Google Glass easter egg lets you meet the Glass team (and Sergey Brin)

In typical Google fashion, there’s a nice little easter egg hiding in Google Glass’s software. If you head to Settings > Device Info > View Licenses on your Glass unit, and tap the touchpad on your unit 9 times (it’ll beep with increasing volume each time) it’ll eventually pull up a big panoramic photo of the Google Glass team. Fittingly enough, they’re all rocking a pair of Glass.

Oh, and Google chief Sergey Brin even makes an appearance. Take a look at the rest of the photos from the panorama over at Jay Lee’s Google+ page and see if you can spot any other known Googlers among the pile. Most of you won’t be able to try the easter egg out for yourselves just yet — that’ll have to wait until we get a chance to buy the units starting later this year.

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  • Matthew Rhodes

    Cool! Can’t wait to get the chance and buy Google Glass!

  • Jordan Caviness

    actually, Eric Schmit already said that the google glass retail product wont be out later this year…so we are actually looking at next year…just saying

    • idongacha

      Schmitt been wrong before. I dont think they would allow this much hype over a new kind of product to boil over past rhe holidays. Version 1 probably wont be without problems. I’ll hold our til next year and wait for version two which probably intereacts well with Nexus 5.