 and I love it. I much prefer my phone to be up for anything than something that barely meets minimum requirements when it comes to battery life.

  • beankebob

    A microSD expansion slot is a necessity for storing your music library.

  • Mark Fisher

    I would love a bright notification LED!

  • Sergio Orlando Vargas Merced

    I really wish sense 5 was just a launcher replacement i could toggle on/off

  • Jaron Moananu

    I wish this phone hade a dedicated camera button so bad…but i feel all phones should have one, or at least when you’re in camera mode the volume doubles as a shutter button.

  • Loren Railsback

    I wish the HTC One had 3 buttons. I feel like it’s a necessity.

    • Guest

      3 physical buttons ? Because it has 3 capacitive.

    • NemaCystX

      It does, the HTC logo can be used as a button using a custom kernel

  • Kyle Wiggins

    I wish it had a dedicated camera button. With such a great camera, a button to quickly get to the camera and snap a few pictures would be awesome.

  • bsinc1962

    A MUCH bigger battery, actually huge would be great. I really don’t care if it’s removable. 4 hours of screen on time just isn’t enough. 8 hours would be much better. What good is a mobile phone if you have be plugged in all the time.

  • Matthew Woehrle

    I wish the phone had some actual decent performance to it

  • uvelazquez1981

    Micro SD slot

  • Mente

    A removable battery would be nice, but I think it really needs that micro sd card slot, to make it #1

  • GJS

    The possibility to use MicoSD-card-slot!!!!

  • Dominick Fiorello

    SD card slot. Love popping in my SD card and good to go with all my stuff.. Nit a deal breaker though it’s beautiful.:-)

  • Perry Petrozelli

    I love the body and feel of the phone, just wish storage expansion was not an afterthought here. It’s always nice to have the option to gain another 32gb our 64 gb on the go.

  • NotTheTodd

    Google wallet would have been nice (I’m looking at you, US carriers!). But from the given options – removable battery

  • Bud Lutz

    I simply wish I could get rid of the ugly on screen 3 dot menu and remap the HTC logo as a dedicated menu button. Come on HTC, you added this option on the One X why do we lose it on the One?

  • Gabriel Ortiz

    I wish it had a microSd card slot. This phone is supposed to have a great camera, and the HTC Zoe is great, but with the lack of microSd card it really limits what you can do with it. I believe I might find myself deleting photos and albums more often because of lack of space.

  • Viet Le

    SD card slot.

  • David Rubin

    A removable battery would be the best. Every android phone I have had except for the Droid Maxx HD suffers from poor battery life, not more than a day. Having the option to extend it when on a trip would be very valuable.

  • AugustusGlump

    Removable battery is my #1. They don’t last forever, you know. Wonder how ridiculously expensive the replacement will be?

  • solidsoldier031 .

    A removable battery would be nice!!!

  • Ben Martin

    Obviously, a removable battery would be crucial because it allows one to use the device meaningfully after the battery loses its gusto without having to crack the blasted thing open and risk damaging it.

  • David Triscari

    Battery longevity just isn’t there yet – it needs a removable battery for people who travel or have very long work days, just in case.

  • shmuelp

    SD card slot – whenever the built-in storage starts to get tight (always happens, at least to me) that ensures that there can be an upgrade path.

  • RaviShah

    I don’t really care about removable battery or sd storage but if I had to pick something that I wish it had I would want a dedicated camera button. With such an awesome camera a dedicated button would perfectly compliment it.

  • triangle8

    I voted for the microSD card slot, but I would love all of the features mentioned. I also agree with the button layout comment since it’s just weird having the HTC logo in the middle of two buttons. Bring back 3 buttons.

  • Marciano Siniscalchi

    A microSD card would be nice. I like to play with things like Linux on Android, as well as TeXPortal (which btw is awesome if you use tex/latex: you get the full texlive disto *without* having to root your device). Those take up space…

  • SSA

    With the S3 I just keep a few fully charged batteries laying around. Whenever i’m out of juice I make a pit stop by putting in a fresh battery and continue going. Down time is about a minute.


    I would love for it to have a 3300 mAh battery. that alone would drive more people to get One instead of the S4.

  • Dan

    Definitely the standard three android buttons, specifically the lack of a multi-tasking button. The two button system is just awkward and while it doesn’t lower the phones score in my eyes it is a dumb move and an annoyance. MicroSD seems more of an unneeded luxury with that kind of storage and I’ve heard the battery life is just fine.

  • nosmohtac

    I want my phone to have 2 things- expandable memory and removable battery. I don’t care how silly that seems to people who don’t need it. It’s my wallet and I always vote with my wallet. With that said. I like that HTC offers 32 – 64gb internally. I could get by with that. But I hate running out of juice before the end of the day and not be able to pop another battery in.

  • SteveVera

    Expandable memory!!! I store a lot of music and videos on my phone..would love to have seen them add that optoon!!

  • Nick Vargish

    Replaceable battery is important — don’t need it often but when you do need it, it’s a life saver. Removable SD storage seems less important these days, since there are so many decent cloud-based solutions.

  • jeremyshores

    Voted for expandable memory, but maybe should have chosen other. Mostly because I am on Verizon. That would make it a no brainer.

  • hugh fegely

    tough choice between storage and battery but I’d take the storage expansion to easily swap between my tablet and phone when necessary. sometimes having swappable media is better when dealing with larger files.

  • ottoman1384

    A replacement battery would have made this phone perfect. I sometimes need that option when I’m on a job site for the whole day.

    • Jack

      the battery of the htc one already last more than a whole day with heavy use

      • ottoman1384

        I’m sure it does when you don’t take pictures with gps and the compass on throughout the day. And then upload them on the fly to our server. I have a Note 2, which has better battery life than the HTC one, and I still need to switch out the battery half way through the day.

        On a regular office day, it wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Lauski

    I voted for the obvious microSD, but the little one that gets me is the notification LED automatically turning off after ~3minutes. It’s not very useful to know if you missed something if you can only tell within 3 minutes of being away from the phone!

  • MSined

    I think a dedicated camera button is the most under valued button on any smartphone.

  • david w

    It should have a camera for being unibody plus use more screen realestate and get rid of touch buttons keep stock android

  • snowman

    More color options than just silver or black

  • Mark Coppock

    A microSD slot would be appreciated.

  • larko_s

    I never realized how nice a dedicated camera button was until I got my Nokia Lumia 920. However, that’s about the only thing I want from that phone. I miss Android. WP8 just isn’t there yet. Give me the camera button and the insanely great battery life on a flagship Android phone.

  • Bobby Kelley

    Removable battery would have been nice

  • Carl Robinson

    I voted for kickstand. The bigger these phones become, the more evident the need for an apparatus to help hold these monsters up!. I was really hoping the Sprint variation would keep the kickstand…

  • Fadi Hussein

    microSD card so in case if the phone ever craps out, i can pull the card out with all my pics and vids and other files i have still safe. and i dont want to sync them to the cloud cause some are private pics/vids of my family that i dont want out there.

  • Lamas Dunn

    micro SD card. I’m selling my nexus 7 32GB for that reason.

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    Needs more cowbell.

  • Elise Hines

    The lack of microSD slot was a deal breaker for me, but even with that, the camera and the lack of Android 4.2.2 would’ve stopped me from buying this phone.

  • joe

    HTC one should have had a dedicated home button

  • Byron Woodfork

    A dedicated camera button and removeable battery …Needed on every phone, IMO.

  • Dustin Carney

    It needs to have removal storage of some type. Most people will use 32gb up quite quickly. This is android, NOT APPLE.

  • Sean Squill

    A real deal HTC FaceTime like app built in that works as good if not better then FaceTime! I use this feature alot with my iphone to communicate with workers and see what’s going on at my place. HTC does this right I drop my iphone in favor of the ONE.

    • Chad Vincent

      I don’t know if that should be an HTC feature… They’re such a small part of the market that it wouldn’t really replace FaceTime. At least not quickly.

      Hopefully this is something Google Babble (Babel?) fixes, instead.

    • Kwam

      Just use gtalk. You can video chat, text chat, and call other phones/computers within the one app.

  • Jose Diaz

    The ability to disable HTC Sense and enable the stock android experience.

    • Kwam

      Then Don’t buy an HTC Phone, Buy a Nexus. Why buy a phone but not want what the phone is famous for. If all you want are the specs, there are 8 korean phones with the same specs that you can buy.

      • Ryan Stewart

        Got sand in your panties? Dude has a point. HTCs hardware is legit but their software has become one of the worst. I wish they made another Nexus.

        • Kwam

          No sand. Just happen to be a huge fan of HTC. And anybody that has actually used a recent HTC Phone. Like Sense 4+ or 5 knows that it’s a huge difference from Sense 2 or 3. I have owned Samsung, Sony, and Moto phones, and like how easy Sense make HTC phones to use compared to doing the same task with Vanilla or other UI’s. But main point. HTC is known for it’s UI (SENSE) so if you don’t like Sense, why buy an HTC phone. Purely for it’s specs? Here. Buy the HTC One, then download a Vanilla Rom and root your phone. If you don’t won’t to do all that, then don’t buy HTC. Point Blank. Like saying I want a Ford, but wish they didn’t put all that Ford crap all over it.

          • DonMcCall

            I fully agree. That Nexus wouldn’t have the camera software or features that make the One what it is. Sense 5 is also the best custom skin available at this point. If you don’t like it, put Nova Launcher on it and keep it moving. You could also root, unlock, and put a custom ROM on it. The One gives you options, on the best hardware currently available.

  • Jeremiah Smith

    Removable battery would be great. then I could change out for a expandable battery pack.

  • DaveH

    I voted removable battery but I think we’re at the point where our mobile phones need an always on mic (when in that “mode”) that’s ready for voice commands.

  • Julie Caouette

    Dedicated camera button for sure.

  • Craig

    I wish had a better ui

    • Jack

      it already has the best UI sense 5 is super fast and 0% laggy

  • jerdog76

    Honestly I wish more devices had removable batteries.

  • Alex Hernandez

    MicroSD card would be my vote. More storage would be cool, but this phone is still awesome!

  • channing

    More removable storage space is always needed

  • Larkhillv

    Removable battery because it’d be very helpful if you run a lot of different custom ROMs and your phone happens to freeze…

  • Ariel Batista

    I do like this phone allot. Feels nicer then the SGS4. But no SDCard nor replaceable battery is a let down.

  • Scott Joniec

    I’d rather it have a pure Android OS without the HTC skin

  • izzyt

    i wish it had removable battery, would love for this phone to last more that my huawei pinnacle

  • Mr.Nagoya

    It should have a wiper, to clean the screen when I’m drooling all over it..

  • Marc Selwan

    I miss the HTC Kickstand days – sure they weren’t an important feature – but I could definitely see how they could have implemented one it with their design language. Here’s hoping for one in the next version – the HTC TWO? ONE TWO? ONE TWO+? who knows :)

  • Lhomme

    I wish we could power on the unit by pressing the home icon or the volume up/down for a second instead of clicking the top button.

  • Dylan Christopher

    Expandable storage would be great! Also, if they could somehow incorporate one of those pull out antennas that phones used to have, that would be a dream come true…The only way to truly end a phone call is to push that retractable antenna back into the phone

  • Paul Méndez

    I know this may sound stupid and minor, but what I’d like in the HTC One is the ability to take pictures with a voice command. I tried this feature once in a Samsung phone, and I now I would like any phone I own to have it. Maybe they’ll add it in a software update, who knows, since HTC is touting their camera technology as the best. If they don’t, there’s always Cyanogen, who are adding this feature.

  • Erick Montes

    I never win nothin

  • Waleed Kamel

    I have Nexus 4, it’s non removable battery and No SD card Slot and I can Manage it well, not annoying me. I Wowed HTC one When saw it’s Pictures But Lack of Multi Touch Button, really disappointed me, You have to change all of your hand habit, just for nothing. Backward and not useful. I could wish have Just this button in the Right and HTC logo refer to home button.

  • DigitalBrigade

    A removable battery would have been their best option. Storage is a non-issue anymore with Clouds.

  • Luis Sanjuan

    I wish the HTC One had a camera button. It has a great camera for pictures and video that makes it a necessity to expand on the nice features of ZOE.

  • Frank Victor Roesler III

    I honestly would have liked to seen the POGO connector on the HTC One. On that note, I would have liked to seen HTC use it more and make more accessories for it. It was actually one of the selling points for the One X+ I currently own, HTC doesn’t make ANY american accessories that use that feature, so it’s useless. I like the idea of not having to “plug” in the device, and to have the ability to just set it in and go. It also seems as though it would be more reliable than, say, bluetooth or wifi, when connecting to a music player.

  • Arben Vukaj

    is a good smartphone but be better if The ability to remove and replace the battery!

  • Edriece Lynn

    I wish it had the motion technology where you can wave your hand over the screen and answer phone

  • Christopher Williams

    Inductive Charging! Then the battery issue would be less relevant.

  • apgrovas

    I wish the HTC one had a removable battery. Phones rarely last me through the day…

  • BoomerJMoore

    As a guy who is currently with virgin mobile I have been on the lookout for the phone to make me leave said carrier and the HTC One is the device. Unfortunately it needs expandable memory and has me up in the air on whether or not I should invest in such an awesome phone. Sure everything is in the clouds these days but I’m more of a keep it accessible at any given time guy. I’ve messed around with the One and I do love the phone but some I have a 64gb micro sd card in my HTC Evo V 4g loaded with music and it makes me wonder if cloud storage could be the way to go these days…

    • Kwam

      There’s a 32gb and 64gb version of the HTC One. Just get the 64gb edition if you use that much storage.

      • DonMcCall

        Unfortunately that version is only available on AT&T in the US, so that’s not a good option for most folks here.

        • Alan Holmes

          Actually Don Boomer could get the developer edition which is 64GB. He would not be locked into AT&T at that point. I would just get the unlocked version of 32GB’s which he could use with an MVNO like Simple Mobile or Straight Talk.

          • DonMcCall

            Nope, the developer version only has AT&T HSPA+ radio frequencies, not T-Mobile’s AWS. Same thing with the 32GB SIM-unlocked version. T-Mobile has very limited 1900Mhz HSPA+ coverage at the moment, and it’s not DC_HSPA+ either like AWS. While it does have the appropriate LTE bands, considering that T-Mobile hasn’t rolled out LTE yet that would make a developer version useless on Simple Mobile too…unless he wanted to be stuck on EDGE almost everywhere. StraightTalk is doable as long as he ensured he got an AT&T compatible SIM though.

  • Amanda Zellner

    I’ve had the htc inspire the htc one x and now wishing for the htc one.. they just keep getting better!!!!! love the dual speakers wish there was more memory like sd card so that it would be easier to share everything to my husbands phone but hey im ok!

  • David Capuana

    I’m still waiting for another phone with a fingerprint scanner. That’s my vote.

    • Jack

      right like you really use this feature troll

    • David Capuana

      Lol… I used to work for Phandroid and am friends with these guys. Why would I troll? Just because a feature isn’t useful for you doesn’t mean other wouldn’t enjoy it. Calm down with throwing out the “t word” when you have no clue who a person is. I, personally, like the idea of a fingerprint scanner. Sorry that you don’t agree.

  • Kraig Yoshi Webb

    I want the camera button… I’ve always preferred that phones have them but they quit adding them… I guess if it has CM functionality and can take a picture by quickly hitting the power button its not a big deal though

  • harryharry

    Removable battery, microsd, standard android buttons, better photos in daylight … But its great as it is! After the thunderbolt, I just wish I had more trust in HTC…

  • terfdaq

    battery removal is a must. I have 2 batteries for my GNex. I swap em out all the time. One runs out, pop in the other. Sure there are other solutions, but if I get a new phone, and know I will have it for at least 2 years, I need an OEM battery to swap in and out as needed.

  • JadedDJay

    I wish the HTC One had onscreen buttons instead of the hardware ones

    • Jack

      it already has onscreen

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    SD card. Just so I can segregate music and store it locally.

  • Snowx2k5

    The ability to remove and replace the battery, the reason being sometimes you have to keep a phone longer than you’d like and over time batteries start to lose their ability to keep a full charge. Being able to replace an old battery with a brand new one would help extend its life span by years.

  • Sheldon

    I wish they had a battery like the MAXX HD

  • Kevin Hart

    I wish the one had custom on screen buttons which said either one or HTC across the bottom but had the same functionality as the normal android layout.

    • Robert

      The thing I don’t understand about HTC’s desire to stick with capacitive buttons is that with so many apps still out there utilizing the menu button, HTC’s unsophisticated response was to create an entire row for the menu button. Why not just make an onscreen row instead since so many apps are creating one anyway?

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Onscreen Nav keys would be a dream come true

  • Dean Marvin Manalo

    voted for the camera button. not all android phones have that. and with the social media’s like facebook, instagram, that button is pretty handy.

  • Arben Vukaj

    is a good smartphone but be better if can replace the battery!

  • Patrick

    I wish the HTC one had a kickstand on the back much like the HTC thunderbolt did. It would look perfect with the aluminum body and I’ve always wanted a kickstand on a great phone!

    • Kwam

      That would be true. But like the kickstand on the Thunderbolt, after use it will tarnish and peel, then people will compalin about why is there a kickstand. Can’t please everybody. Just get a kickstand case.

  • Alice Fung

    I wish HTC One can be a Nexus device, so it’ll get the latest Android OS right away

    • Kristoff119

      Definitely wish that too! Maybe this next nexus… Until then gotta rock my galaxy nexus.

    • H@P

      Exactly. If the HTC One was a Nexus device and got its updates directly from Google, it would be a no-brainer. HTC may think the Sense skin makes it stand apart from the rest, but sometimes that isn’t a good thing.

    • DonMcCall

      Considering how light Sense 5 is compared to Touchwiz on the GS4, it really doesn’t bother me anymore. After all, the One has an unlockable bootloader (unlike the GS4), so you can expect CyanogenMod, etc. on it in short order.

  • Cindy N

    I definitely would have upgraded if the HTC One had a larger screen. In my opinion watching/recording videos & looking at pics, etc., on HTC phones always looks incredible and deserves to be viewed & would be appreciated more so on a larger screen.

    • Jose Garcia

      I agree. I wish they would have made it at least 5” screen.

  • G. Amin

    i wish that HTC logo in the middle did something. i played with the HTC One yesterday, loved everything except the HTC logo in the middle doesn’t do anything. Deceptive

    • Philly Jim

      HTC. Logo is a usable button when rooted and the kernel hack applied…..

    • ThaSik1

      Saw an xda video where it actually is a capacitive button. Required software mods to make it functional though.

  • Luis Reyes

    One thing that is missing that I wish the HTC one had is the ability to turn into a star wars laser sword to combat apple haters. :)

  • Maximillion82

    QI charging would be nice now that I got the N4

  • Eduardo Guerrero

    I liked the expandable micro SD slot, its useful for all my music files.

  • borgib

    I wish it had a built in microwave for my hotpockets!

  • Mike Goff

    Having removable storage is a must for me. I like to swap out my SD cards depending on what I’m doing. I have one 16 GB card for my music and a 64 GB for movies, so not being able to swap the cards forces me to use alternative methods of getting my media on the phone when I need them.

  • Thomas

    Touchwiz ;)

    • Jack

      troll no one wants the most laggy touchwiz on the planet

  • thewafflehouse

    3 Buttons because well….that’s a core part of the OS that I use on my N4

  • Rubsnick Roman

    I wish the HTC One had removable battery and SD card Slot. I feel like these limit it’s funcionality.

  • Daniel Rosseau

    I love the phone. I just wish it had wireless charging and on screen buttons.

  • malcmilli

    razr maxx sized battery

  • E_manificent

    I would like to see an SD slot in order to have even more space and allow me to easily transfer files without relying on a computer to be the go between.

  • VanderTRAMP

    I just wish it could make me pizzas. :(

  • Panclocks

    It’s so silly, but I wish I had that kickstand.

  • James Chodulski

    I wish the htc logo were a home button… It’ll take a bit of time to remember that it has no functionality

  • Rickywainwright

    I voted for camera button, but I’d have also loved to see an open API for Blinkfeed so that other (more capable) news aggregators could be imported. Think how nice it would be to have your whole Pulse or Currents or Flipboard set up put directly into the functionality and fluidity of the Blinkfeed interface!

  • Jonathan Vivens

    I wish the HTC One came with a better name. And a sandwich.

  • Mario Leuang

    A fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone instead of pins or patterns would be great and definitely practical.

  • bokels311

    A removable battery

  • Matthew Rickard

    I really wish this phone had a 5inch screen and standard button setup

  • Disposable Plates

    Me want disposable plate dispenser.

  • Robert Bowen

    Definitely needs an expansion slot.

  • Jorge

    I wish the HTC One had stock Android 4.2.1 not Sense 5+

  • Nicholas Carter

    MicroSD memory card slot – you can never have enough storage. :)

  • anezarati

    i wish the htc one had stock android! at least get rid of that big widget (dont even know what its called)

  • Bob Hillard

    I wish the phone had an Octa-Core Processor.

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    I wish the One had on-screen buttons. I don’t mind the other features, but I feel Google has it right by putting the buttons on-screen.

    • Jack

      it already has on screen buttons

  • Soomin Jeong

    I wish the HTC One had onscreen buttons. The current button set up seems like a mess

    • Jack

      it already has on screen buttons.

  • Jasmine Noor

    With the amount of “tinkering” (okay, just really messing up) I do with my phone, I really need to be able to remove the battery. Especially when I find myself with a pretty unstable rom. No me gusta.

  • Jim Smith

    More storage=more zoe’s and more music

  • beastmANDROID

    The only thing else I’d want is a larger battery! It wouldn’t even need to be removable, just last a little longer.

  • brian rudy

    This phone is gorgeous! I hope I win the contest!!

  • Maverick_YDrB87NOkD

    Both removable battery & micro sd card plus sim card moreover sport a 8 megapixel ultra camera and if practical octa core processor 2.ghz with 3 gigabyte ram.

  • torrencedavis

    I voted for expanded memory. Locking a devices memory down is a noon.

  • collin ferreira

    I wish the HTC One would of used the revolutionary micro cooling technologies that would show me exactly when its the right temperature to drink…oh wait its not a can of Coors Light, that sexy unibody aluminium cassing got me again.

  • Averix

    I would take on-screen buttons rather than hard buttons OR having a menu button if they kept the hard buttons.

  • Manny Ulfe

    The One is fantastic. For me the biggest feature that I wish it had was removable battery. As a Nexus 4 owner, that’s the one thing that I’m constantly frustrated with.

  • GavinGG

    Micro Sd card slot …. I love being able to move all my files from one phone to another with ease

  • Cody Cheung

    ability to remove battery is important. I hate the iphone for the same reason. Feels like I am traped by manufacture

  • nikov

    On-screen buttons and 3,000+ mAh battery capacity

  • Claire Lavv

    Ut’s own unique note taking applications or maybe a tv…? But I love everything bout iiit!

  • Jimmy Meronnis

    want three buttons

  • digitalpins

    Im in love with the HTC One specs but just wish it had both a removable battery and sd card slot….this is the phone i may buy since not liking the S4

  • josh torres

    The most glaring omission for me is availability on Verizon. I would have one in my hands right now if it was available on big red. Aside from that, it would be nice to have a dedicated multitasking button, wireless charging capability and some bundled beats headphones like my rezound :)

  • jwolfe59

    I wish it had an SD card slot. 64 more gigs of memory would be great.

  • Charles West

    I wish the One had the ability for people to disable the Sense UI for stock Android. I know, it’s a dream that’ll probably never happen…

  • Michael McIntosh

    Why is kickstand an option on the polls

    Anyway, voted larger battery aka Other

  • Craig Poland

    Duh the kickstand is the obvious choice, now that we have our dual front facing speakers the only thing we are missing is the built-in ability to have the phone slightly tilted away from your face without any help from your paws. Now we are getting that surround sound like experience to the fullest!!

  • Joseph Michael Leiva

    I wish it had a Sweep2Wake function, like the Z10. That ONE feature would make me want it more than anything else.

  • LG 613

    It needs wireless charging and microSD card slot.

  • Chris Anthony

    Is the battery life any better now?

  • joeabb

    Feature Needed: “blocking Mode” (like samsung) or “Do Not Disturb” (apple).
    I tested out the HTC One at my local at&t store yesterday vs the S4. I am not eligible for an upgrade so I am saving to purchase at full retail. I have chosen the HTC One over the S4.

  • Russell Sprague

    The battery is a big one since I usually root my phone, and a battery pull is a pretty necessary tool o_0

  • craZDude91

    I wish the HTC One had one of those programmable “G Keys” from a while ago. How cool were those things?

  • Nick McCrory

    If I could change one thing it would be a larger screen.

  • Rdfry

    Has to be sd and removable battery. The cloud is just not good enough or reliable enough at this time.

  • willie82

    A dedicated camera button would be nice

  • Dennis Grant

    OK, so I work at an AT&T store and have played with this phone for weeks and seen the complaints from customers (which are few and far between). The thing I really wish were there that the HTC One is missing are an SD card slot first and foremost, I don’t understand how come China is getting one that supports it, but no one else is. Other than that, I really wish the phone was waterproof and dust proof…. with such offerings such as the Sony Xperia Z, the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro and the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, I feel like the build quality and the things that HTC are offering are already setting them apart, but having it as a waterproof phone would have set the bar sooooo much higher.

  • Brent

    I wish it had wireless charging (I love it my current phone).

  • jeremy bumgarner

    I would like the sd slot. I had a one x and loved it except the storage. The battery was fine.. And everything else I could do without.

  • BikerBob1789

    An SD card. Cheap and easy way to store lots of stuff. Kickstand is a good idea too esp with the front facing speakers.

  • Justin B

    A Verizon version

  • Alexander Rojas

    A dedicated camera button, and the newest version of android.

  • Scott Tompkins

    If it had a removable battery/SD I’d be getting this instead of the S4.

  • surethom

    Xenon Flash, with only a LED flash it is not a real camera phone. When did you last see a compact camera with just a LED flash!

  • lawaker

    I would have considered switching to the One if it had a removable battery…that was the deal breaker for me. I could of deal with getting 32 or 64gb model but battery is a big issue for me.

  • nATHAN R

    Fingerprint Reader; So no more passcodes, face unlocks, etc. I miss the old flip phone sometimes where it took a flip open and one or two button the make a call. Finger print reader could make it more secure and faster and no one would be rear-ending each other on the highway typing in the password (maybe crash while texting but not unlocking it :)

  • Topher Barnett

    I voted for Other: A bigger battery. I don’t care if the battery is removable if it’s big enough.

  • Stephen Barber

    Definitely need SD storage. But camera button would be sweet too.

  • Frank Jakubiec

    my GS3 is shaking in its shoes

  • Brian Rosson

    To steal a play from the Samsung playbook, I’d like the HTC One to have a magnetic screen cover with functionality to view notifications, incoming calls, etc while it’s closed.

  • Lenard Sanford

    I would like to have the ability to remove the battery and replace with a spare when needed.

  • Feras Hanano

    Wish it had 3 usable soft-keys like most phones; home, back, recent apps and a better placed power button.

  • Cody Lyver

    I really wish there was a bigger screen in the black area, a physical menu button, a rear notification light, inductive charging, and waterproof.

  • Kevin Davis Jr.

    Originally I was thinking a dedicated camera button would be nice. Now, I’d rather something a little more simple. I would like the standard three button layout (back, home, multi-task, in that order). More than sense that is probably the one thing that drives me nuts. For a person who is not the most orderly–I describe my desk as organized confusion–those buttons just get under my skin… can’t really explain it.

    • Kevin Davis Jr.

      After reading the responses I feel better knowing I’m not the only person bothered by those buttons.

  • yahoouser1165

    Removable storage is a must

  • Erick Delgado

    Sapphire glass

  • 84guy

    I wish the HTC One had a replaceable battery

  • zack waltz

    i wish the htc one had the tradition android buttons instead of the ones it has now

  • PaulMonroeJr

    A stylus

  • rsk99

    Thumb print unlock would be pretty cool.

  • Alvin McClendon II

    Really like this device but I wish there was a way to disable Sense 5 and run stock Android like disabling Facebook Home on the HTC First.

  • Alex Esparza-Sandy

    The big “feature” I’m missing is definitely being able to have three buttons. Having two with the HTC logo as a button would if been sweet. That and a dedicated camera button as well.

  • Shawn_Locke

    I’d take a Senseless HTC One. Vanilla Android all the way!

  • Christopher Rich

    I wish the HTC One had a kick stand because I loved mine on my old Thunderbolt. I always had it out and I always watched movies and play games on it with my Bluetooth controller. HTC One Is Amazing and it is only missing that feature. I think every phone needs one (a kick stand).

  • Jared Stigler

    Wish the One had on screen buttons. Makes for a much cleaner look!

  • Philip Pereira

    Replaceable battery, for sure!

  • Melinda Grubb

    I think every phone needs a removable battery.

  • Axel Aguado

    I like the kickstand on my TBolt, so I voted for that.


    Removable Battery

  • Jonathan Tea

    Dedicated camera button should have been implemented since HTC is marketing the camera prowess so heavily.

  • tyguy829

    Software navigation buttons…only thing not perfect about the phone

  • iamjackspost

    MicroSD, music and pictures really end up taking a lot of storage space.

  • Joe Gessner

    SD card storage is the feature I would want the most.. I transfer things back and forth quite a bit.. having this option would be ideal.

  • Chris-Michael Junichi Kennedy


  • Ayush Manocha

    A removable battery – nothing like getting 5 hours of screen on time!

  • BIG CAT #7

    I so wish this had a removable battery but regardless it looks like it will be a great phone!!!

  • Travis Slate

    wish the htc one had software buttons like the Nexus line does…

  • iTzKPanda

    I’d like expanable storage and a removable battery.
    Heck, maybe even a way to take apart the phone without destroying it…

  • Kam Him Tam

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery, because I expect to keep the phone for many years, and even if I get a new device, I would be passing it on to family. Just hope that the battery won’t die out after a few years

  • Shezan Mumtaz

    I wish it had a bigger battery, at least 3,000 mAH. This would probably make the non removable battery aspect of the HTC One ok! If not a bigger battery, then the ability to travel through time. :)

  • Naylan Dwarika

    Expandable memory would have been a winner! Yes, many people are migrating to cloud-based services, but until service providers get more consistent and competitive, one always has to be data-minding. What has resulted is that phone makers are producing fantastic handsets (like the HTC One), which cannot realize their full potential most of the times, because of carrier limitations/deficiency. This is the the reason why an expandable memory slot is still key to handset… one is given the freedom to carry all the media one deems necessary, in order to minimise on carrier dependent for bandwidth/signal/etc.

  • Jorge Lopez

    I’m not sure if it’s included in the Sense 5.0 software but a Blocking Mode similar to the one found on Samsung phones would be very useful.

  • Jonathan Huggins

    The One and only one thing I feel the One needs is One dedicated camera button to compliment all of the other great feature that the One provides. Having One dedicated button would make getting that One perfect shot with the amazing camera, One million and One times better!

  • Adrian Pottinger

    Camera button would be the icing on top!

  • mannu635

    Removable Battery, Though It’s Hi-Tech Phone Still Android Hangs :p

  • Kenneth Vanterpool

    I would have liked it to have a removable battery and a 5 inch screen would be nice too

  • Marlon Milligan

    I think a dedicated camera button would be nice & a gif camera

  • M Bayaa

    I wish the One had expandable storage, my sd card is collecting dust instead of music!

  • Robert Rothstein

    3 buttons and 1 phone for all carriers.

  • ThaSik1

    I wish the HTC One had the option to change battery icon natively (without mods). Other than that, it is a stellar device.

  • Chris Madon

    Expandable storage, no question. I can live without the others.

  • Pending Professional

    the ability to remove and replace the battery would be awesome so I may play Beat Harzard non stop!

  • shelderman

    A higher resolution camera. I want to be able to blow my pictures up and 4MP is very limiting. The ultra pixel doesn’t solve that.

  • Chance Richey

    I really wish htc would have went a bit bigger with the screen, I love my note 2 screen size but hate the plasticy feel.

  • Hank S

    After a few days with the one, the battery life is crazy good. No need for a removable battery, but an SD Card slot would be good since a 64GB SD Card is cheaper than the difference between the 32GB and 64GB model.

  • clive

    wish it had wireless charging

  • niuguy

    Menu button, for sure

  • Jstock

    A dedicated camera button would be great. Followed by a removable battery and expandable storage

  • WhoaManWtF

    My vote had to go with the sd slot as well. I realize they say more internal means we don’t next external but I like to keep things separate. I play games on my phone (which the One would be fantastic for) and they take up a lot of room, it’s nice to have the sd as extra plain and simple! But on the other hand this is the phone I would try going without for.

  • James Wilhite

    I think a removable battery would be perfect. On devices with 16GB of storage, SD Card slot is a must.

  • sga204

    Dedicated Menu button

  • Papp Sinteppadon

    I wish the storage could expand with a microsd card so i could store all my music on it with no worries.

  • Darius Ball

    I wish the One had expandable storage using a microsd because lets face it 32gb just isn’t enough.

  • Kevin Helton

    The inability to replace the battery will impact the resell value when it’s time to upgrade. Also, what if the phone freezes and you need to remove battery to reset?

  • deewc74

    Wish it was able to pay for my cell bill

  • Christian Barreto

    I had the DNA and battery was very surprisingly good considering the hardware. I wish the HTC one would last 3-4 hours longer. It would fit my daily schedule . Other than that the phone is perfect.

  • Nathan Bryant

    I wish it could pause then continue the same video by pressing play so you could make your own gifs/vine like cut scenes. Similar to the S4. I really like that feature.

  • Brahmaji Donepudi

    I am a round the clock phone user. So i hope it has the removable battery.

  • DanWazz

    I wish it had stock Android. If it had that, I definitely would make it my next phone.

  • Jason Self

    I wish it had the ability to turn off Sense. This build quality and stock Android would be perfect!

  • Adam Outler

    Inbuilt SSH/SFTP/SCP and VNC server so desktop syncing could be scripted and remotely controlled. I think this is one of the often overlooked features which needs to be built into modern devices. Imagine being able to basically extend your desktop capabilities to your device.

  • Andre Humes

    It may be a unnecessary feature for some. But for me, a kickstand would’ve made this phone PERFECT. A kickstand + BoomSound would be a match made in heaven. After the OG EVO and the LTE, I’m pretty damn spoiled.

  • Eric

    A camera with more megapixels. I’ve seen reviews that have pitted it against the S4 and iPhone 5 and though it wins in low light conditions, most agree that there is some detail in the daylight pics to be left desired.

  • Ian Kaden

    Oh crap I picked expandable memory but I really want the 3 buttons on the bottom.

  • kevin

    sd card slot would have been nice

  • Brian Fuller

    Probably a kickstand actually, its such a small feature that can make a works is diffence.

  • Andrew

    I wish HTC would get off the “thinner is better than usable battery life” train. I don’t care if a phone is 9 mm or 11 mm, but if it has battery life of greater than a day a two, it has my full attention, removable or not.

  • Ryan Alishio

    I voted for expandable memory..not so much that I want to have more than the already plenty 32GB of internal storage, but just to have the flexibility of having my photos/videos on one microSD card that I can pop in and out of all my devices

  • outkastz

    I wish the HTC One had cyanogenmod factory installed.

  • Daniel Trazzi

    I really wish it had an sd card. really the only reason i’m strongly considering getting the GS4.

  • Terrell Diehl Sr.

    I Just Want The Ability To Expand My Memory Without The Need Of Cloud Storage I Love Movies On My Phone 32GB Is Not Enough, Also Even Though Data Throttle Isnt A Problem For Me.

  • Richard Penkoski

    I wish the HTC one had a kickstand. The phone has enough memory for me and you can simulate a battery pull on the device as well, so I would loved to have seen a kickstand

  • Barry Coleman

    Needs sd slot never have enough storage

  • Joe Webb

    A removable battery would make it perfect

  • Dan

    I voted for less bezel.


  • guitargler

    I seriously wish it had ditched the capacitive buttons.

  • Anthony A

    I think the 3 buttons is much needed.

  • Josh Burzynski

    Wish it would have micro sd support more memory the better

  • a22matic

    Kickstand all the way!

  • cokm4n

    I wish the phone had a removable battery for 2 reasons. 1. It’s nice to have a spare just in case you’ve been away from an outlet all day; and 2. Sometimes when my phone freezes I need to pull the battery in order to reset the phone and use it again.

  • Kneedragger3

    Multi window

  • Kyle

    Wireless Charging and an SD slot, also a bigger battery

  • Aussy C

    Definitely needs a sd card.

  • Chris Ford

    I can’t get the 2 button thing. 3 was perfect, why mess with that?

  • Roy Harrigan

    A microsd card slot would’ve been nice.

  • Neil Lund

    The lack of a removable battery makes the One, not the one for me unfortunately. If it was waterproof, I might overlook this handicap.

  • Nick B

    Like most everyone here, I agree that I wish it would have a removable battery and expandable storage. However, it’s current design would be impossible with those features so I’m alright with their choices. I do feel that the lack of a third button is a strange choice though.

  • Mike Dye

    I wish it had Stock Android or at least the option to switch between stock and sense. And definitely on screen buttons

  • Chik Yau Tam

    Waterproof so my wife doesn’t break another phone

  • Antonio

    I wish it had a bigger battery!

  • Josh Fredrickson

    I love the unibody look and feel but the fact that you can’t remove the battery bothers me.

  • Eric Soriano

    A microSD slot. The mfgs objectives needs to sync up with the wireless providers who now put you on tiered data plans and make you go to the cloud for your files.

  • Matt Noonan

    I long for the arrival of a functional laser projected keyboard, and projector

  • FaSSt2001

    Definitely a removable battery. Most of the time one battery doesn’t cut it if you use your phone a lot and it’s nice to carry spares and not have to worry about keeping plugged it.

  • Jeff Schulze

    Camera Button would be nice

  • Howard C

    I wish the HTC one had 3 buttons and a dedicated camera button

  • urmcgwy

    SD card expansion would be nice.

  • Christopher Robert

    Expandable Storage, but i am willing to give the 32 gb a try.

  • Jeff

    Expandable memory was the most important one to me listed as it makes swapping media much easier between devices. User serviceable battery and wireless charging would also be nice.

  • Todd M.

    I would like the ability to have a replaceable battery. This is what sets the Galaxy phones ahead of the HTC’s.

  • Rifsha

    A removable battery would have been great, It is guaranteed to lose its uptime after a number of cycles. User replacement capabilities is nothing to sneeze at.

  • Daniel Padgett

    Really wish it had a dedicated camera button. So many devices don’t have one but there is an entire backside of a phone with one thing on it, a camera (sometimes flash.) a dedicated button that when the phone was locked pressed and held for say 3 seconds could launch the camera app and then click to shoot away.

  • EightBitPirate

    Having a microsd slot would’ve been perfect.

  • VG

    i wish the HTC One had wireless charging.

  • Kingohearts2005

    I wish the htc one had an owner like me and a dedicated camera key. It comes in handy.

  • Tim Geary

    The one is such a nice device and while I agree with the visual style, I really wish it had a removable battery for longevity sake.

  • Phil_333

    Expandable memory! Nothing beats having the option to use a 64gb microsd to store all my photos/videos/music.

  • Josh Easley

    I wish the one had a replaceable battery, its very important to me as my phone is used for work and must be usable at all times

  • toomuchgame441

    Larger screen size for me, wish they would have pushed it up to 5+ inches.

  • Michael Finley

    I have to have the ability to swap out batteries. I play ingress alot and sometimes get into places that I am unable to charge, or my battery backup can not keep up with the demand on the phone. It is great to go from a 0% to 100% in a few seconds.

  • JMK32

    Definitely the removable battery! A must have for business travelers like me who could be away from an outlet for an entire day…

  • treehuggingliberal

    Expandable memory is essential

  • Saurin Mehta

    An extra long (Razr Maxx-like) battery life

  • timmyjoe42

    The SD slot is a must for watching movies when traveling.

  • Rouel

    Why cant they get the battery life of the Razr??

  • Since83

    I root all phones that I own and in doing so I need to do a battery pull from time to time. Not having access to the battery was a bad mistake. Not only for the hard reset but also for the possibility of battery expansion.

  • Justin Crowley

    Wireless charging…love this feature on the Nexus 4…all phones released should have this feature

  • Spoken Word™

    No Bloatware!

  • Guest

    3 buttons like on the DNA would be great. That way we would have the option of getting rid of the dreaded black bar.

  • Timothy Farley

    I wish it had an microsd card slot and a bigger screen.

  • B2L

    All I need is a removable battery. If the One had this, it would definitely be my device of choice.

  • Chris

    I personally wish the HTC One allowed you to remove the battery, but I also would like a kickstand. I use the HTC EVO 4G LTE as a media device and I love that kickstand!

  • Adam Getzendanner

    A 5in screen or bigger is a must have for me. Im so used to my Note 2, when i use my gnex now its seems tiny.

  • Abhishek Bhatnagar

    I wish the HTC One had on screen buttons. 3 of them to be exact.

  • williamshire

    I wish the HTC One had 3 capacitive buttons with the built-in option to remap.

  • Dee

    Would LOVE a dedicated camera button because I LOVE snapping shots all the time!

  • Jin

    I would love to have a dedicated camera key on the HTC one. The ability to hold the camera key before the screen is on to turn on the camera is a really nice feature.

  • Chuck Barry

    I wish it came to Verizon…

  • tjubb

    Needs a replaceable battery! After that it needs storage expansion options!

  • Ryan Jarrett

    All these phones with amazing cameras and we still don’t have a dedicated camera button? I hate having to reach awkwardly with my thumb when using the front facing camera. A physical button would make it so much easier or at least give me the option to use the sleep/wake button. They wouldn’t even have to add exra hardware.

  • Aqib Chaudhry

    Wish it had a kickstand,

  • Scythe024

    I wish both removable battery and sd card were a option, either way i still want one

  • coggy9

    I wish the One had a removable battery. I’d love to have an extended battery, especially considering other HTC phones I’ve had…

  • Josh Eck

    For sure if the One had expandable memory, that would be great. It’s not that I have so much media I need so much more than the 32GB, but with the screen like it has and the speakers, being able to store a bunch of movies on it would be sweet.

  • WickedToby741


  • Tuan

    Expanded storage. Zoe is turning me unto a shutter bug.

  • Igor P

    Storage expansion is monumental for any high end phone this days. HD videos take a lot of space. Combine it with music, movies HD games and device gets filled pretty quick. I have Galaxy S2X (skyrocket) with 32gb SD card and i always have another SD card on standby, just in case i run out of storage.

  • Bob Rudolph

    Without a removal battery, they leave themselves open to being iSued by iApple.

  • Bob

    I would have liked a microSD slot. It’s something that wouldn’t hurt to have and adds flexibility to the device.

  • Gaurav Gupta

    I wish it had a kickstand. Its very convenient when you are traveling. Especially on flights and trains

  • Jrbourque

    I picked multi color led notification. That’s huge for me

  • famished

    Removable battery would be my first choice.

  • gpatrick15

    I feel like they should have included a kickstand, to further enhance the viewing experience that the screen plus the boomsound speakers add to the device. Being able to prop it up on a table or desk or what have you would be a nice addition to an already solid device.

  • SoFloEasycore

    On screen soft keys (3 of them).

  • James Nessen

    Removable battery would make this sweet package even sweeter!

  • afazel

    My DNA doesn’t have either removable storage or battery, so I think I can continue to live without that. It does have 3 buttons, though, which allows for an option to use a long press of the recents button as a menu button, thus removing the dreaded black menu bar at the bottom. This would make the One a perfect phone.

  • Kacy McGrath

    Removable battery in case of freezes or a quick reboot.

  • Gary Sahota

    Kickstand + Boomsound = Ultimate Portable Netflix Machine for Kids :D

  • DoughboyDiligence

    The ability to remove and change the battery is a feature that I wish the HTC One had. As a recent college graduate, I am on my way to start a real job and need a phone that can last me through the day.

  • tarusdg

    I wish it had wireless charging. I’m sure the next version will.

  • Igor P

    (sorry if it got posted twice)
    Storage expansion is monumental for any high end phone this days. HD videos take a lot of space. Combine it with music, movies HD games and device gets filled pretty quick. I have Galaxy S2X (skyrocket) with 32gb SD card and i always have another SD card on standby, just in case i run out of storage.

  • harold

    I would of love a camera button.I don’t like when out fishing have to touch the screen with fishy hands to take pictures

  • Robert Wicks

    I would really like the ability to expand the storage

  • Joseph Shen

    I wish the battery could be more easily replaced- maybe not even with an openable back, but just more easily accessible, a la the iPhone 5.

  • DavidB23

    Key Lime Pie: Because it is soo Tart and Sweet that it makes my left eye close.

  • fly’nfree

    Lessen the 4 sides of the screen plus home button than htc logo is better. If they do that the phone shrink in size and become more comfy in pocket and in hand. When they add removable battery is additional plus. And I’ll use/keep it for long period of time, and latter a collection, maybe!!! ;-) have a good day to every one of us here!

  • Jacob Reed

    Every time I plug in the charger for my GS2 Skyrocket, it lets out a puff of smoke (very small) and shuts off. If it wasn’t for a removable battery, my phone would be dead. Now I carry 2 batteries in my wallet so I’m never without juice. I will never own a phone without a removable battery.

    • Jacob Reed

      Of course… I’d love a free one!! :-)

  • dimaldon135

    I’m not surprised at all that this one is at the top but expandable storage us a must. I just don’t like cloud storage yet. I don’t always have a good connection nor WiFi available. So I like to have music and movies readily available

  • Guido Brouwers

    I wish the HTC had a bigger battery, There are times at which I won’t be able to charge the device in the night, the HTC one will be empty the next day.

  • Joe Rivera

    2 cameras one for the low lighting so the 4 ultra pixels and one good for everything else a 13mp camera this would make it the best camera phone to date. Im sure the the ultra Pixley camera is okay but I keep hearing it doesn’t to to great in photos with Alot of light

  • Gerardo Torres

    being able to switch out memory cards out of it i.e. movies, music, apps, misc.

  • Shawn Murphy

    I wish it had stock Android.

  • Justin Mills

    SD storage would be amazing.

  • CraigBoyte

    Removable storage would be fantastic (removable battery would also be really nice)

  • Brian Parsons

    If battery life is good, no need to replace the battery. Expanding storage however, is a must. It’s like the mfg.’s are colluding with the cloud storage companies to reduce the ability to store your own media.

  • Gershwin Cross

    A fingerprint scanner

  • Gerardo Mora

    Definitely a recent apps button. I’ve heard the HTC logo is a real hardware button, so they might actually do this in an update. It’s just such a core feature for true multitasking.

    • nerijus ogilba

      u just need to double tap on home button

  • Franco Salatino

    A Speaker Dock tops my list!

  • Brandon Watkins

    MORE “software gimmicks” , eye tracking, HTC health, I want and all in one device! But I don’t support shady companies , Cough Cough, Samsung and Apple!

  • Troy Eddy

    Better battery….

  • Mg77

    A home button.

  • rycecooker

    Removable storage and S-Voice-like app. Also centered home button would’ve been nice.

  • Alex SkroBot

    A dedicated camera button would be nice

  • (John) Daniel Owens

    A removable battery for sure!

  • Loins McKenna Jr

    I wish expandable memory was an option. I dig cloud storage, but when internet in not available things suck! That’s the only reason I gave away my one s and got a gs3.

  • Chris McInnis

    Truthfully, i dont care about the battery or sd card, a camera button would actually be nice, I think ill get it either way

  • jafunk

    removable battery would be great,

  • Levi Mills

    Camera button, because having one increases the amount of pictures I take 3-fold. I’m sure there’s a better reason than, ‘it feels good’, but that’s the one I’m going to run with

  • nwd1911

    Removable battery was my selection. I’m not as concerned about swapping out batteries as I just wish it had a larger battery. From a top tier phone in 2013, I expect all day use without every worrying, “will I need to charge this to get through the day?”

  • John Brandon Bethea

    I think removable storage would be nice.

  • Isaac Gallegos

    The one feature I wish the HTC One had would be external storage. It’s so convenient to just switch phones with a SD Card. Other than that, the HTC One is the best phone (in my opinion) to be released so far.

  • zaxwashere

    A removable battery would be sweet. Being able to replace an old battery would be nice…other than that, its near perfect

  • Scot Elis

    only one answer here is there not, SD card expansion slot! we all know we can fill the space provided internally quickly

  • Alankrut Patel

    I wish the HTC One had onscreen buttons.

  • Bob Flanagan

    For long trips, the ability to swap out batteries!

  • Brian Wrest

    Ability to function (from the get go without installation of other software)/communicate easily with Samsung phones (yep, family divided here). Wife is on this..while I’m on a Galaxy.

  • Wes Ratcliff

    Expandable memory is important to most people jumping into a new phone. It’s just easy to swap that micro SD into the new device. Although, cloud data is getting more popular, it is still early to do without expandable memory.

  • Omer Subhani

    I voted for expandable storage. I have a 16GB SD Card I wish I could add to 32GB so I could just keep taking pictures and videos without worry. Even 32GB nowadays is not enough for those of us who frequently take pictures and videos of family and friends.

  • Hirak Patel

    A removable battery would have been great for traveling.

  • Conrado Valido

    I voted for a dedicated camera because the ability to expand storage can easily be remedied by getting a USB OTG and even if a phone has a microsd card, the game saves arent even saved on the sd card itself. The non removable battery doesnt bother me either because I have powerbanks anywhere I go anyways. For a phone that is being marketed as a phone that has an amazing camera, I would like to see a dedicated camera button. I mean its not a deal breaker but nothing compares to the actual feeling of a physical camera button. I have no interest on a kickstand on a phone, maybe on a tablet but not on a phone.

  • jb

    i wish that it was sold in one solid color ie(all black, silver,white)..

  • Dan Elder

    If the HTC One came with guaranteed upgrades within 3 months of an Android release I would buy one yesterday! It sounds like the HTC One X is being abandoned for Key Lime Pie though which makes me nervous about what the HTC One will be stuck with in a year from now.

  • Alex Gonzalez

    I just wish it had a bigger screen.

  • Michael Bertolino

    I wish the HTC One had a 4 inch screen or at least a 4.3 inch screen rather than a 4.7 inch screen because if it was a bit smaller i’d be switching to it right now!

  • Mo Elsaied

    Totally needs an SD card slot.

  • Freddie Weber

    This phone needs a dedicated camera button. With all the emphasis on zoe and ultra pixels I’m shocked it doesn’t.

  • Nick Kardos

    I want this for my dad. It would probably blow his mind.

  • ifroggy2

    A replaceable battery for those long days away from a power source.

  • Helgaiden

    MicroSD and a kickstand. No can defend.

  • Dan Smolinske

    A larger battery would make it perfect. I don’t really want a super-thin phone, I want one that will last at least all day.

  • Ben U

    SD card slots are by far the most useful item on the Android phones. It sucks seeing the Nexus and certain other devices not having this on their phones. I use mine to import pictures, video, documents, and files for multiple reason. I hope this does not become a trend.

  • rageboardr

    I want the ability to unlock and possibly remote start my car. i grow tired of the bulky keys jingling around in my pocket, trying to scratch my killer phone. just one less thing to carry would be awesome.

  • Bret Greenstein

    I really wish it had expandable storage. I don’t change MicroSD cards very often at all, but the ability to add inexpensive, large storage makes a phone a lot more useful for travel (watching movies, listening to music, etc).

  • Jeff72

    If it was unlocked and capable of running CyanogenMod, I would like the HTC One. Give me a Nexus style HTC One please…one that costs the same as a Nexus 4.

  • Alex Joseph

    Removable battery!!

  • Joseph Edouard

    I would say bigger non removable battery cuz I love the zero gap structure the way it is, but based on reviews I may not need a bigger battery for everyday regular use… So for my heavy use days I will opt for a battery case and problem solved so If I had to pick something I would like on this already perfect phone I would say a kickstand to better view media on this phone since it seems to be built mainly for capturing hearing, and viewing media.HTC one ftw

  • Osho GG

    Definitely removable battery would have to be the feature.

  • docRW

    Expandable storage is a big deal. It makes it easier to store large files and move them from phone to phone when the next best phone ever comes out.

  • Hoi Chung

    Removable battery is one thing that i cannot give up…

  • zachjen

    i wish it had a removable battery for those long periods I’m away from a charger and want to use a second battery.

  • Matt Doades

    Would prefer a removable battery.

  • nick lunny

    I been waiting soooo long for an IR blaster. I ALWAYS know where my android is but loose my TV remote all the time.

  • Scott McDonald

    Onscreen buttons would have been great! This thing would have looked even better with plain black, glass, and aluminum.

  • jiggyjesus

    removable battery would be nice

  • Wai Mui

    I wish it had expandable memory. It would make it more comparable to Samsung.

  • Waldo Waleed Palwan

    IMO, I think the biggest “con” is that while the camera is great for low light and night shots, (but unless you’re a vampire or night owl) the camera isn’t that great during the day and outdoors for general shots, I mean just compare these two photos and the difference is night and day. I think the “ultra pixel” is a bigger gimmick than any of the new features on the galaxy s4. The camera could be much better.

  • Baconator

    —-> Stock Android with updates from Google. <—- This would have made the device a no-brainer for all of us i'm sure.!

  • Patrick Toy

    I wish it was on Verizon!

  • Will Thompson

    The further along we ride down the road of one-stop mobile microcomputing, the more memory we will need to utilize complex applications. We don’t want to have to abandon a great product like the HTC One when capacity becomes an issue.

  • Sam Aybar

    Standard Jelly Bean buttons

  • andy nguyen

    I wish it had virtual buttons.

  • King Dinga Ling

    UsB 3.0/fast charge port. to allow fast data transfer, fast battery charging & some form of docking similar to its devices

  • Elliott Barinberg

    I wish the HTC One had a kickstand and did not have sense(or just the ability to disable it)

  • Jason Leung

    Wireless charging and the htc logo being a functional button (without being rooted) would have made a big difference. Either that or just remove all the capacitive buttons.

  • andrés

    Curved corners and more a more natural feel to it.

  • Jose Garcia

    Battery and micro sd are not a big deal for me. The one thing I have gotten used to is bigger screen size. I’m a big guy and typing, even on my old Evo LTE, has become a hassle. the screen on my note two has made easier for me to type, but looking at the HTC ONE and how much attention to detailed it has, I am willing to make the switch. This phone is just beautiful.

  • Danny Nottis

    MicroSD and removable battery for me. Might not need either for the typical day but would like to have those features just in case.

  • Todd

    I voted Other, but then thought about the horrible button configuration. At least they should khave made the HTC the home button instead of dead space.

  • wrxlvr

    As an owner of an Evo LTE, I gotta go with “I wish it had a kickstand”

  • bbqsfire

    the biggest drawback for me is the lack of the removable sd card. I prefer to store my music on my card instead of always relying on the cloud.

  • Andrew Wacker

    Expandable memory. I understand why file structures make things easier on Google in the case of on board memory, but I miss expandable memory.

  • Herbie Valentine

    I not only looked at the HTC One, but looked at my past devices, the HTC EVOs, the G1 and the HTC Herald, to see what I felt like I was missing. I wish HTC with the One would have brought more new features to the OS that would help grow Android and Google’s services. There are apps on my phone that while I would like to use them, I’ve never been motivated to use them and I feel like that’s where HTC can improve and top the competition.

    I’ve always have been a huge fan of Sense since back to it’s Winmo days, but the more that I look back at the past, it makes me look at the question why exactly and this is the reason.HTC in the beginning brought out the features in winmo that I usually didn’t use and made them relevant to the devices. Other manufacturers are bringing exclusive features to their flagships that, although gimmicky, bring something new to the table as far as software goes. At least with Blinkfeed they are trying, but what about those Google apps that rest on my phone that I don’t use? Apps like Google+ fail to catch on in the mainstream because no one is going out of their way to push killer features on their device to give cause for people to move on to them. They add a new wide angle front facing camera, but they didn’t give us a new reason to use it. This could have easily been pushed with Hangouts…

    Once you feel like you’ve said too much, you’ve said way too much, but I hope that I got my point across. If you build it (the google app ecosystem), they will come, just like they came to HTC many years ago.

  • Starblight Validus

    I would like a few changed like ability to remove battery, SD card, or even a smaller screen. But the one main reason I will not get it and would love it if they changed would be to have the HTC skin removable. Until they do I will wait for them to have another Nexus phone before I buy one.

  • Alex Washington

    Larger battery ftw!

  • Steven Calabrese

    I wish it had removable storage. I feel like that’s quite essential these days…

  • Felix

    Noise-cancelling component: I do not necessarily use a Bluetooth headset often. One or a set of noise-cancelling components should help the quality of a phone conversation in conjunction with a HD-Voice component and related software.

    A memory-card slot would be useful unless HTC would introduce the 128-G.B. version of any high-end phone.

    Replaceable battery can prolong the life span of a phone because any integrated, non-removable battery within any phone still has a limited number of charging cycles.

    Front-facing camera flash + Front-facing 5-megapixel camera: both will increase the use and quality of video-chatting and photo-capturing.

  • Dexus

    I wish that the HTC One had on-screen navigation keys because they allow for greater customization and because hardware keys are a thing of the past!

  • Eric Ingersoll

    I Wish the One had a microSD card slot. As a $200 device it should be able to have a competing niche against the Galaxy S 4 in memory.

  • RollTribe

    I wish it had three buttons or software buttons.

  • Adam Sauers

    expandable storage. 64gb is probably enough but with flash storage so cheap, it would be nice to be able to add more.

  • Dawn Colwell

    I wish it was available on Verizon

  • Tenkely

    All I want is the One to rock the Stock UI.

  • hoyun

    Replaceable battery for sure. Replaced the battery in my One X and what a pain.

  • gtbarry

    Of the options in the poll I do like the thought of a replaceable battery the most.

    But one thing I would like is the rumored “hover controls” of the Samsung S4 where you can interact with the screen without touching it. Something I have honestly missed in all Android phones since converting from my Nokia 5800 that had it in an app called eyeCall

  • Chad K

    It is a nice piece of mind to have that removable storage.

  • mrvizziato

    I would’ve liked it to have wireless charging just like they did with their droid DNA

  • Jon M Curley

    HTC needs to get in the game with removable batteries and expandable memory!!!

  • Don Goncalves

    A microSD card slot would be great help for playing music, videos, audiobooks when I’m somewhere I can’t stream.

  • Tom Barnes

    I just think its still a little early in the game to be eliminating ext. ( card) storage. If LG and Motorola and Samsung can still offer that why can’t HTC?

  • D. Lim

    I wish that the HTC logo was an on screen button.

  • Mexico619

    3 buttons layout and bigger battery

  • Zach

    Expandable storage is still something I rather not be without.

  • Lincoln King

    I’d say a bigger screen or no capacitve buttons.

  • Vikinglifeguard

    Ability to disable Sense would be awesome

  • J

    I wish the HTC One had a dedicated camera button. I used the HTC Amaze and to me the dedicated camera button was one of the best extra features it had.

  • Blkegk

    I wish it had a menu key instead of just a back and home key.

  • bmagicspot

    A removable battery. Batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time and after about a year they only hold about 80-85% of their original capacity. A removable battery solves that issue.

  • Dave Blachowicz

    All cell phones should have the ability to expand memory

  • Adam Stockett

    I wish the HTC One had wireless charging.

  • ac

    I actually wish it had both microsd slot and removable battery, but choosing one, it has to be expandable memory. Expandable memory has always separated other smartphones from Apple, especially in the days of Android.

  • Andrew Schenk

    Expandble memory, I have 30+GB of music and want to have it will me so I don’t need to worry about having an iPod or something. Isn’t that the similar reason cameras became, and are, so important on phones; cut down on having to carry a device for each task?

  • James Kominick

    Needs that removable storage, and three buttons would be an improvement.

  • Cheston Tang

    I wish at start-up we could choose whether to boot into Vanilla Android or Sense 5 Android.

  • Bob Allen

    A micro SD card slot for photos and music would be great! I tend to take allot of pictures and fill up memory fast. Also, I tend to spend most of my time away from places where I can stream music over WiFi easily so it’s either use way too much data on my plan or carry my MP3s with me.

    And, for music and photos, HTC makes the phones I want! :-)

  • Phillip Weser

    I wish the HTC one had an SDcard expansion slot.

  • Steph Allen

    I wish it had a voice activated video caption option.

  • skraggy

    Really would just like a bigger battery, but second best thing is a removable battery. I use my phone a lot!

  • Ethan Bailey

    i wish it had soft buttons. and i wish it had more screen real-estate. i feel like the phone just has a bunch of unused space which makes it unnecessarily big

  • http://Phandroid Jason

    Expandable memory definitely. Have no issues with the battery. Easily get full day of use with above average usage. 4.2 would be nice too w/ photo spheres.

  • Steven A.

    Even though the 32 & 64 gb of storage is quite it would still be nice to be able to expand the storage when needed instead of always living on the edge of running out of space.

  • Tiffy Fone

    I wish the HTC One had a larger screen

  • Robert

    A side mounted power button.

  • bradn

    I wish it had a second physical button, it would mean more buttons, plus I like to fidget around with things :)

  • Ankur Desai

    I wish it had stock android !

  • Alvaro Romero

    Expandable storage seems to be a very popular request from many smart phone consumers. Question is why not do it? Its the galaxy s4s’ advanatge. HTC cant really afford to be giving away advanatges to its competitors. Also, if the camera on the ONE is so awesome, why not give it a dedicated camera button? Either way its an awesome phone with great build quality.

  • Lorin Olsen

    The HTC One is a superb phone. But it has one serious drawback: power. The device should either have a removable battery or support wireless charging. To have neither means that recharge options are very limited. Fortunately, the device does have a HUGE battery that will meet most people’s needs.

  • Daniel Holmstock

    Screen Flex Technology – for all the people that put his beautiful device in there back pocket and acciedntly sit down.

  • Justin Michael

    I wish it had a removable battery because having to constantly hard reset via tiny buttons is annoying… #romlifeproblems

  • jakerandell

    The camera button would augment the already awesome build quality.

  • nerijus ogilba

    3000+ mAh battery

  • NexusKoolaid

    It’s almost a toss-up for me between having three buttons and having a replaceable battery. I like being able to swap out batteries on my G’Nex so I can have one battery charging while the other is in use. But in the end there are other solutions for extra power when needed, but fixing the button would be more of a hassle – unlocking, flashing – it would be better if the two button change never happened.

  • zanoodi

    software buttons gets my vote.

  • Kevin

    In real need of a menu button, since so many apps force a soft screen button taking up screen space!

  • @sb_81st

    Removable battery would be nice…

  • repinphilly247

    I wish it would have had a 3 button setup or the HTC logo was the home button (in the middle where it belongs)… without hacking it. Why reinvent the wheel with 2 button setup when 3 button works well

  • Scott Smith

    Induction charging!! Tired of plugging in ya know?

  • Sambhav

    A micro sd would make it the king of all phones!

  • Michael Tran

    Definitely the micoSD. with front facing stereo speakers, i’d obviously want to share music or videos with people or enjoy myself. I’d load up that baby with multimedia!!

  • readdanielquinn

    A kegerator; duh!

  • miso_sori

    I wish it had a removable/replaceable battery, I have always used backup batteries with my smartphones, but on the other hand it looks so nice a battery cover may not be so nice.

  • Tony S.

    Definitely wish it had a removable battery.

  • Christopher Canizares

    I wish the HTC One had wireless charging. Imagine coming home and placing the phone ontop of a charging/NFC pad that starts charging and connects my phone to my home stereo to continue playing the music I was listening to in the car.

  • Anthony A

    Wish the HTC One had soft buttons instead of capacitive buttons.

  • Diogo

    I’m torn between the S4 and HTC One. The one thing that would make it a no-brainer is features like the S4 has. Smart-Stay, Eye Scrolling, Air-View, ETC. Not necessarily the same features, but features that make it stand out against the rest of the competition. All in all, I feel the phone is on par with the S4, but with the addition of these features, I’d go HTC and never look back.

  • Jeremy Beasley

    I definitely think the thing I would most like is a micro sdxc slot. Love the front facing speakers and honestly, I am usually around a charger if battery life is a problem.

  • spintrex

    I wish that HTC One is truly HTC’s flagship device and receives prompt updates. Last year’s One X was given flagship status but received Jellybean 4.1.1 just recently, so hopefully the company shows some progress in the right direction.

  • Sean

    laser virtual keyboard!

  • Paul Wreesman

    Just those standard 3 buttons! That’s something you can easily get over though.

  • Walter Hollman

    I wish the battery were removable. I hate phones that treat me like I am too stupid to open the case.

  • Efren

    I’m really disappointed that the One doesn’t doesn’t have a solar panel on it :(

  • Ozan

    Great looking phone, I wish I could exchange the battery though..

  • EnderWiggin311

    onscreen buttons FTW

  • j_ake

    Honestly it, the fact that it doens’t have a removable battery that pushes me away the most.

  • Andy Heston

    Embedded wireless charging.

  • James TechnoBrotha Abraham

    Expandable storage…hands down! I’ll start with this…to me, the HTC Nexus One is still the gold standard of what an Android phone should be in terms of a pure software experience ( I NEVER rooted or ROMmed mine until the end of it’s “software” life!), build quality, and features (for its time)! I still use it as a backup phone and I still get offers from those who want to buy it from me. No other Android phone or even the “iDrone” has had that kind of impact or staying power! If HTC duplicated it’s exact “specs” using current tech I’d preorder, site unseen and if the revamp had a 4.5″ or larger screen I’d camp out for a week just to touch the box it came in! This newest “One” on the block should at least have expandable storage. Samsung seems to realize that most Android users still WANT that and other options and they are currently the industry leader…go figure.

  • icyrock1

    Having a MicroSD card slot would have made the One the hottest phone. No doubt. We know they could do it (see there Chinese variant of the One), so why not give it to all of them?

  • hatboysam

    One feature? I wish it had stock Android 4.2.2

  • yowhatsup

    I think having a removable battery would be nice and convenient. If we are away from a place to charge the phone and the phone drains of it battery, we just could pop one in to get more time to use it until we get home or to a place to recharge.

  • HappyFunRock

    I wish it had a Verizon logo tastefully plastered on it’s backside.

  • androidisawesome

    I wish it had a micro sd card slot, removable battery and multi Window which is a feature I envy from touchwiz.

  • nemesys06

    I wish there was a micro SD slot for expandable memory. with the size of these games today, Nova 3 takes almost 3gb, and spring 1080p videos, you are bound to fill the memory. with 32gb it may take a bit but to those who use their phones as they were designed won’t have trouble filling the memory.

  • Howie Chu

    I wish it had software buttons

  • seanbuck83

    I wish it had an sd card slot.. its a beautiful device and im glad that htc went away from the 16g standard but the carriers charge too much to moved up to the next version. I think it’s 50 more buck to go from 32 to 64 when I already have sd cards from previous phones.. sure we can use music apps or dropbox for pics but all that uses data and the carriers are trying to give us less and less of that.. im still on an unlimited att plan but I can be throttled to the point that pandora is pretty much useless. . but I would still love to win the phone lol

  • Dan Gross

    It should’ve had on screen buttons but I can understand their diseign choice. Wireless charging has become a pretty standard feature on high end phones so i’m not sure I understand the logic of not having it on board. Ideally it would also have an unlocked bootloader, but I think with the way US carriers are acting that might be a lost battle already.

  • Ben

    To those saying you want 3 buttons, it’s coming. Over at xda, they are working on a kernel to do just that so I’m guessing HTC could and will make it happen at a later date though its not smart of them to left it out in the first place.

    My biggest issue, as it has been with almost every single android device I’ve ever used, is battery life. Configured the way I configure my iPhones, the battery life is bad. :( So a removable battery would have been a nice option. Though they say the battery life on this phone is killer so I’d like the chance to find out. :)

  • Jared Berry

    I think the only thing the one is really lacking is expandable memory. The phone is made for media yet lacks the ability to take all of yours with you.

  • redspear2

    The camera is a large part of the marketing of the phones. A dedicated camera button would make on the fly shots that much more accessable. It would make zoe a much more desired feature because of the multi shots.
    I would desire a removable battery as well. However with battery packs are a dime a dozen now this is less a usability issue and more an annoyance. Unless of course it lo is up a lot.

  • RichFromBX

    I voted expandable SD card but that’s because my first choice of a bl0wjob button wasn’t an option…

  • acey_zero

    Tough call, but I think the lack of SD slot is a bigger deal breaker for me than the sealed battery.

  • Frank Lee

    I feel like with the Ultrapixel camera, a dedicated camera button would have made a difference. I’m ok without microSD storage due to the 64gb option and no removable battery is a necessary compromise for the aluminum body.

  • Bob Berkwitz

    I wish the HTC One had removable storage and a removable battery. Both features are always so useful.

  • Kevin Fritzinger

    removable storage!

  • supremekizzle

    I wish that it would have had a 5″ screen. My N4 is already starting to feel small.

  • Juan C. Delgado

    Okay the one thing I really, really wish the HTC One had is an option to disable or uninstall Blinkfeed! There I said it.

  • ljhughes8

    It would have to sd card slot. With everything going to the cloud doesn’t work to good if you data cost so much.

  • Alex Truchsess

    Expandable/Removable sd card slot and/or battery

  • Joel Brown

    I wish it had a dedicated camera button for those spur of the moment situations

  • Arturo Campos

    I wish the HTC One had on screen buttons instead of that capacitive stuff, I feel really comfortable that implementation.

  • Adam Buchwitz

    I wish the phone had a button that I press to bring my car to the front door of where ever I am!

  • BRIM

    I wish the One would have been where HTC would have came to their senses and for once used an RGB LED. My job requires me to have my phone with me at all times but all maintain both my hands occupied. I rely heavily on LightFlow for identifying information/notifications without having to touch my phone.

  • John Raddatz

    Micro SD is a must for the One, especially considering the feature is present in the Asian market release.

  • castlefox

    I would LOVE to be able to replace of any cell phone I have. After 2 year a lithium ion batter loses a lot of it abilities it had as a battery that did not go through 730+ charging and draining cycles.

  • Waldek1

    I wish it had a removable battery

  • Michael N

    I wish the One had the ability to pick up the Verizon’s LTE frequency.

  • AAAA

    More storage. There’s never enough storage.

  • Will Larson

    A battery that would put all other smart phones to shame.

  • Jim MacLain

    Wish it was available on Verizon. Maybe by July!

  • shooter50

    replaceable battery. other than that I love this phone.

  • BW Manx

    I wish the HTC One was customizable. A replaceable back battery cover in different colors (like the S3/S4 flip covers) would be nice. Otherwise, it looks like an amazing phone!

  • Reg Joo

    If the body of the phone was concave, dropping it would keep the glass from direct impact. Maybe LG, will get the idea, when they release bendable screens.

  • Bdoggy25

    I wish it had the button configuration of the galaxy series. Personal preference.

  • Chahk Noir

    HTC One would be a perfect phone if it had pentaband HSPA+ radio.

  • xanok

    After two years of an HTC Evo 3D, I have grown quite fond of the dedicated camera button on the side. It is quite nice to not have to leave an app to open the camera. Sometimes you just need the camera that much faster.

  • Vineet Tyagi

    The ability to remove and replace the battery. This is very important as sometimes if my phone is stuck in bootloop this is how i can reset it. Also you might want an extended battery in future.

  • Anthony Vattuone

    MicroSD slot, please.

  • BillJude56

    The lack of micro SD card storage is a minus, but somehow I’d manage.

  • Daniel Ochoa

    I wish the HTC one had 3 buttons. No excuse to not include it nowadays


    Of course a KICKSTAND! You have the DUAL speakers in the front you need the Kickstand to put it on your desk and enjoy!

  • Ed Harrisburg

    I chose the expanded memory and the reason I chose that is I prefer to backup my phone / pictures to the external card just to know I have it if needed

  • bedwa

    I chose SD slot as I am a memory hog. I store WAY too much on my phone and don’t plan on changing anytime soon…..

  • ttubergen

    Besides removable battery/storage: IR blaster.

  • Alex Carvallo

    A 3D projected holographic gesture controlled interactive UI. I have dreams about this.

  • Ian Huey

    I would love it if the HTC One had expandable storage (non OTG). I have a lot of files I have installed on my external microSD that I backup to and remove as well as multiple different cards for media based on both media type and content. 32GB isn’t bad as my current device has 16GB internal storage and 16GB external, but it’s nice to have the option and customizeability.

  • Paul Odland

    Storage and removable battery, only two things I would change.

  • joedb

    I wish that the HTC one had the 3 on screen software button like the nexus 4 has

  • irishrally

    Other: I wish the One had a 5″ screen

  • chris holland

    I actually wanted a kickstand!

  • Andrea Isabel Tejeda

    SD storage would be great.

  • Toan Ngo

    battery replacement for me. currently battery life is good for my daily use but i’d still like the option.

  • Ryan Ellerbe

    Really wish it had a SD card slot

  • ravipkumar

    Need MicroSD Slot for expansion.

  • Christian Garcia

    I wish it had multi-view

  • Michael Galdenzi

    Removable battery would have been really nice, but if that was not possible, they could have at least given us a kickstand. None-the-less, I still like the HTC one over the s4

  • Justin Smith

    It was tough deciding between expandable storage and a removable battery, but I think the battery wins by a nose because of how small its capacity is. 32GB of storage is probably more than enough for the average person, but you can easily run down a battery by using intensive applications. Not being able to swap in another battery and keep going is a disadvantage.

  • booster944

    removable battery on vacation or work travel is key!

  • Nadim Visram

    I feel like having a unibody design is detrimental. Batteries that are removable are good for the OEM and the user. OEM’s can sell premium batteries at a surcharge to make profit off the people who need them. OEM’s repair costs would drop since they wouldn’t have to replace or repair full units just for the battery. Removable Batteries are good for the user since they don’t need to send an entire phone out for repairs nor do they have to settle for the original battery. Companies should use a lot of juice regardless because all the new tech seems to eat a lot of battery: 1080p resolutions with 5″ displays with LTE and huge processors. Efficiency is a must, so people should go ahead and have a nice 2600 mAh to 3000 mAh battery without making a huge size battery.

  • saif khan

    I wish it had expandable memory. I love HTC phone but that is one feature the I would love on it.

  • Narin S

    If the One had a dedicated camera button that would launch the camera automatically when pressed or at least when held down for about 2 or 3 seconds, that would be great. Just saying, quicker access to the camera, you don’t have to have the app taking up space on the bottom tray and it could open up space for other apps on that tray. No?

  • Crickerman

    micro HDMI out with with multiple outputs up to at least 1080p 60hz … MHL lags and is terrible for gaming..

  • sreedhar

    I wish it should have expandable memory without limitations to such a powerful device.

  • koopawnkode

    Expandable storage is nice, but it’s not as necessary as it once was. A removable battery for heavy users, however, is very much desired!

  • Joshua Patrick

    It was a tough choice between Expandable memory and Replaceable battery!!!!

  • Kobi Donohue

    Only feature I wouldn’t mind is a microsd card slot.

  • artoodeetoo

    Three buttons would be my first vote for what HTC is missing in the One, but expandable storage is a close second.

  • Justin Knichel

    I really wanted it to be on Verizon so I could get the subsidized price…

  • James

    I wish the HTC One had on screen buttons. The button order on the device turns me off from buying it.

  • CaseyJerk

    I would really like to be able to remove the battery. I love that I was able to order a second one for my Galaxy S2 for long trips where i don’t have access to any outlets

  • Joe Smith

    I wish it could wash and press my laundry, and maybe file my taxes for me as well.

  • Mitchell

    I wish the HTC One had a dedicated camera button.

  • Geoffrey Iams

    as someone who carries lots of media…. expandable sd memory would be sweet

  • brownchr014

    I would love for it to have a removeable battery

  • Issemann

    With a hi-def screen, a replacement battery will surely be handy!

  • jasbur

    Standard Button Layout

  • Tyler D.

    I still wish it had a removable battery. That’s what made Android a step above any iPhone.

  • weysonn

    I would love to have a micro-sd slot so that I can store all my media!

  • LuckySmurf

    Removable battery is really a nice feature for me. I’ve had several phones over the years where a new battery made all the difference in the world.

  • yankeesusa

    I would definitely want a bigger battery, you can keep it non removable but at least make it more powerful with all the features this phone has.

  • Fugu

    I wish the One had a toggle to disable Sense and leave a stock android experience.

  • Jason Sipes

    Ya know, I’m probably gonna take some heat for this, but I’d love for it to have a fingerprint scanner like the Motorola Atrix 4G. Really miss having that feature.

  • Jared Trauernicht

    I want removable storage

  • GE918

    I wish the HTC One shipped with the latest Android version.

  • Bryan Fabian

    I wish the HTC one 4.2.2 stock Android

  • Michael

    I wish the One had the removable battery. I know the batter life is supposed to be much better but the flexibility to have a spare battery makes a phone that much more valuable. Still an amazing phone by HTC.

  • Rich Jones

    I would want removable battery to hvae a bigger one!

  • roberthenderson

    5″screen all the way.

  • shady909

    I miss the kickstand. I loved watching videos while flying and resting the phone on the seat back tray.

  • Christopher Perillo

    I chose the SD card. Sometimes you just need more storage.

  • Spaniard85

    I really wish we KNEW what was going on with Verizon’s variant. So I guess the other thing I’d want to add is a known VZW launch.

  • stolnheartdealr

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery. It’s really a huge loss in functionality for me as I use my phone constantly and the only times it is connected to a charger is when I’m driving and using navigation (rare) or sleeping (and I sometimes forget to have it connected to a charger). I have always bought batteries and multiple battery chargers. I will take 3 or 4 batteries on trips when I’m away from home and keep a spare in my pocket when I know I’ll be out all day or listening to music all day. I never have to go hours with a dead phone because I’m out and busy like my iPhone buddies often do. What good are energy thirsty features and screens without power?

  • Richard Whatley

    I wish it had the standard Android button layout on the buttom.

  • Angel Espinal

    I wish the HTC one had the multi-window feature

  • Robert Marshall

    I also wish it had an option for an SD card.

  • hemipw54

    Color changing case.

  • David Hoffman

    Definitely need expandable SD Card slot. Someone who wants to load up 20gb of mp3s to play through their car stereo, or bring saved movies over to a friends house to play on their tv and be able to go out and record 1080p videos without worrying you are out of memory. Very simple with an SD Card slot.

  • Brandon Carson

    I would love a dedicated camera button. I miss those on phones. I could do with 32gb of storage and that’s fine with me.

  • kev2684

    Smart Stay.

  • Mike_Pate

    Physical Home Button like S4.

  • Patrick Mahoney

    I know it’s pretty unlockable, but I STILL wish it was an AOSP device. I do have to hand it to HTC, it is a NICE phone.

  • 13jpgbass

    I wish sense was closer to stock 4.2… I feel like some of the customizations, like the app drawer, are unnecessary and are implemented better in stock.

  • PhaseBurn

    The feature I wish the HTC One had the most was a removable SD card slot. Why does China get to have ALL the fun? Between their One with a SD card slot, and their Porn Investigation Officer position, I’m uber-jealous…

  • Tyler Howard

    I wished that the HTC one had an SAMOLED display and the on screen buttons were the traditional lay out.

  • Boomr

    Removable storage is a must

  • Jared Rameses Session

    Of the features listed, removable storage would have been crucial. That being said I want more of that big beautiful screen to pull me away from Note 2. Perhaps something in at least a 5 inch

  • Michael

    I wish the One had a removable battery. I know Sense and Android have come a long way in batter life but the ability to carry a spare battery is really important to a lot of people. Still an incredible device by HTC and much better looking than the S4.

  • disqus_piaMMiONUU

    better battery life… like the Maxx. whats the point of having a phone that can do everything if only “use” it for a portion of the day. (I mean really use it and not just a text here and a search there)

  • Patrick Hartley

    I would like a kickstand. I used to have the HTC Evo and the kickstand was used SO much more than you would think. Being able to watch videos at a comfortable angle while eating, etc was awesome. Every since I got rid of the phone I’ve tried desperately to look for cases for future phones that would have a kickstand.

  • sean jensen

    i normal button config would have been nice, but a camera button would be pretty awesome.

    • mklpickle Follante

      there are some nice tweaks out there that allow for programming the buttons (and adding the HTClogo as a button) Works really really well!

  • Louis Wong

    Wish it had removable battery… would be so helpful on trips

  • Roland de Leon

    Definitely microSD card slot. I need my additional storage

  • bob

    If I could pick any feature to ad to the ONE I’d definitely go with Androids standardized button configuration. HTC’S weird branding plug that disrupts the functionality of the ONE is an absolute abomination and I would have purchased it if not for this mess up.

  • Nehal K Patel

    SD card slot is a must now a days…

  • Craig Luther

    An easy way to transfer pictures to a computer without using a 3rd party cloud. USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth. HTC sync does not work on a Mac.

  • Robert Briganti

    Wish it had a removable battery.

  • David Powell

    I personally think the HTC One needed a removable battery.

  • mklpickle Follante

    I voted for a kickstand, but really just wished the phone would sit landscape. I know part of the design are the tapered edges, which I like, but also like to have my phone “naked” and need it to be propped up sometimes!

  • munz19

    I wish the htc logo in between the back and home key was a functioning button.

  • Rashad

    Removable battery and sd card slot are the only things it is missing IMO

  • Mark Yazinski

    I wish you could pull the battery. For those random lock ups that every phone has.

  • Chris LeMay

    I have had the same MicroSD card for 3 years. It has all my photos, video, and music on it. There is no reason I should not be able to pop it in any smartphone I choose. Deal breaker for me.

  • Hamza Salem

    The ability to expand storage using a microSD card slot. Movies should be fun to watch on that 468 ppi.

  • Adhvitheey G Shankar

    the HTC logo as one of the buttons

  • moises1204

    sd card it is for me.

  • Charles Huynh

    Having the HTC logo be an actual button would be the thing I’ll change

  • Garth

    I was expecting a kick stand … Very surprised they didn’t put one in, over all pretty amazing phone!

  • Greg Selby

    I wish the HTC One could make me unlimited samewiches

    • Greg Selby

      this explains itself

  • Trebla_Imein

    removable storage, but 32gb is pretty good.

  • jdiamjr

    I wish the HTC one had expandable storage with a microSD slot.

  • Cipher Zero

    Aside “from obvious ones like a microSD card slot and a removable battery”, I say make it water resistant. If companies are going to lock down storage and batteries(especially smaller batteries), they should have the decency to make them water resistant to at least 10 Bar (20+ preferably).

  • wyldtek

    I wish it was stock Android with no physical buttons on the front and a removable battery.

  • lawnsprinkler

    Needs a replaceable battery. What happens if the battery dies?

  • Mike Yang

    I wish it had a better camera (front and back)!

  • Nizar Hoss

    I wish it had a better camera than the 4 megapixel one

  • jdeezy30

    stock android…. makes no Sense!!!

  • Martin Rafferty

    It would be nice if it could not turn into lava after 30 minutes of Iron Man 3. Then again maybe that’s a virtual reality like feature?

  • Greg Cardall

    I’d love to see the One with some form of Stylus. With a screen that nice, it’d be awesome for Sketchbook Mobile if there was a stylus to draw with.

  • Mark Suchecki

    Wish it had a removable battery

  • Vitaliy Vorobets

    Removable battery!

  • Caffiend

    Other: Like I said in the Feb 19th post, the HTC Logo button needed to launch HTC Sense UI to give users the option of vanilla Android.

  • Owewil3225

    i wish it had the type of smart notification that the gs3 has. if i miss a text or call the gs3 vibrates when it senses that the device has been touched. the htc one doesnt. also the htc one notification light is to small for me.

  • LukeHenry

    I would take a slightly larger frame on the phone with a beefed up battery (3000+ mAh). I know some people have smaller hands and increasing the size makes it cumbersome but maybe an option to increase the battery with just a deeper back plate from the factory.

  • dalibor

    I feel that htc one should have expandable storage, since it would make it more convenient.

  • Knobskin

    Only thing, which isn’t huge but the option for a sd card slot….then I would be super duper happy!

  • Scott Wilkerson

    i wish it was on verizon

  • Brandon

    I wish it had on screen buttons. :/

  • Francis Scardino

    As with most, I’m all about the Micro SD slot. While many may think the cloud is enough, those of us that crack flash know how big Nandroids are these days. Otherwise I like to sync movies and pics locally so i always have them offline as needed. Other than that a truly unlocked bootloader will allow to fix most other things that annoy me. Good luck Geeks.

  • Herb Hernandez

    Given the memory options, I can live without a MicroSD slot, but I think a replaceable battery is an important missing feature.

  • Aar0nC

    I wish the HTC One the option to have stock vanilla Android UI or Sense UI and Updates straight from Google and no power from the carriers to delay the OS updates.

  • Kevin

    What, no headphone jack on the bottom?

    Thanks for the opportunity to be entered to win Phandroid and AT&T. Good luck everyone.

  • Mitchel White

    dedicated camerah key would be awesome… especially on a phone so about there camerah… i find my self being jelious of the windows phones for that one feature…

  • Ignacio Espinoza Verjan

    I wish it had a removable battery so that I could use the One to its full potential and still know I have an extra battery on hand. Not having to worry about going on power saver mode would be nice.

  • Jimmy Kim

    i wish HTc one had edge ot edge screen.

  • broken42

    Stock android, I love my Nexus but damn is this phone sexy.



  • Michelle G.

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery. Or an espresso maker attachment.

  • Desertbears

    Ability to turn off Sense 5 & upgrade to 4.2.2

  • Billy_B

    I don’t care about removable batteries since I have portable battery packs to charge the phone. I’d actually prefer NOT to have a removable battery as it gets us a much better aluminum unibody build. So I voted for the camera button. :-)

  • leocal79

    I wish the screen was 5 inches not 4.7

  • MarioGreat

    This is probably going to sound strange (as I often see I’m the only one who likes it), but I would have liked it if the HTC One had a USB 3.0 port.

    Phone storage is getting ever larger and I’m keeping more music, photos, and videos on my phone than ever before. When I got my first phone with SD slot, it only took me five minutes to transfer everything I wanted over. Nowadays, it takes me upwards of an hour or two, and this is made worse whenever I need to back my files up before restoring or switching ROMs.

    It’s a minor thing, I know, but honestly, I really like everything else about the One. It’s the closest thing to my dream phone I’ve ever seen.

  • Andy Heston

    Embedded wireless charging not via a cover.

  • Devi Haria

    I wish it had wireless charging :)

  • Stev J

    S-OFF would be a top priority for me…

  • Manny M.

    Def removable battery

  • Herman Hawkins

    I wish the HTC One had replaceable battery and I voted for the MicroSD card.. Must have IMO

  • Nixit

    I never find myself needing more storage – usually when it’s full, I just need to clean it off and re-fill. However, I want a user replaceable battery for three reasons:

    Replacement in case it starts losing capacity.
    Extra battery for emergency extra life
    Aftermarket higher capacity batteries a la Mugen

  • user311

    Removable storage and 64GB versions across all networks.

  • Jonathan DeJesus

    Since your just giving it away, would you be kind enough to let me have it? :-) It doesn’t hurt to ask nicely.O:-)

  • dave mccall

    I wish it came with a pair of beats and a dedicated dominos pizza button

  • bytor7

    I wish it had a removable battery. I use one now in my S3 that lasts all day with needing a charge.

  • King Louie

    The one feature I wish it had is wireless charging.

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    A Minimalist UI. Something clean like the custom roms we see in the dev community. With a minimalist UI the OS can run faster and it wont almost force people to download Home Screen Repelacements

  • Bizzle9

    Stock Android. It’s simply standard sense that Sense is senseless. Since Sense is such a senseless incentive, cents sent to HTC sans stock, seems stupid. Seriously.

  • Guest

    I wish it had a bigger screen (5′) perferct for watching videos…

  • zifnab

    Other: Option to turn off Sense.

  • Joshua Douty

    I wish HTC gave us more color options. I think theres a real area in the market for a great phone with lots of color choices. Where’s my lime green HTC one.

  • tharealoc

    One feature I wish the HTC One had was the ability to disable HTC’s Sense completely in the menu. Giving users the option to choose sense or vanilla android on the most premium hardware would be a true game changer.

  • Nitin Varughese

    I wish the HTC One had better execution with their buttons. I know the power button doubles as an IR blaster, but it should have been on the side with a phone this tall. Also the buttons should be easier to press than they are. I love everything else about the phone.

  • canined

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery so that I could use multiple batteries when traveling as well as installing higher capacity batteries as well. Your phone is only useful when it is on :)

  • Jason Brown

    “The ability to expand storage using a microSD card slot.” Call me old-fashioned but from the days of the og, I loved having a microSD card slot. Just knowing I can add more storage to my phone via a card if I need to was great. I’m not much of a fan for cloud storage.

  • Josh Ace

    I wish d htc one had bigger battery and bigger screen like 5′ …

  • Andy Matinog

    memory slot is crucial!

  • Alexander H

    I know I’m with the minority here, but after having a Thunderbolt, the kickstand turned out to be a great feature. It eliminated that need to “pry” the phone off a flat surface and the need to hold the phone up to watch something or keep the speakers off the table. The Evo 4G LTE (besides the name of the phone) had a great idea for the kickstand….but unfortunately HTC doesn’t like it as much as Sprint did.

  • jnrandall

    A front facing LED flash for the front facing camera.

  • themuffinman75

    Memory card slot and this device would be perfect.

  • Nick Nelson

    I wish it had the removable battery. With that the phone would be near perfect

  • Gary Sinclair

    It’d be cool if battery tech kept up with the demands of the tech consuming it.

  • Matt Smith

    I wish it had a removable battery. Eventually when it dies I wont have to buy a new phone I could replace it with a new one.

  • Dad

    A removable battery!

  • Matthew Sweet

    it would have been very clever to make the “HTC” logo the home button and the “home” button the recent apps button. makes the phone feel like a book that is missing the last few pages so you dont’ know how it ends.

  • Nelson Espino

    Removable battery is a must for me just in case I need to replace it I should be able to without any hassle.

  • TheOne247

    I wish the HTC One could pay my bills! And by that I mean spit out money! And in $100 denomidenonations!

  • troysyx

    The camera button would be amazing. With how much i would love to take pictures with that awesome ultra pixel camera, the ease of using just a camera button would be stellar.

  • guapinoy

    I do think that a micro SD card is the one feature this phone truly needed. Thanks for the contest.

  • Brendan Rosenberg

    I wish that the HTC One had a dedicated camera button since on of the main highlights for the phone is the CAMERA! With a camera meant to be as amazing as it made out to be, a button to use as the shutter button is in my opinion a must.

  • complexash

    While still keeping HTC Sense, I do hope they will have consistent and quick updates for the Android OS. One of the reasons I enjoy Nexus devices is the quick system updates compared to other android devices

  • Greg Billetdeaux

    Headphone jack on bottom

  • Taunja Swenson

    With how much i keep hearing about how amazing the front facing camera is, i think HTC should have paved the way and put an LED flash on the front as well.

  • Brian Ramsey

    Upgradable batter so I could put in a 7000mah battery.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Disable Blinkfeed.

  • Doan

    Touchscreen navigation buttons would’ve been an instant purchase for me.

  • Vineet Madan

    I wish HTC One had a 3D camera…

  • Android

    A menu button would be amazing.

  • John Montalbano

    A camera button would be great. Having 2 young children, I tend to take a lot of pics with my phone. The time it takes to unlock, launch camera, wait for app to start, then take picture can be a bit long.

  • jeremyseattle

    I have a Windows Phone for work (GS3 for personal use), and in general I hate it. However, I do like having quick access to the camera via the hardware button – even if the phone is locked, I press and hold the button to activate the camera, then press again to take a pic. I can take a pic from locked in about 1 second. With my GS3 it’s about 2 seconds. #firstworldproblem

  • Ryan Grimm

    I wish that it had a removable battery for those times when charging is limited by time or power availability (e.g. travel restrictions).

  • Trigboy

    I may be alone on this but I wish the HTC One would have done away with the new camera gimmick and just gave us a higher mega pixel camera.

  • Joe Rawlins

    I wish the HTC One had Verizon radios.

  • Andrew Lam

    If it had a Micro Sd expansion would be great, especially when you wanna shoot video with the awesome cam.

  • Kevin

    Lower price tag for me. I’ve been spoiled by Google, but damn that HTC One is a sexy device.

  • Venkat Pisipati

    Expandable memory would be awesome. Would seriously replace one more device (thumb drive) to tote along.

  • Soonerwick

    I wish HTC One had wireless charging as much as the many people don’t understand the usefulness of not having to plug the phone in. Disabling sense can be accomplished through root and ROM change even though it would be nice go disable sense out of the box.

  • Kurt Nielsen

    I wish it had a normal camera , I’m not sure “ultrapixels” are the future

  • David Pat

    Storage! External batteries are the way to go.

  • Ashley Horne

    I wish kickstands would get more love :(

  • Nathan Hull

    I am pretty happy with the design of the HTC One. The only negative aspect (not enough to keep me from buying it though) is the smaller battery capacity. It would have been nice to see a larger internal battery. The other issue (again not a dealbreaker for me) is that it is not Gorilla Glass 3; this simply to increase the strength of the already great looking phone. Otherwise, I believe the HTC One is right on track and where they need to be, enough so that they have swayed me from buying an iphone or Samsung Galaxy S4 when I am ready to make my decision to finally get a smartphone. Yes, my family still does not have one. We simply have not needed one up to this point. But, I have been researching smartphones now for over a year and a half and finally feel at ease knowing that if I got the HTC One, that everything I have wanted in a smartphone will be present. Two thumbs up to HTC for making a great phone.

  • Khang Tran

    I wish you were able to add any source of information in to the Blink Feed interface. For example: if “Phandroid” was not an option, you could add the news via RSS or Google Reader or anything really. Just be able to read literally ANYTHING you want

  • Mack Doolittle

    I would have liked to see wireless charging on the htc one. Sd card slot would be nice but with 64GB of onboard storage as an option, i dont see the need.

  • Jason Farrell


    I wish it was made of space age plastic, instead of beer can aluminum.


  • Chrisrj8084

    I would not mind seeing less Bezel around the screen would give it a smaller cleaner look.

  • lynyrd65

    Sprint 800 LTE

  • zachary green

    Wireless charging that doesn’t suck (cough, nexus 4, cough!)

  • Mike Guethlein

    It’s the non-removable battery. I can live without a replaceable SD card, but batteries have a definite life span where they just stop holding much of a charge. It puts a legitimate expiration date on the usefulness of the phone.


    A dedicated camera button for sure.

  • duke69111

    I would of like to have seen an octacore processor. That would of been a nice addition to make it stand out.

  • Fady Ghaly

    I wish that HTC One had memory expansion option using MicroSD

  • Darrell Daniel

    Sense needs to allow the ability to send multiple messages (Pictures) in stock messaging app.


    For start THE LATEST software (4.2.2) of course, memory card, removable battery and at least 5 inch.

  • Lee Long

    I know a dedicated camera button isn’t first on everyone’s list, but for me it is. Sure, I’d love to have an SD card slot, but I am working so much from the cloud these days, it hardly seems necessary. And I would be buying the battery storage that can charge the phone twice, so I don’t think being able to swap the battery is crucial. No, give me a “click it now” button and I’d be thrilled…

  • agent00fuzz

    Kickstand… use mine daily with the Evo 4G LTE. Gonna miss it when I move to a new phone.

  • Elwyn Lapid

    I miss expandable memory like the original HTC Nexus One. Sometimes I’m in areas where I cannot use mobile data to get stuff from the cloud.

  • TheHowiie

    expandable memory is a must. I love being able to have infinite space.

  • xriderx66

    I wish it had no buttons at all and followed the Nexus way of on-screen buttons. Not just HTC, but Samsung should also follow this.

  • jezz

    Sd card slot

  • StacyD

    The non-removable battery significantly makes it more difficult for development and for really saving the battery when needed most. As we all know, juts because a device says its off, its not actually off and you will loose battery due to the intermittent radio signals to notify a switch of “towers”.

  • nofsbige

    Expandable memory hands down!

  • Ryan Lind

    I wish the HTC One has onscreen buttons.

  • Ethan Bailey

    i wish it had soft buttons. and i wish it had more screen real-estate. i feel like the phone just has a bunch of unused space which makes it unnecessarily big

  • Damian


  • ilikemchubby

    Samsung phones have a multi-window function to where you can do two different task at the same time such as checking a email while another window you can watch a movie. really wish htc coppied that feature.

  • NealJ777

    I would like the ability to zap people’s memories, like in the MIB movies. Then I would zap everyone that entered this contest (other than me) and then they would have no memory of entering. Then I will claim the prize!! —> Maniacal laugh! (quick… what movie is that from??)

  • Alseddiq

    -Expandable storage.

    -Larger Battery, not necessarily removable

  • schwallie

    I wish I could remove the battery. I like to carry a second and just replace it when needed

  • Matt Spiller

    Although there is a lot, I would like to get expandable storage with a MicroSD slot. Stock experience where I would get the latest OS faster would be very high on my list too, but I have come to love Sense.

  • El_Frank

    Make available in black I can’t find it anywhere… Lol

  • Joel McClatchey

    I too wish the HTC one had a removable battery, sometimes you just need to force your machine to reboot via pulling the battery. And being able to swap it is nice too when its drained.

  • Kaboom

    Instead of two buttons, they could have removed the buttons altogether and put in a bigger screen. But it’s still fine the way it is.

  • RickyGrundyJr

    I wish the HTC One had Stock Android and a 4.5inch 1080p screen for perfect one handed use.

  • Rinkesh621

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery so we can have multiple batteries if one doesn’t last you for the whole day or they can just increase the battery size to 3100mA like note 2 but that would mean a big battery and big phone, which I won’t mind if it had HTC One built quality from single Al.

    Wishing I win and Wishing the feature was real! :)

  • Jordy Bookal

    Sd card and a 5 inches screen

  • Sacha Goldberger

    A microsd card and a 5″ screen is all I want!

  • Lokesh s

    Stock android with onscreen navigation

  • Tarick Arnold

    I’d love to have a device like this run stock Android. I know that most of the skins out there do add some kind of experience to enhance Android, but I feel its unnecessary at this point. Also, Android NEEDS a phone with a beautiful aluminum and an outstanding camera.

  • reykeith

    The ability to use the HTC logo as the home button and 4.2.2 out of the box

  • Brian Bell

    I wish it had a larger screen

  • Oscavale

    Though its not a big deal, a kickstand would be awesome. Ive gotten very used to it on the previous evo i had and the off contract thunderbolt i still use.. Also the ability to disable/remove blink feed would be nice.

  • David Counts

    I wish it had a dedicated camera button… I wish all phones had a dedicated camera button.

  • ejtsang

    Definitely wished it had a removable battery. Battery technology is still lacking. I can barely get through 8 hours on a single charge, and end up having to swap out to a second battery by the end of the work day.

  • dcpnz

    Just one wish for the One?
    Wish it had third button
    Wish it had removeable SD
    Wish it had better camera – reviews I’ve read suggest the low light images are great but falls down in good lighting.

  • DannyMuntean

    honestly I would change nothing! its a fantastic phone. If I were forced to choose something it would be the replaceable battery.

  • Manny Enriquez

    I wish it had a larger camera sensor!! and 3 buttons instead of 2

  • amasian

    ext_sd is something I feel is a standard. however, the reason for the lack of ext sd support arises from camera performance. without class 10 speeds, users would experience subpar performance unaligned with HTC marketing..

  • Cale

    Really wish the battery was removable.

  • Felix Cruz-Montanez

    I’d love to see the HTC button as the home button–would’ve been perfect to use the logo as that; if Samsung uses that awful physical button this would be great!

  • mattspierce

    An expandable battery in any smartphone is simply a need. Designers havn’t matched reality with the technology.

  • asanders1

    SD memory expansion… or 64GB like HTC one X+

  • apex

    I wish the buttons had better feedback. It seems difficult to tell whether the volume/lock button was pressed or not.

  • Cale DeLeers

    I would love to have a removable battery for my HTC One

  • Clifton F.

    Really wish they stayed consistent with all other android phones and had a three button layout instead of the two

  • Guest

    I wish the HTC One had a replaceable battery. If the battery every goes bad (this has happened with my other smart phones), the HTC One’s battery is not easily replaceable.

  • James Kerbow

    A replaceable battery would allow the HTC experience almost non-stop possibilities.

  • Daniel R.

    Infinite panel scrolling with option to add more than 5 panels.

  • leisure018

    I wish HTC One has dedicated camera button.

  • John L.

    I wish the HTC One had a replaceable battery. If the battery ever goes bad (this has happened on my other smart phones), then I’m concerned that the problem is not easily fixable on the HTC One.

  • Jose Calderon

    software buttons would have gone perfect with the design….

  • ApocalypseX99

    I want stock android on it, with sense as a installable launcher if I want to check it out.

  • ryan shepard

    As a Nexus owner, I love the hardware. I am so immersed in Google’s cloud services, I can make due with the no sd storage. Hell, I can even get used to the funky two button setup. But please, please give me Google Wallet support. My damn bank card is worn and I’m too lazy to order another one.

  • Daniel Pawlak

    Oh man… this would be such an awesome upgrade from the One X… HTC really hit it out of the park with the One. My biggest grip that they have not fixed yet is the location of the power button and how this is the only button to wake your phone.

  • phanatic123

    Add a MicroSD card and this would beat the GS4 and other competitors easily. Even though there is plenty of cloud storage available, but if you don’t have a steady wifi connection or an unlimited data plan, it kinda beats the purpose of having cloud storage (for media n stuff) …

  • jocho25

    I wish the HTC One was on Sprint

  • edoggy

    Removable battery because 2,300 mAh is not enough, and batteries degrade after so many charging cycles.

  • phattyt

    Gotta go with a kickstand

  • Michael L Chou

    The microSD slot would have been great just think about a 128GB device.

  • Tidbits808

    I wish there were more customization options for Sense. I could simply use a launcher, but I lose blinkfeed which I like a lot.

  • Eric Silva

    I wish the One had wireless charging and a way to charge it wirelessly right out of the box. Come on OEMs, is it that hard/expensive?

  • King Dinga Ling

    Hdmi out would have been great

  • Matt W.

    besides the battery, I wish there were some neat roms for it!

  • No_Nickname90

    I wish it had a dedicated camera button. I miss those. I end up focusing the image instead of actually pressing the camera button because I sux at taking pictures apparently.

  • objektiv_one

    They made such a big deal about the camera. Why doesn’t it had a dedicated camera button.

  • Victor Gallo

    Expandable memory would have made the device just perfect!!

  • Tim Phillips

    I would really like a “smart stay” type of feature. That is a great feature on LG and Samsung and saves me from having to touch my phone while reading.

  • joe t

    I wish you were able to remove the battery, definitely helps to have a battery back up or two when you are on the road away from a power source.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    Wireless charging

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Removable storage would be a big plus.

  • RollTribe

    I wish it had software buttons and a bigger battery.

  • Erik Clary

    can never have too much storage!

  • xDD90x

    I wish the HTC One would have support for Verizon’s network. A feature like Samsung’s new ‘Air Gesture’ would’ve been welcome as well.

  • Jason Bussey

    I wish the htc one had removable battery

  • GerStud101

    These phones need to work like ipod AND gameboy replacements. Thus, you should at least have the option of buying a big enough model, or upgrading the external storage, so ti can fit your entire music library PLUS all the games and apps you want. With HD games taking up GBs of space these days, phones absolutely NEED expandable external storage!

  • karboy

    I am sure HTC could have made some room for micoSD card somewhere on the phone, would have given it a huge leg up on the S4!

  • Greg Sanders

    HTC One needs more #HOLOYOLO

  • Matt Holbrook

    I wish it was 5″. And available on Verizon.

  • TechGuy22

    extended the storage would be amazing also able to remove blinkfeed completely not move to another screen.

  • Joe

    I wish it had a removable battery.

  • Jason G

    I plan on putting a lot of media on my phone and streaming it wherever I go using the HTC media link device. 1080p movies take up a whole lotta space. An extra 64gb would go a very long way towards having hours of high definition high quality content with me wherever I go.

  • Onehand Sumdawg

    i wish the htc one have dual sim so i can travel the world without needed to swap sim cards

  • Mike Rodgers

    Bigger battery and removable storage.

  • antipunk

    you can’t go wrong with more storage

  • HappyNacho

    Remove the HTC logo and put the One X capacitive scheme.

  • isobsr

    a dedicated camera button would be useful

  • citi

    i wish one has a physical home button so my 3 year old don’t accidentally touch it and kick her out of her video

  • Terence Gier

    It’s got to be a Micro SD card because I’m a data junkie.

  • Matt Theophilos

    Physical buttons. I don’t know why but on-screen buttons just ‘aint my thaeng.

  • Jason Ulrich

    I wish it had a removable/bigger battery option

  • deanna perez

    battery is a big one for me. I see no point in having such an amazing phone with so much potential and Powerful features if it can’t stay on.

  • Dennis James Souky

    MicroSD card, especially with those speakers, going to need room for alot of music.

  • Tiger He

    Removable battery would be nice. Battery life on HTC devices are not very good.

  • Lex Lybrand

    I voted “other – AOSP.” I’m tired of Sense! I love the hardware design, but I would only use it with AOSP/CM/Paranoid Android.

  • Kenneth Ryan Madrid

    Battery is the biggest thing for me now that there is so many cloud storage options

  • JulianZHuang

    I wish it had a heatsink to cool the phone.

  • AlexDyachuk

    I believe that even though SD storage is really important to me, I’d much rather have a phone with a removable battery..

  • droid.

    Micro-SD card would be nice

  • coachsteve44

    expandable memory with microsd, because of ability to have hard copy, transferable files w/o cloud.

  • http://phandroid John_inLA

    Wish HTC would have a special software function that sets it apart like pop up play(Sam.)or Qslide(LG). Although making huge strides HTC software is anything but cutting edge. The closest they have gotten is Droid DNA’s using power to go instantly to camera but that has no daily application or use.

  • Junr

    Removable battery so when the internal one doesn’t hold a charge anymore I could just pop a new one in and keep using this awesome smartphone for a few more years…

  • Angel De La Riva

    Wish that you could expand storage and remove the battery. That way if I drop it in the toilet I can take all the pieces out before I put it in a bag of rice.

    Edit: Just realized I can choose one feature, so I’m gonna go with removable battery since I can keep my sd card backed up on my computer/cloud if it falls in the toilet.

  • Josh Norman

    The only way a new phone will be an acceptable upgrade at this point for me is if it has a wacom digitizer (or similar stylus) and a screen large enough to take notes on.

  • oscar sanchez

    If the HTC One had a removable battery it would make it a must have one. The ability to carry around a second literally doubles the battery life and allows days of use. Instead of a paltry 14-16 hours.

  • Thema Davis

    I wish it had expandable memory. I have a lot of items on my microSD and I’m used to simply moving it from one phone to the other.

  • Siddardha Bezawada

    The ability to add a Micro SD card and three virtual buttons like the Nexus.

  • Tony Bagalini

    I wish it had HD voice on T-Mobile

  • Jesse Mentzer

    I too feel that they should have gone with the “standard” 3 button layout.

  • wau808

    I do a lot of work from my phone on the road, and i feel more secure having an SD card than relying on cloud services

  • Mainline15

    Definitely a dedicated camera button. Just makes it more convenient switching to the camera from any other app.

    There’s lots of cloud storage out there, even after 32 gigs of internal storage.

    And an extended battery ruins the look of the phone. I like my Zagg portable charger.

    And I love a kickstand, but I wouldn’t mind getting a flip case that can fold into a stand.

  • Tyrone Johnson

    I wish the HTC One had the ability to disable Sense UI

  • mattmez462

    I really wish more smartphones adopted the kickstand!

  • Brettm2277

    Although I know I’d be able to get used to the button configuration, I wish HTC would follow Google’s guidelines and include on screen buttons, and to even take it a step further allowing the user to customize their order, appearance, functions, etc without root. Overall I really think HTC nailed it with the One.

  • John Tokarz

    changeable battery

  • Derrick Pitts

    An HTC One with multiwindow/tasking like the concept Paranoid Android is cooking up, would be great!

  • Luke Tsai

    i wish the battery could be switched out easily

  • Aaron Offenberger

    I would love a side mounted power button and it would be perfect

  • Stormy Henderson

    A larger screen.

  • thewogltd

    Stock AOSP Android. Then its perfect.

  • housry23

    I chose sdcard slot, but in all reality I wish it was a stock Android phone.

  • Anthony Carrillo

    I would miss the removable battery, but the other thing that would have been awesome is making the phone a tad bigger; to a 5 inch size.

  • Justin Hartwell

    It needs a removable battery in case things go wonky.

  • Malik

    I wish that HTC had an augmented reality app that allowed you to hold the camera up and read the minds of the people in view. That’d be dope!

  • Jon Puchalla

    Microsd is so valuable to me to quickly access my media. I don’t want to blow through my data just for the cloud

  • Brett Ferguson

    I wish it had not only one SD slot, but multiples. I want to insert/remove a dedicated media card, and have a the ability to store apps on a separate SD card.

  • Brian S.

    it would have been a no brainer buy If it was Vanilla Android.

  • master94

    I need a 128 GB model

  • Joe Coppola

    I wish the htc ONE had more unique software features

  • alex morgan

    I really wish that they had figured out a kickstand with keeping the beautiful lines of the one other than that the phones perfect

  • Elis B.

    The ability to remove and replace the battery

  • Spencer Paul

    I known it seems silly to vote for the kickstand, but really… I’ve got a 32gig SD card right now and it’s never full, even with all of the music I listen to loaded up. Now we just need a kickstand to take those front facing speakers to the next level.

  • Bryan McGee

    Removable battery, for sure.

  • Zachary Hunchar

    An SD Slot would have been great.

  • ATBvsBFZ

    I’d trade in screen real estate for soft buttons like the Nexus devices have.

  • Ronald Tanner

    NO physical buttons at all – like a Nexus 4

  • BradKnepper

    I usually dont need much storage but battery life is usually always an issue so I would want to hot swap it!

  • Jonathan Simon

    I wish it had wireless charging because I’ve got it on my SGS3 and I don’t want to be going backwards.

  • Hassan Raza

    I wish the HTC logo was the third capacitative button

  • Aztec713

    I chose sd card just because i already filled 32 gb on my s3 :(

  • Victor Manuel Parra Robles Jr.

    over all removable battery has been a feature that would make the phone even better than what already is!

  • Michael T

    My One wish is a removable battery for extra juice!

  • Matthew Murray

    A screen on the back side using e-ink to display semi static info like time and messages all the time

  • Brandon Adams

    I wish it had a dedicated volume button similar to the iPhone

  • Mitchell Pancakes Zgurev

    A dedicated camera would be better because when using my camera it’d be easier than blurring image when touching the screen and causing it to go out of focus.

  • A. Turner

    I wish the HTC One had biometric finger swipe unlock feature.

  • Andy S

    I wish it had an expandable micro chip. That way when new phones come out it makes transferring info on to the new phone a cinch!

  • Thomas Mitchell

    I wish it was coming to Verizon.

  • Kevin Kintner

    I wish it had a kickstand, they come in handy when trying to entertain a 2 year old with Netflix or Plex.

  • heated steve

    i voted for the replaceable battery…. i feel the one is nearly flawless but i dont want to have to get a new phone down the line just because my battery can no longer hold a charge

  • sjava

    I wish it has centered home button & task switch button on the right.

  • stillers21

    Wish it had stock android. Last non nexus device I had took forever to get updates.

  • boneshaq

    the device is beautiful, the expanded storage option would have made it the top phone for the year. Its sad that everything is moving to cloud

  • grannypanties69

    I wish it also had a dedicated camera button, I think that would be nice!

  • Cloudscout

    Another button. Could be a camera button or a menu button. Either one would make me happier.

  • Brett Sampson

    I wish the one had on screen buttons!

  • Phillip Meyers

    A higher Megapixel camera, at least 8MP would be nice.

  • Alice

    The button dedicated for photo taking would be great because it is one of my favorite functions of a smart phone.

  • rdubs628

    I wish it started at the latest version of Android. I lose confidence they’ll maintain the phone when they’re starting from behind

  • Michelle Boro

    I would love to see the ability to switch out a removable aluminum rear cover, for different colors on the back cover, and to switch the battery. I don’t see it happening, but I rather have the superior build quality that the HTC One already has over a removable back cover.

  • Robin Chang

    I wish the One had a kickstand like my old thunderbolt did. :( Made life marginally easier having the phone prop itself up.

  • DanielZeller

    Battery or microsd? I have a galaxy nexus and the battery is starting to not get me through the day. I haven’t missed the sd card slot.

  • Mike Burns

    sd card

  • Gerardo Markoch

    bone stock android.

  • Travis Faulkner

    I really like the hardware but I do wish I could change batteries

  • Ryan O’Neill

    The one thing that would make the One an obvious choice would be if it had normal navigation buttons. But hey, I could get used to it ;)

  • James Stembel

    I want it to have stock Android without root.

  • Caleb Loop

    It would be pretty sweet if they enabled that HTC logo to be mapped to whatever you want it too. Because i know its possible with custom kernels.

  • Anthony Ortega

    I wish the HTC One had the Iphone button with the option of the android haptic buttons, the body of the S4 but with the material being the same and strong performance.

  • Kaden Stern

    Definitely the expandable storage, I just can’t seem to rely on the cloud, unfortunately.

  • Yamil Diaz

    Onscreen buttons like the nexus 4

  • C. Hauser

    that is most thing i like about my s3 is the added slot for micto sd. I tend to keep my music on one so can change. but for this phone may work more with cloud sources as also been using google music

  • Jim McVey

    Finger print reader

  • Marc Frappier

    I wish this the HTC One had a better power button placement, and a removable back/ removable bettery so we could expand.

  • DrCarpy

    I love this phone, the micro sd omission sucks, but usb otg takes the sting away a bit. I really love the premium feel to this device. Tried it and it’s pretty awesome.

  • Jon Franklin

    For HTC to put so much focus on the UltraPixel camera, and then not include a dedicated camera button, is a HUGE misstep.

  • David Brice Jr

    I chose expandable storage. You can never have enough storage space!

  • Mike Spitzer

    I know everything’s supposed to be in the cloud, but sometimes you just need local storage. I shouldn’t have to hack together my own external sd slot.

  • BrokenWall

    The kickstand, it was a feature I loved on my wife’s Thunderbolt and many times while on my sensation, galaxy nexus, that would of been very helpful during lunch breaks.

  • Dylan Patel

    Wireless charging. I wish it had this so bad. I still want this phone really badly though.

  • Red

    The price of data plan is holding back the cloud model. SD cards help soften the blow of expensive data plans.

  • Joey

    The ability to disable BlinkFeed….

  • Grant Johnson

    tone down sense even more. blinkfeed is fine but the rest looks really bad. I dont understand why companies think they need to fix icons that aren’t broken.

  • Jordan Tom

    I just wish it got rid of the capacitive buttons.

  • Ryan Harnish

    Either beef up the battery capacity or allow the option to swap out. Word.

  • Josh Brown

    The expandable storage would have definitely increased interest, but from how the phone looks, i can look past that …for now

  • Rui Li

    I wish it had the designated camera button because simetimes even one single second is crucial in cap trying those important moments.

  • Lokifish Marz

    I would like to see Ubuntu for Android (not Ubuntu Phone). It has the specs needed for the desktop environment feature.

  • rasta321

    The ability to expand storage using a microSD card slot would defiantly be the one functionality that is missing .. being able to backup / transfer data directly to the phone is definite plus (Nandroid backups / Movies / Pictures etc)

  • Dan Vitiello

    I wish it had the ability to turn into a stargate and bounce me around the universe. Ug, maybe next year.

    • Richard Braley

      Well the IR feature can be used on a compatible DHD. Thats a start right?

  • David Lea

    MicroSD slot of course. Heck I see no reason not to have 2 or 3.

  • Anthony Ngo

    Onscreen buttons (3 just like the Nexus line) would be a very nice touch.

  • clutch5776

    Wireless Charging, I’d the S4 can have, I want too :-)

  • yohobojo

    Wish It had the option to have external storage and replaceable battery T_T

  • JackAppsJim

    3 buttons…it would be nice if the HTC logo were the home button (without a hack)

  • SkyPira

    i wish the One could have a page-by-page apps drawer. up-and-down is sooo froyo.

  • Gregory Marscellus

    A 5 inch screen would be nice

  • Richard Braley

    I wish the one had the ability to charge the battery under hard loads (ie serious gaming, max radios, cpu loads etc), When you’re doing serious grind sessions in pocket legends the battery still takes a hit while its plugged in. The charger can’t keep up with the draw.

  • acejoker25000

    by far needs expandable memory

  • Jeremy Carroll

    I wish the HTC One had no face buttons and used the P.I.E. navigation system,

  • Robert Marshall


  • Braden Ellis

    HDMI out would be the needed feature for me to move to this device.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Removable battery please, I like to just pop a extra battery in my back pocket on weekends just in case I don’t have a chance to get back home before Sunday Night. Most of the people I know have iPhones so not much luck finding a charger.

  • TeamNexus

    I wish it had the option to boot stock Android either at first boot with an option in the settings to use Sense, or every boot..

  • Victor Epée

    The ability to stop sense and run stock Android.

  • ed

    Micro sd card slot

  • Devon

    Having a removable storage card has been soooooo useful over the years. I have friends with Nexus phones that lack a microSD slot and that is the one thing they miss. I have a Note II with a 64GB card in it and would hate to have to abandon it if I switched to this phone.

  • J3

    Seriously, I think Android has evolved beyond the need for a replacement battery and SD card slot so I guess a kickstand. I loved having one on my HTC EVO 4G.

  • ThinkBlue

    I wish the One had the ability to do my engineering homework for me

  • Richard Perez

    I would like if it had a removeable battery

  • Eddie Cadro

    Would have like to seen a removable battery and an sd slot

  • Hirsch Malhotra

    Wireless charging should have been included. All the other things (ie removable battery / or expandable memory via microSD slot) can be overlooked…. Wireless charging should be a standard on all cell phones.

  • DAngelo8

    When I forget to charge my phone, I love the ability to swap out batteries in a minute and be fully charged and ready to go.

  • Matt Maerli

    I voted “Other”, with a side-mounted power button.

  • Harpreet Singh

    I wish the htc one had a micro sd card slot, it would be much easier to load music on the card than use the new android MTP thing.

  • Jose Ortega

    Replaceable battery would be awesome. When using it for work, it is important that I have the ability to extend the battery life without having any downtime or extra bulk

  • Stoker

    SD Card, of course.

  • noel

    Expandable storage. That’s something I use and need by storing things in my SD card.

  • Ignacio Rodriguez

    Has to be the MicroSD card slot. Who wouldn’t want the ability to throw in some more gb’s.

  • poosh2010

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery. Once the battery loses its capacity after about 2 years, you’re out of luck :(

    And considering I’ve had my HTC Hero for about 3.5 years, yes that’s a problem for me lol

  • Eddie Cadro

    Would really liked to have seen an expandable storage for this phone.

  • Neil Stein

    I need to be able to remove the battery when it does and replace with a fresh one.

  • Nestor Aparicio

    removeable battery

  • eddie

    i wish it had a settings button and i wish it had a bigger battery i dont care about it not being removable just as long as its more then enough!

  • George St. Martin

    I wish that it had the on screen navigation buttons.

  • william benaway

    I wish it had a sdcard slot. Nowadays 32 gigs just isn’t enough.

  • Justin Marden

    Oddly enough, a kickstand would be a great addition. Storage and battery don’t bother me, since 32GB is plenty of room.

  • Mojorizen

    Easily the best feature would be the ability to add more storage. Second best feature would be a Verizon launch.

  • McLean Riley


  • Kelly

    Needs a kickstand to best utilize the front facing speakers.

  • SaadNajmi

    I woulda liked a microsd slot… kinda important nowadays..

  • Greg Partlow

    a microsd card slot would be swell wouldn’t it. you could expand the storage on the thing and it would have more room for pornos. since everyone likes to show off their favorite pornos at work it would be great to have extra space to store the archive of pornos you’ve been collecting over the past day and a half. 32GB’s worth of pornos on a microsd card. wouldn’t it be great?

  • Jaskaran Dhillon

    wish HTC one had sd card slot option

  • james ortiz

    the camera is good but 4 megapixels at this age in technology is very odd

    • Jack

      its not megapixels this is the problems people only see numbers. but i wish it has 13 or 16 ultrapixels so i can print pictures for my kids and put them on the wall in there rooms

  • Hunley

    I wish you had the option to disable Sense and switch to stock. I wish it had software keys as well.

  • bryangrider

    Wish the HTC One had a removable battery. It has been so helpful when in a pinch with no outlets to swap out batteries. With all the cloud storage available don’t really see a huge need for more storage. My vote goes for battery

  • Russel Baldonado

    Kickstand. I had the evo 4g lte. Didnt think i would use the kickstand that much. but surprisingly I used it quite a bit.

  • Sterling Mace

    Change sound profile when put in a holster, like automatically turn on vibrate.

  • WungFu

    removable battery, it would allow for easy power backup.

  • Alex Podgoretsky

    It should double as a toaster and wash my car.

  • Spencer Knight

    I like being able to pop a card in to my big computer, load it up with stuff, and then move it over to my current HTC Evo 4G LTE (see, the One would be so much faster to say if I had it). Please let me win, please, please, please!

  • Tim Czarkowski

    I would have liked a removable battery and expandable memory. These are must haves for me.

  • Clarence Searles

    If I had to add one thing that useful to me, I’d add GPS that works independent of the cell service so I can use maps and Geocache in those remote areas where service becomes sketchy.

  • Danny Vasquez

    Ability to send any file through NFC not just small files but large ones as well.

  • Markus Hartel

    camera button for quick access would be most useful

  • brianm76

    I wish the HTC One had expandable memory.

  • mc midgley

    64gb minimum internal storage AND sd expansion storage.

  • Jas Gill

    I wish the HTC One ran stock android jelly bean instead of sense 5

  • Colin Tran

    I know removing the menu button is the direction that Google is going with Android but I still wish the HTC One had it.

  • laurentech

    SD card capability would have sold me.

  • UTZorro

    I wish it had a microSD slot which makes it easier to transfer files.

  • OCSportsGeek

    Verizon LTE? :)

  • Kevin Chou

    the option to remove the battery

  • Jermin Lai

    Please, let us can expand storage using a microSD card slot!!

  • Byron B

    Wish it had a laser pointer on it to use in school.

  • Nigel Marrion

    The inability to replace the battery could be a major problem in about 18 months time…

  • dsgrimes

    I wish the HTC One a replaceable battery.

  • groove

    Definitely needs expandable memory.

  • AbrahamCavazos

    An underestimated feature is having a kickstand. I know cases can add a kickstand but I’m a purist. I don’t put any of my phones in a case.

  • eric blakely

    I voted for the addition of expandable memory because with a camera like the one on this phone it would take over as my go-to camera for quick captures

  • Michael Ruiz

    wished it ha a micro sd slot

  • Andrew Michael

    Removing & replacing the battery is a necessity for me, especially if the phone crashes. A physical reset with the battery is important.

  • Gabriel Fernandez

    It would be the perfect phone if the capacitive buttons were removed and on-screen buttons were used instead. The bezel could’ve then been made smaller to allow a 5-inch screen a la Galaxy S4. Also HTC should strive to make their phones easier to unlock, getting rid of the s-on/s-off mechanics.

  • Aaron Kuppin

    Wish the US version had the removable back cover like the international version for the access of the SD card slot and dual sims. :D

  • Adwin Putteeraj

    The HTC One is already as close to perfection as can be, taking into consideration the current market hardware possibilities. An edge to edge display not unlike the Pantech Vega Iron would’ve been nice, but the feature I miss the most is IP57+ certification. Everyday is a stress test for my phones, & dust/water resistance would certainly increase their lifespan.

    • Jack

      i agree with you An edge to edge display that would be amazing bezel less screen.

  • Manny Wilson

    Wow, no SD slot is almost a deal breaker. 32GB is fine for me, though.

  • Guest

    other: wireless charging

  • Carl Gehrman

    In terms of the 4 options presented, it’s a hard call between microSD and removable battery, but the battery wins out because of the way that Google has (foolishly, IMO) chipped away at the utility of external storage over time. Not having the option to throw an extended battery in there is a major minus.

    Probably the biggest thing they could do to compete with the SGS4 would be the camera, though. I was not expecting the new Galaxy’s camera to be so damn good, since they’ve never been the most stellar shooters, but damn does that cam take some fine stills.

  • Rohan Vembar

    I wish the plates above the screen can be swapped for different colors. The same colors as the double dip case would be awesome. Red and dark grey would be really cool.

  • Tom Kuhl

    I would like to see an SD card slot. I like having my music on the card.

  • Mark Swiss

    I wish there was a Verizon version of this phone.

  • ppk

    the only feature that’s missing is… free money.

  • Dayveetoe

    Cool cool cool cool

  • Jacob Mead

    Personally I would love to have a Micro SD card slot to be able to put movies and musice on. The HTC has an amazing display and being able to watch movies from your SD card would make use of it. I currently have about 32gb of music and movies on my phone and would love to transfer it all to the HTC ONE!

  • Ron Yust

    Camera button would be nice.

  • Josh Santos

    I wish the htc one had three buttons and micro sd card slot

  • ntrddragn

    for me its the removable battery (or lack of)

  • Marcus Wells

    Can we PLEASE get HTC to fully disable Blink Feed!?!?!?!?

  • Marques Ware

    Kickstand FTW

  • Stephen Blake

    2 words. Stock Android

  • Travaughn Baker-Johnson

    I wish the HTC One had the stock android experience. Android is great out of the box, HTC Sense is good too, but I wish you could opt out of using the skin.

  • Bobby A

    Definitely wish it had expandable storage.

  • tbonefsg

    All phones need a micro sd slot. There’s no reason not to have one and they make the phone much more versatile.

  • uniessence

    Wish there was expandable storage!!!

  • Ben Kapferer

    Like the choice I voted for in the poll suggests, a microSD slot (or another memory card slot) would be genius!

  • Fidget007

    Kickstand are awesome for video playback and as a self propping video display for Bluetooth keyboard/desk setups.

  • ih8legal

    i wish the HTC one had a better camera. I know that megapixels don’t really mean anything if you don’t have proper software powering your camera. I am also aware that HTC does have awesome software powering theirs but most of that software is proprietary and would be lost when using a custom ROM. I have really grown fond of the stock android feel and would hate losing that just to have camera software.

  • david cassoday

    As much as I want expandable storage there is a kickstarter project for that ( With front facing speakers a kickstand would have been awesome also. But what I prob want most for my phone to be waterproof, dustproof, and scratch resistant to sand.

  • Drew Yaktus

    After traveling a lot for work, ive found a spare battery is a life saver.

  • Andrew Garcia

    Replaceable battery, I love haveing a spare

  • Omar Malik

    I wish the HTC One had an SD slot, need extra space!

  • Phillip Price

    Verizon compatibility.

  • ReverseRoxas

    I wish the HTC One had even more space available on it! Hello mini hard drive! :D

  • Jnewell05

    I think the only thing that the HTC One is missing is “Me”. I love this phone and will purchase it in June unlocked & without contract for Straight Talk.

    The feel and look of this phone is exactly everything that I need in a phone. I don’t need 20 extra features that I won’t ever use, similar to what Samsung is doing. I want a sleek great built phone with plenty of speed.

  • Anthony Gauthier

    The Power button on the right side of the phone would’ve been better.

  • Andre Rowlett

    Definitely needs a better camera. I wish it had the S4’s 13MP.

  • ari_free

    I wish there was just One comment. Mine. Then I would automatically win.

  • Eric Esparza

    I wish they would’ve made the camera an 8 Ultrapixel camera.


    Expandable storage would have done it for me. 3 buttons (menu, home, back) w/the HTC logo serving as the home button would have been nice too.

  • Mike Nguyen

    I wish the screen was bigger. Going from a Galaxy Note to this will require some difficulty.

  • Jared

    If the HTC One had expandable memory, it would be the perfect phone. Well… that and stock android

  • Nick LaMoureaux

    I wish it had 3 capacitive buttons like the one x. I really like the button layout. Other than that The One is a really really nice device.

  • Mitch Samuels

    I really want a dedicated camera button.

    I never, never see any phones with them now-a-days. The last phone I had with a dedicated camera button was the Droid 1.

    I take pictures more than I talk on my phone. I just love the feel of an actual button when talking pictures… Weird, I know.

  • Tyree Mitchell

    I would love a replaceable battery it would allow for me as a heavy user to keep going.

  • Joshua Saunders

    I would love a removable battery. When you travel a lot, pulling a fresh batt out of your bag can be a lifesaver when you need to pull up your hotel details, or a map.

  • Andy Garcia

    Only thing I would change is having the buttons in the bottom instead of two. I don’t care if it would’ve been a menu or recent apps button but having the home button in the middle is a must for Android. HTCs way is simply clumsy and confusing.

  • Yuval Nodel

    Removable battery is a big one. It offers plenty of internal memory (32/ 64 GB) but the battery is important. Charge without an outlet by carrying a spare battery. I carry around 2 spares. You cannot imagine how useful it is. I really love the feel of my EVO 3D. It uses the best plastics and whatever material is on the from (plastic or is it metal?) HTC is an underrated company. They make the best devices. I extremely dislike Samsung. Terrible plastic. I love plastic, just not Samsungs. They dont care how good their devices are, they know they are going to sell millions. Hopefully when I start my own phone company in the near 10-30 years (I’m 15 with big goals) I promise to listen to the community, because am part of it.

  • Kevin Schaaf

    Boring response, but a removable battery gets my vote.

  • Graeme

    A kickstand. I haven’t had one, but a coworker had one. Best thing I could have. I use ,y phone for music at work all the time.

    I just feel it would he super useful

  • DeadSiLent

    A sapphire glass display. Phones these days seem too fragile, and Gorilla Glass just isn’t cutting it.

  • Drew Hawkes

    A dedicated camera button which launch the camera app would make those immediate moments easier to capture. Even with the short cut on the lock screen doesn’t allow you to take quick pictures. My belief is every android phone should have this function.

  • Tijuanatom


  • Jeremiah

    I wish the HTC One had 3 capacitive buttons. If it’s going to have hardware buttons, at least they could have kept the standard Android configuration.

  • RockMarz

    the ability to unlock by recognizing owner touch.

  • Julian

    I also wish it had expandable memory.

  • Tony Yip

    Kickstand is awesome on a plane….

  • John McCrillis

    A removable battery would make this phone an absolute beast.

  • Darryl Chism

    Definitely expanded store.With my music and movie collection,I need at least 96gigs.

  • J Reynolds

    a phone isn’t very mobile when it needs to be plugged into a wall… simple as that

  • Lawrence Whalen

    Wish it had the ability to take an SD card then I could just transfer my current one in my Rezound.

  • Christopher Fikany

    Definitely a dedicated menu button

  • Matt E.

    I wish they Had “BOSE” instead of “Beats By Dre”, Only to match the sophisticated look of the phone with a sophisticated Sound system. Other than that the phone is flawless. #TeamAndroid

  • Michael Miller

    I really miss the physical “menu” button and I don’t care for the screen area that is taken up for the on-screen “menu” button.

  • Dvrcowboy

    Definitely expandable memory via sd

  • Ryan Stewart

    The camera button would be legit.

  • paulcp79

    I wish the HTC One was a Nexus device but with Droid DNA colors.

  • Chad Lancaster

    I wish the HTC One had the ability to have the battery changed out. Sometimes gaming wouldn’t have to take over the entire days use in a few hours of gaming.

  • StrattHacks

    MicroSD Slot. Honestly not much to say that hasn’t already been said. I keep ALOT of music on my phone, most in lossless formats, and need space. Had to ditch my galaxy nexus and go back to a RAZR just for expandable memory. Google Music doesn’t support lossless formats, and either way, won’t work in an airplane, or in low signal areas. Not to mention battery and data savings.

    At the same token, not that the Beats (ewwwwww) integration is desirable, those speakers would be awesome for all my music haha. And the upgraded headphone amp they use also are really interesting to me.

  • jaime garcia

    I wish the HTC one would have a removable battery

  • Jack Ortner

    I would love to be able to expand the storage and fill it up with more great android apps!

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    Im going to have to vote for a removable/replaceable battery. It’s always a a plus to be able to quickly swap out the battery when power is low/dead and being tethered to a wall/car socket is out of the question.

    Aside from that, my only real complaint is the lack of removable storage which HTC themselves have already proven they could’ve added when their Chinese variant of the HTC One shows a removable back unveiling a msd-slot aswell as dual sim slots. Its always fun getting a new phone and spending an hour+ stricty moving data from one phone to your pc then to the new phone because you cant just remove your sd card and put it in the new one o_O?

  • L’nel Knght

    I love the sense and blinkfeed. I voted for the microsd card expansion. Shoot give me 8 gig onboard and microsd expansion and I’ll slap a 64 in there immediately. Other than that HTC came out with an excellent contender. Thanks for the opportunity to win guys!

  • Jeffrey Tsai

    I wish it had expandable storage

  • Jose Esteves

    Major plus for expandable memory!! Its always a deal breaker if not included.

  • Steven Schwartz

    The ability to expand storage by microSD. While 32GB should be enough, it would be nice to be able to expand it without paying another $100 for the 64GB version. I know cloud services exist, but not everywhere has Wi-Fi and data is expensive!

  • Adam Goldberg

    I want a kickstand. I believe that a phone that beautiful and one crafted by the Gods of the Phones deserves to have the one extra nifty feature. I feel like 32 gb is plenty of storage for what i need my device for and you should not have to pay extra money for a kickstand case that is half-way to solid and falls apart. I think that for no extra cost, it would be nice to put that gorgeous. and i mean gorgeous, like sexy really, screen to use by standing it up with a built-in kickstand. on my old evo4glte (the one i had before we decided to switch to AT&T back in September) i used the kickstand a lot!!! I would like a kickstand on this device, but kickstand or not, I want this phone. I want it more than anything. It will be used greatly this summer when i’m recovering from knee surgery and need a suitable media device! Reach me if I win @

  • Alex Cabrera

    Volume wake up as standar feature with out rooting! This phone is the best Android device ever!

  • Peter

    Expandable storage. If this feature is too confusing for people then they won’t use it. Easy enough

  • D.j. Hawkins

    there are very small and few nitpicks that i have with the HTC One those being the crappy LED notification light, no kick stand, and no dedicated camera light

  • Charles Chambers

    I really wish it had expandable storage. I have a big music collection and like to throw on some movies. A kickstand would be awesome, but not a deal breaker. Overall, it looks like a great phone.

  • milky_cereal

    As an OG EVO user who is now moved on to the One X, the kickstand was a useful feature that is missed.

  • Alec Smith

    I wish I could turn on stock android instead of Sense.

  • David

    I really have to have an sd card slot and a kickstand would be cool.

  • Ivan92116

    The ability to expand storage using a microSD card slot to store more music and videos

  • sstarz

    I want to be able to make a vanilla milkshake

  • Mathew Weist

    I wish it had a bigger battery or a replaceable one

  • A.J.

    My car has bluetooth built in, but it would be great if they could innovative by having a bluetooth earpiece that would detach from phone for those times when you want to be hands free but don’t want to carry another thing in pocket.

  • Scoop003

    I wish it was available on Verizon. Lol

  • DJ Claussen

    A removable battery so you can pop in a fresh one.

  • Denny Roach

    I wish the HTC One had a multi-color notification LED light

  • Zahian Barak

    Wish the screen had some sort of scotch guard/anti glare/anti finger print protection like eye glasses…

  • Connor White

    I don’t understand why companies have strayed away from the dedicated camera button, That’s one of my favorite features of my brother’s Lumia. I think that the dedicated button would make the camera experience that much better even on top of Zoe

  • pallu

    Wish you could put in a microSD

  • Raymond P.

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery or at least a bigger battery

  • Eddy Medina

    Wish it still had 3 buttons but it will do :)

  • Grayson Boone

    Camera specs that aren’t from 2006

    • Kwam

      it’s a 4ultra pixel phone. And equal to 13megapixel. What 2006 phone had a 4ultra pixel camer?

  • Joseph

    Definitely expandable storage. I already have a 32GB MicroSD card, why should spend more on the 32 or 64gb version of the HTC One? It’s far cheaper to get the 16GB version and make up the difrerence with a card.

    • Roca Rule

      i agree because many of us still have a 32gb card laying around or we would like to load all our music library, games, movies etc. without having to pay to stream all of that content because 1) att and verizon (most reliable networks) have limited data only, 2) sprint and t-mobile ( unlimited data) do not have reliable coverage in most places. i would want a removable battery but if it compromises the design i am oke with a non removable lithium polymer battery.

  • Mimsyborogove923

    I know it seems like a small thing but having the dedicated camera button on my OG droid really made life easier. Especially with the two different levels to focus and then shoot.

  • klive maxwell

    Dedicated multitask button and multitask window

  • Douglas Erickson

    Dedicated camera button

  • a)

    A nano technology coating to make it waterproof

  • CoryDobak

    I vote for the kickstand. My reasoning is I don’t really miss a removable battery in my (Almost dead) RAZR one single bit, and I barely use any space in my phones, and a kickstand is awesome for so many reasons. Clock, Media player, swipe though some pics, etc etc. If I win this, need to find me some Kickstandish case…

  • Marcos Martinez

    Dedicated hardware camera button! I mean, what the heck! This should be a no brainer. All manufacturers please take notice.

  • Matt

    Kickstand for me. A beats audio phone needs a stand!

  • Adam B

    I wish the HTC ONE had a water/shock resistent body and screen. With phones becoming so thin these days, I think it’s time manufacturers started putting more focus on the durability of their high-end phones.

  • Josh Karwoski

    I wish the HTC One had 3 on-screen (or even hardware) keys instead of only having two hardware keys.

  • Davin Ryan

    MicroSD card slot! I am a ROM-aholoic and keeping all my data on my internal memory is too risky.

  • Eric

    It should have a kickstand.

  • Christopher Horrocks

    I want to use a back up battery!

  • NightAngel79

    Is ‘available on all carriers’ a feature? That’s what it needs!
    And a built in kickstand

  • Adam

    Wireless charging

  • christopher chang

    The ability to swap out the battery

  • Guest

    Needs an SD card slot.

  • EunDo Park

    the ability to time travel. no, but on serious note, a third button would’ve been nice

  • ekohlmann

    I’ll agree with the kickstand.

  • Andy Garcia

    Sd card slot.

  • Willy Morgan

    I think that increased gesture and smart support was an opportunity that HTC could have taken advantage of. Blinkfeed is an excellent idea in terms of integrating all your feeds into your homescreen, but in order to truly take advantage of it, increased gesture support (customizable directional swipes) would be have been a great feature.

  • Bawang / Awang Ilyas

    On screen buttons. That’s all.

  • Kyle Brimeyer

    It would be cool if the one had some of the new and up coming features such as eye tracking. I also would personally prefer a more stock android experience. The Sense UI seems to more cumbersome than functional.

  • anotheran

    I really wished it had a traditional 13MP camera. The daylight photos are not that great and barely keep up with current 8MP cameras. I also share a few commenters about having the traditional 3 buttons would have been nice

  • Ricky Stambury

    Wish it had a 5″ screen

  • 123yik

    Wish it had on screen buttons!

    • Jack

      it already has on screen buttons

      • 123yik

        On screen as in literally on the screen, like the Nexus phones. Not permanent hard buttons below the screen. it just gives the phone (and devs) more flexibility from app to app.

      • JadedDJay

        no. it has capacitive buttons near the screen. they arent part of the display the way that they are on the nexus

  • Derek Pickering

    I would have liked to see the Nvidia Tegra 4 in this amazing phone. Without a removable battery the Tegra 4 could really help to keep things going throughout the day. Not to mention sheer power of this chip when gaming or multi-tasking. Not to say the snapdragon 600 isn’t pretty amazing itself but its no Nvidia Tegra chip.

  • Joshua Peters

    removable battery. duh

  • fismail123

    Wish they had at least had an 8mp camera. No matter how sensitive, the 4mp camera just doesn’t cut it in terms of detail for zooming.


    Great phone,but,could use notification bar toggle/shortcut functions.

  • Phillip Bee

    Bigger screen 5.5″ of goodness !!

  • Holly B

    A dedicated camera button would be nice, though being able to remove the battery can come in handy too.

  • Michael Greenberg

    I would have really liked an sd card slot because I like to watch movies on Android.

  • ajm531

    Its something small but important. I would have liked it to come preloaded with 4.2 now not only is it still waiting on an update it will now always be behind. Not cool. But i still love this amazing phone and thank you att for being awesome.

  • Nathan Cheung

    I loved the kickstand on the HTC Evo. Kickstands as a fad needs to come back, incredibly useful without the need of a bulky case.

  • Doug Winfield

    I’d like it to support 2 SIMs and a MicroSD card like the Chinese model, and I’d like it to support all LTE, GSM and CDMA modes for true WorldPhone capability.

  • Vince

    Unlimited Data!

  • mreveryphone

    The ability to have smart stay and smart scroll

  • Jeremy DeHaven

    The one needs a detachable battery and Microsd card slot, if it had that and was indestructible glass, it would be the best phone ever!

  • Greg Loeb

    A kickstand would be awesome to watch videos.

  • jd_from_da_80s

    I feel like I need a removable battery. I’m out at least 12 hours a day everyday.

  • ajhall62

    The phones does need a removable battery. I think that the OS takes up so much room on these phones that the manufacturers need to keep that in mind when saying that a particular phone has so much available storage and not count that amount of storage that the OS takes up.

  • Hobert Slurpee Caudales

    I really wish that it had a remove-able battery.

  • Sam H

    Have another version with a removable battery and a stand alone camera button.

  • Canon User

    Battery is absolutely essential

  • Micah Madru

    The dedicated camera button!

  • Corey Osman

    ability to buy the one and have it work for both tmobile and ATT without buying from the carrier.

  • Pop3552

    The ability to pull the battery out for android phones tend to freeze

  • Glen Livet

    definitely the removable battery – it’s already a large enough phone that i don’t want to put an external battery on it, and with my job where i move between several units of a hospital i don’t want to leave it plugged in all day and have to carry a charger – an extra battery that fits in my coat pocket is almost essential! that said, so far most reviews have said it gets pretty decent battery life

  • mrnyjet

    dual sim card slots. Rather use local network outside usa than pay outragious roaming rates by domestic carriers.

  • alex

    Gorilla Glass 3

  • Hizkia Harto

    Wish it has larger battery

  • Bob Wynkoop

    a Nano projector (holographic, please)

  • Derek Joniak

    I wish the phone went with a more typical feel. Allow the HTC logo on the button does have a touch sensor, I feel like they went the wrong route with that setup.

  • dmb2686


  • chadmd23

    a kickstand! I’m tired of my phones slipping off makeshift cradles.

  • Kehin Faux

    I have the HTC One X and I wish it had a battery that could be replaced. eventually the batter will start to lose its charge it I would like to pop another one in.

  • Ethan Grier

    It would be great for the HTC One to have expandable memory.

  • Instant Classic

    Memory card. I got enough media on my 32GB SD card and I don’t have the patience to transfer everything to the device

  • Bik

    I kind of wished it came running stock jelly bean, however Sense is pretty nice in its current iteration. But if I had to pick anything else it would be a bigger battery. You can never have to big of a battery.

  • Wally

    I wish the htc one had 3 buttons instead of the logo.

  • Frank Byers

    I wish the HTC one had a 5″ screen

  • aj34

    a dedicated camera button

  • sheed6992

    The One feature I wish the HTC One had is a dedicated camera button

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    Camera button. anyone saying microSD cant see the future.

    • Corey Howard

      this is the present

  • Mike Hawthorne

    Always late to the party…but a dedicated camera button would be great on this phone

  • gagetbOy

    why no expandable storage? why!!!!


    Why no projector!

  • Fifth313ment

    Dang, I said and voted for the microsd but I meant to pick the battery. Having a removable battery is a necessity if you plan on selling the phone afterwards or using it for anything beyond a two year period.

  • Daniel Lu

    Wireless charging would be a great feature, but not a big deal though.

  • Abinadid Mendez

    Stock Android… Enough said..

  • T1no

    i love the kickstand! i miss it from my evo

  • Ben Solomon

    I wish it was water resistant.

  • AMbro86

    I wish the camera was better. Most of the reviews have been kind of disappointing on how well it stacks up. But I’m still an HTC fan.

  • Thomas Edwards

    4,000mah battery, I can live without a uSD card if the phone has sufficient internal storage but if they’re going to use an aluminum unibody design for dust and water proofing they need a battery that can go the distance in order to compete with a plastic design’s ability to use an expandable battery, a spare battery or both for power users.

  • FaisDogg

    I wish it had 3 button including a menu button

  • Richard Brown

    First choice would be a micro SD card while second choice would be replaceable battery.

  • Chris Johnson

    MicroSD slot is a must for me!

  • goldfish

    I just really need that removable battery. Not every place has an electrical outlet to charge the phone.

  • Ryan Suos

    An FM transmitter so I can tune into my music from any stereo or car radio on my phone.

  • JustinCrouch

    Given that I would be taking lots of photo and video, I wish the One had expandable storage!

  • Allen Nobida

    Damn… amidoinitrite?

  • Chris Hill

    I think I’d like the option to be able to swap out batteries…but not a deal killer. It would have been nice to see it on all carriers as well.

  • Rexel Baylon

    I wish we can change batteries, with these devices eating alot of juice id want it to last more than a day

  • odaniel

    I wish it had stock Android. I don’t like Sense and Blink Feed feels like an unnecessary waste of resources.

  • Jon Groth

    I wish the HTC one could share files using nfc to pair, without needing to download a third party application

  • J Gramma

    changing the batteries after a year is always a must with android phones.I wish the HTC One also had a sliding usb port cover to keep dust and moisture out.

  • Dean Politis

    I want a dedicated multitasking button. The standard Android button layout is not too much to ask for.

  • Steven Berger

    I wish it had a kickstand so I did not have to hold the phone with my hand because if i hold it with my hand, my hand will break because it is so heavy with awesomeness

  • Corey Howard

    I would like a sd card slot. Seems many non Sammy manufacturers are going the way of Apple. Many of us have our pics, music and various ROM files on our sd card and take them from device to device. With internal only storage it limits some functionalities that sd card devices have.

  • twhite25

    STRONGLY considering going back to HTC for the One. Loved my original Incredible while I had it, both with Sense then Cyanogenmod when 2.2 hit. Quality device I never had a problem with… upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus when that dropped… still a solid device, but the contract is up.

  • Chris Lachance

    Call me crazy, but I went with the dedicated camera button. I have one on my current phone and find it much easier for taking pictures than trying to hit the button on-screen. The removable battery would be nice, as would the expandable memory slot but since I’m currently on a phone with almost no storage I’m used to not keeping a lot of things stored on there.

  • Nick V

    I wish that the HTC One had no physical buttons. Jellybean wasn’t made for buttons, and the phones should match the OS.

  • Scott Maulo

    I wish it had an sdcard slot!!!! More is always better!!!!

  • Layman76

    I love me my 64GB microSD. SD slot is a must.

  • Deric Underhill

    I wish the One had been released on Verizon’s network.

  • Peter

    If the HTC One had a removable battery and a microSD slot, I would have definitely chosen it over the Samsung Galaxy S4. I am though glad to see the low-light camera sensor and the front stereo speakers and the polished non-gimmicky software. All this is great for competition and therefore great for the Android end-user. Maybe in two years I can pick an HTC over Samsung.

  • AndroidLooses

    An SD card?

  • Dia Mortensen

    Need the removable memory not for the extra storage, but to be able to remove and save pics and videos if something goes wrong with the phone. If the phone dies, so does any pics taken and not already saved to the web.

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    I would like Microsd slot

  • Michael Parish

    I wish the HTC One had a removable battery cause it can be nice to swap batteries if away from a wall outlet for many hours (like tailgating/football games later this year ;-) )

  • Richard Gordon

    It needs to have a memory expansion slot, but a battery replacement option would be nice as well…

  • Jeff Albertson

    A micro SD card is really needed on this great phone!

  • keko


  • Jamal Adam

    I would have wanted a dedicated camera button as well as a larger battery.

  • Reginald Short

    Has to be having a replaceable battery

  • Blowfish

    It needs a flat back so it can lay on a desk and not wobble back and forth.

  • Tim Slagle

    wish it had expandable memory. Thats why i left the iphone.

  • razholio

    SDcard FTW, every time.

  • Michael Underwood

    For me it would definitely be a replaceable battery. Expandable storage would be second but with the growth of cloud storage solutions the issue no longer exists for me. But to be at a football game or beer festival while sharing these experiences on my device and to lose my phone right when the action gets going isn’t cool. To pop open the cover and pop in a battery would be nice. But I have learned to deal with it on an iPhone. But would love to experience the new battery technologies in the one.

  • AS

    It would be nice if the HTC One had expandable storage. With more and more apps being available and smartphones becoming “all in one devices” where you listen to music, watch videos, check email, take calls/texts, take pictures, play games, etc., you may really need that additional space.

    Overall though, it’s an amazing device! I was very impressed with it when I tried it out in a store.

  • James Zoss

    Expandable storage would have made it an obvious winner over the galaxy s4 for me. Without it, I still have a debate.

  • Erica

    I vote for sd card. No matter what anyone says it’s too inconvenient to use the cloud in place of the sd card and if you’re in a dead zone you can’t access your files. I know the phones have plenty of space but if you play hi-def games or use certain apps like offline maps or whatever that space goes fast. If you use custom ROMs and make Nandroid Backups that takes up a lot of space and I prefer them to be saved to my sd card. *If your device needs to be wiped at the last minute all of your data gets wiped along with it because everything is all stored on the “internal sd card” so if you forgot to sync it with the cloud (or ran out of space in your cloud accts) or forgot to backup the sd card to your computer (backup managers only backup certain files) everything including your nandroid backups, pictures, music, docs, etc are lost.

  • Dominic Salas

    I say built in wacom feel technology because the HTC One is great from the design build, to the simiplistic revision of HTC Sense. Having wacom built into the phone would give it a more organizied feel to the phone for work or play and not just feel like another Android phone.

  • Eric Shanahan

    The HTC One would be an even more perfected device if it had two notification LED’s like the Droid DNA. I really like laying my phone screen side down and being able to see notifications without having to flip my phone over or lay it screen up. A nifty feature!

  • Andrew Chandler

    The battery is the big killer for me. Not necessarily because I want a bigger one to add on, but because rechargeable battery tech is still infantile and not very reliable in the long run. They can die. They can degrade. What happens a year or two down the road when it doesn’t hold a charge like it used to? I’d rather not send a device off to a 3rd party, or have to rip my phone to shreds to do it myself with the odds of it not going back together.

    The storage isn’t that big a deal, since everything I do is in the cloud. I don’t travel enough to need my music cached or stored in mass quantities. I’m near wifi 99% of the time, so I just stream Spotify, Play Movies, Netflix, etc. But that’s just me and my usage, others may value local storage space more than myself.

  • Randy Howard Quarshie

    I wish the htc htc e had a flexible display

  • JoeDirt2217

    I always like to have the option of expandable storage and removable battery. I am not sure why manufacturers are shying away from these options.

  • x5denali

    If the HTC ONE had notification shade toggles it would definately be a winner

  • Steve Moyer

    I think every phone needs a dedicated camera button. It’s just too difficult to frame a photo, then touch the screen without moving the camera.

  • Andy Maude

    Love this phone

  • milleniumjono

    I wish it had the ability to do stock android

  • aceofhearts24

    The home button should’ve been the HTC logo.

  • Kevin

    Micro SD Slot in case I fill up the space with all of my music and need more!

  • Kyle Benion

    I wish Sense could be turned off without root. I have the HTC one S and Sense is so hardwired in.

  • Erik McLane

    An SD slot is crucial; makes life so much easier!!

  • Ian Connick

    Wireless charging. You guys at phandroid might not feel this one, but anyone that has to use their phone until they are actually eligible for an upgrade knows that micro usb ports just don’t hold up.

  • Hugo Arias

    I wish the HTC would make Sense a skin similar to Facebook Home, so you get the Sense experience, but the android versions would be taken care of through Google. I think knowing a manufacturer had you’re back would get you a much larger loyal customer base.

  • Angelo Acebedo

    I wish it had a removable battery so I can easily replace it with a fully charged one whenever it dies.

  • leo98918

    One feature I would really want on the HTC One is to make it project 3D Holograms, like in the Star Wars movie! That would be epic and I’m sure everyONE would want the HTC One hands down! HTC Could call it Obi-One.

  • Jesse T

    How about releasing one of the China released phones like the HTC One 802W to the US, removable cover for dual SIMs.

  • stewartsoda

    Gotta have additional storage. I have to put all my videos somewhere.

  • AndrewHanson

    I wish that it had a bigger battery. I mean 2300 mah? Should be more like 3000

  • Christopher Mann

    micro sd slot

  • Johnny Myers

    Definitely sd card need it for music and movies.

  • Bammr0112

    I wish Sense could be disabled like back in the day with the Old HTC windows phones.

  • Cory Wilson

    Stock android notification bar because the sense one is hideous!

  • Erick Mercado

    I wish they could allow us to have different home screen icon shortcuts and lock screen shortcuts. It’s kind of irritating when most other oem launchers (Touchwiz, Blur), allow different shortcuts.

  • Dexter Galang

    Wished it had an option to remove the back cover or replace the battery, I know given that HTC One’s battery is quite good but after a lifespan of this phone (about a year) will definitely decrease there are no other option for the battery to be easily replaced. Another scenario would be what if the phone “hangs” how would you “reset/restart” the phone?

  • Sean Remai

    I wish that the HTC One had wireless charging; it would be great to have a Nexus 4/Palm Pre style wireless charging dock. Just my two cents

  • samuel royal

    I wish it had stock android…SD card would be nice also… need space for my music

  • Albert Lorincz

    Cordless charging would a nice addition. Since the battery can’t be removed allowing it to be charged easily would be a nice addition.

  • Tim Spahn

    Removable battery for the win.

  • Carlos Santos

    removable battery or and SD a lot would be nice but I understand with the design.

  • AndrewJocson

    I wish the HTC one can create holographic 3d images, just like what R2D2 can do ;)

  • adil khan

    external card slot,latest android version,removable battery should be needed in htc one to beat the hell out of samsung galaxy s4.till then it is a tie.

  • Ralph Weber

    I wish the HTC One had an SD Option, because you can never have enough storage.

  • Hakim Givens

    I wish there was a MicroSD card slot. I love everything about the One except its lack of expandable storage. The feature is extremely convenient because I can just switch out cards anytime I want. Not a total deal-breaker though, as there are workarounds.

  • Jeff Fandl

    Ok, so how does your vote get counted if it doesn’t ask you for your email address?
    I vote the number one thing HTC is missing the boat on is a STANDARD PORT DOCK. This IS WHY iPhone became so popular because manufacturers could make clocks, music docks, other devices for the iPhone because it used a standard dock. With all other manufacturers, you never know where the USB port will be located. If HTC made all of their phones with a standard port in a stardard location, they would gain a much larger market share.
    Oh yes, the reason I did not buy an HTC one is the non-serviceable battery and the lack of an SD slot. Samsung failed with their Glaxay 2 tab without an SD and I was shocked HTC did this. Fix these items and I’m buying one!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    I’d like it todo have 3 software buttons instead the 2 capacitive buttons it already have.

  • Michael Buck

    #1 Problem is LACK OF ABILITY TO TAKE APART AND REPAIR. iFixIt rates this phone a 1 out of 10 as one of the worse phones to take apart and repair or replace parts. Everything is all stuck or soldered together tightly, which provides a reliable build but almost impossible to DIY FIX.
    #2 problem is LACK OF SD CARD SLOT for memory expansion or PHOTO access and storage – although with the plethora of cloud storage options available on the web some of this may be mute.

    #3 ONLY NEED CAPACITIVE BUTTONS ON FRONT, no need for a home button. Nuff said!

  • slyder0244

    I’ve gotta have a micro sd slot, I always need more storage and I’m not sold on “the cloud”

  • Rafi Sufi

    A notification bar that has more toggles for power controls, like the s4

  • Tony Rougeau

    I wish it had duel camera mode like the new Galaxy S 4 and Optimus G….

  • Levi Fowler

    I may miss the camera button, but the main thing I wish it could do was switch batteries. I’ve never had an android with a battery that didn’t go out after about a year. Makes me pretty nervous, especially considering this one isn’t even one of the bigger ones in battery life to start.

  • batongxue

    It is almost perfect. Two capacity buttons? I can get use to it for the ONE. And the HTC area have already been hacked to serve as an extra button! Great!
    No mricoSD card slot? I do not need it. None removable batt? No problemo!

    I just wish the battery capacity is a little bigger, but not too much bigger(I will explain). 2800mAh would be really nice without making the ONE thicker than 10 millimeters. FYI, 2800 is 21.7 percent more than the current 2300mAh, that is a pretty significant improvement. And I think smart phones with about 10 millimeters of thickness is totally thin and acceptable. Of course 3000+mAh would make the ONE bulky and ruin the design.

  • eli pdx

    HTC One is perfect.

  • Jeffrey Rubin

    Extra memory means extra flexibility, for music, for pix, for trying oodles of apps. not having that ability is likely to be a dealbreaker for a lot of power users.

  • Rohan patel

    Snapdragon 800 @ 2.3ghz

  • Anastasia

    Expanded storage is always useful and necessary :)

  • stonesavage

    Liking the ONE a lot, but Nokia 920 is still my go to camera because of dedicated camera button and I actually like the design and feel of the NOKIA better. My ONE has a sharp metal ridge all around it. Speakers on the ONE blow away the Nokia however. Having the rich recording mics on both is great. Battery in ONE is strong. I think Nokia would win drop test when both are unprotected.

  • Manu Saraswat

    i wish that htc one had a litlle better processor than this , i don’t want to shift to samsung, but an octa core do seem to be tempting

  • Racer811

    I wish the phone had a optional remote control you could buy for it. I hook my phone up to my TV to stream movies from and wish I could controll the playing of the movie from a remote controll. This remote could also be used to controll the playing of music also. I hook my phone up to my TV and radio and it would be nice to controll the playing of these things from afar.

  • Herman Allen

    I wish the ONE had a shatterproof screen. Stop the CPU arms race, and make a screen that won’t shatter when dropped.

  • Chris

    I want this phone