Facebook voice calling makes its way to US Android users

Americans aren’t quite used to getting the shaft on apps and games to start, but we see just how much it hurts when it happens. Our international friends have had the chance to point and laugh at us for not having access to Facebook VoIP calling for quite some time, but we can finally can those chilling cackling noises as the service has finally made its way to those in the United States of America.

Free to and from any users of Facebook, calls are initiated by tapping your friends’ icon and hitting the call button. Simple, right? There’s nothing much to it in the foreground, but it’s a pretty big development that will add even more killer features for those who can’t get enough of the social network (as if the “in-your-face” nature of Facebook Home wasn’t enough).

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting VoIP calling to your Facebook friends on Android you’ll be able to get it through Facebook Home or the Facebook Messenger app, so be sure to grab those from their respective links in the Google Play Store and start bugging those friends who — for some weird reason — just don’t want you to have their phone number.

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  • Caffiend

    I can’t really think of any of my international friends that have jeered me for not being able to use FB VOIP…. Either of them.

  • Nicholas Robinson

    I’ve successfully made voice calls from messsenger and I’m Australian?

    • ClayRogers

      Well that would make sense if you read the story

  • NorthVandea

    Two words Google Voice

    Way to finally get there Facebook, too bad you’re years behind…

    • Chris R

      LOL, YES I love it when people have the same view as me. FB is light years in the past. G Voice / G Hangouts is what I use and have been using now for sometime.
      the only other thing I use is Scopia from BroadConnect that is for all my work related stuff. it is required by my company because it has extra levels of security, other than that Its Google all the way.