This is the world’s first Google Glass unboxing [VIDEO]

If you were wondering how the unboxing experience of Google Glass would be like, you won’t have to wait until Google’s consumer launch later this year. One user who has already received his Glass Explorer Edition package was quick and kind enough to upload an unboxing video to YouTube, giving the world a taste of how it will feel to unwrap this primitive piece of tech upon receiving it.

The exact packaging could change by the time it hits retail, of course. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Google whipped up this special packaging for those who were crazy and enthusiastic enough to spend $1,500 to grab one early.

That said, this still doesn’t give us a clear idea of what it will be like to actually use Glass — I guess you can’t truly experience that until you’ve used it for yourself. Watch the unboxing video above, and let your eyes wander below for a bonus video showing a Google Glass recording of a guy unboxing a pair of Google Glass. Yea, you read that right. Just hit the play button!

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  • TechGuy

    The most boring unboxing I’ve ever seen!

    • TechGuy22

      stop bitching. at least we got to see an unboxing video.

    • bob

      My God!!! I couldn’t even watch it. Choppy and horrible…

      • TechGuy

        I thought it must get better and we’d see something working at the end. I persevered for the whole ten minutes or so.

        • bob

          I made it 1:30 then checked the comments to see if it got better. Sounds like I saved 9 minutes.

    • Scott Stafford

      That monotone voice is painful.

    • Jdog25

      I can’t wait for your Google Glass unboxing video.

  • supremekizzle

    Unless they can bring the price down, I do not see anybody but tech geeks buying these. For 1500 bones I could buy a brand new phone, tablet, AND smart watch. Google will have to find a way to get these into everyone’s hands at a lower cost.

    • Fahim Yaqoob

      its a developer edition. its not for general consumers. i bet you haven’t heard of the snapdragon s4 pro development tablet. It costs $1299. it hasn’t got the best of specs (most are), but its for DEVELOPERS. For DEVELOPERS, not for me or YOU.

  • Chris McKeever

    Google Glass is going to change the way people do unboxings! For only a cool thousand dollars! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! END SARCASM

    But seriously will be cool for POV videos at amusement parks and stuff. Microphone sounds pretty solid.

    • OptimusL

      It’s gonna revolutionise POV porn.

  • Thomas Finn

    when these market, Google has stated they want it to be accessible to everyone. hopefully that means it’ll be nice and cheap :). I could see paying like.. $400-$500 for them. not $1500..

    • acer1096xxx

      $1500 isn’t the retail price. It is the developer price as of now. I’m sure it will be much cheaper upon release.

  • ArmageddonX

    Is the glass portion of the device an actual screen display or is it just an LED indicator light system?

    • Philip Brain

      Its a prism through which light Is refracted

      • ArmageddonX

        So if I were to wear a pair, would I see indicator lights or for instance, a full heads up type display?

        • Jake Hilborn
          • ArmageddonX

            No way… it projects on your eye? No way…

          • Jake Hilborn

            The image is projected directly onto your retina. It looks like a 25 inch TV from 8 feet away. The display has a resoluction of 640×360.

          • ArmageddonX

            I must own one…

          • np6s4x

            i wonder how contacts affect it, cause i know for me atleast with contacts in anything super close up is considerably more blurry then without (needed for max clear distance)

  • Sterling Mace

    Carrying case? You mean a purse? Can’t wait to see all these metrosexuals trotting around with their glass purses…

  • Shawn_Locke

    I couldn’t stand the frame rate enough to finish the video.

    • Dan Sabau

      and that Matrix screensaver was real classsy too :P

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Holy crap whatever camera they put in Google Glass is awesome. It makes all other videos look like crap

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    These unboxing videos are pointless unless we see the device work, or there is a woman with nice boobs.

  • Darkbotic

    The guy in the first review has $1,500 to buy the Glass Explorer Edition and enough money to buy three monitors but doesn’t have a decent camera? Really?


    That video pissed me off. Whats up with 4 frames per second? Is this 1995?

  • rustygh

    oh my precious, my precious!
    Google already saying you cannot sell or transfer the unit.
    Wait didn’t they just buy this? Hahaha