HTC One receiving update in Europe to improve camera software, as well as general performance and stability

It was one of my complaints with the HTC One in our review — the “UltraPixel” camera performs well (better than you’ve heard) but can weird out the white balance during low light shots, and HDR pictures and videos generally made pictures unusable. It looks like HTC is hot on the case, patching up some of these camera inconsistencies in an upcoming update.

Software version 1.29.401.13 looks to address issues with the sound capture in Zoe, increase noise reduction in slow motion video capture, improve color reproduction and dynamic range (reduced over exposure in normal shooting setting), and general system wide improvements in performance and stability.

The boys at SlashGear are reporting that the update should be hitting European HTC Ones in the coming days, but when we expect a similar update for Ones here in the US (or if an update is even necessary?) is anyone’s guess. For reference, the HTC One Developer Edition is currently running on software version 1.29.1540.13, while Sprint’s is on 1.29.651.7, followed by A&T’s on 1.26.502.6.

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  • Chrisrj8084

    Factor in the tmobile version which is available today probably running a completely different build number lol

    • Clint Zephir

      T-Mo version build number is 1.27.531.7. Not as old as ATT but no spring chicken…

      • Cody Lyver

        Up in Canada we’re running 1.29.661.5

        • Croak

          The important number are the 1.xx and the final octet. the middle three “661” is just a region or market code. The last bit (the 5) is the sequence. So in the case of us on Canuck phones, we’re 8 versions behind the latest .13 update.

          So, yeah, the dev edition is running the same base firmware as the latest Euro rollout, since it’s 1.29 and .13.

          • KiwiBri

            Croak, thanks for the informative reply. Now, does the HTC unlocker work on the HTC one?

  • Alex

    Hopefully this means HTC is starting to understand they MUST support their flagship phones beyond early software releases. Heard plenty of gripes of slow HTC updates in the past so hopefully they will maintain updates for HTC One going forward. It’s do or die time for HTC.

    • Croak

      Thing is, if you had an unlocked (SIM free) HTC One X, there were many updates last year, and the Euro and Asian carrier models were not far behind. I had two major updates last year (including the bump to 4.1) and several minor ones, including one as soon as I got through the initial Android/HTC setup process after opening the box.

      Don’t judge HTC (or Samsung for that matter) by the slow-ass US/Canada carrier rollouts.

  • Eclectech

    It figures AT&T’s version of software is the oldest.

  • ORITGuy

    I wonder how many months it’ll take the US carriers to pass that update along…(once it’s available for US versions of course)

  • Don_Is_Good

    My UK unlocked version is 1.28.401.07, hopefully version 1.29 will resolve the back /home buttons lagginess also

  • SpackJarrow

    Given that I should finally be getting mine in the next couple of days, this is good news.

    Now to hope my shipment isn’t delayed again…