AT&T HTC One pre-orders now shipping, some arriving as early as tomorrow

We’ve just received word that at least one individual pre-ordering the HTC One from AT&T is expecting the arrival of his shiny new smartphone tomorrow, April 17th. The device was shipped Monday with two-day delivery and should arrive at it’s final destination sometime in the next 48 hours.

AT&T officially launches the HTC One through all channels this Friday, April 19th, so an April 17th delivery is more than enough reason to get excited. Any others out there already receive confirmation that their order has shipped? Let us know in the comments below.

[Thanks, Bryan!]

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  • Bryan Beidleman

    Just trying to help out good luck everyone that pre-ordered! Wonder if anyone closer to memphis is getting it today? Mine was shipped to florida.

  • Brian G

    Mine hasn’t shipped yet =/

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    Welcome to a new 2 year contract.

    • Bryan Beidleman

      haha made it through the first one just fine.

    • Erik Richardson

      What a dork. Welcome to looking like a moron. Although you’re probably used to it by now.

      • Toilet Seat Wipe

        Really? You are rather dull.

    • Michael Noel

      Hey A$$wipe, I’ve been with AT&T for about 6 years now, the last 4 without contract and my plan rate has not changed…so what’s the big deal about having a contract or not? I’m getting a very nice new $600 phone for $199 while you play with your rotary phone (that’s if you can afford a phone)

      • Toilet Seat Wipe

        You have a serious anger problem. I’m trying to determine where and when I made a big deal out of 2 year contracts. All I said was welcome to a new 2 year contract. If that is enough to put you over the edge, I hate to see you in traffic, or at a game…..Or around children.

  • Mark Lagliva

    Just checked mine on ATT site….My order is still “Processing” I can’t wait till get it.

  • Mejbaol Sajib

    mine is on the way as well.

  • Mitchell Broadway

    Mine also was shipped yesterday but is still showing in Memphis this morning. I am in Charlotte so I figure it will get flown in sometime today or tonight in time for delivery tomorrow.

  • David Ramer

    some people are getting it today too

  • cristian pena

    I live in Georgia you think I’ll be getting it earlier ?

  • mlb1906

    Mine is in Memphis as well, I have a feeling I’ll get the phone before the Case I ordered! This is a beautiful phone.

  • bonk

    My status was updated to “back ordered”

  • fedevilshorns

    mine says “processing order”. Not going to get it before my Bday i guess…=/

  • Mark

    Mine hasnt shipped.. just the media link piece has…
    Dinged 96.30 as well….which isnt the full amount obviously.
    The media link bit was supposed to be a freebie.
    That was shipped from Texas.. coming from AT&T.

  • Micull

    Mine shows processing. Ordered the 64gb. Anybody concerned about battery life?

    • Mitchell Broadway

      Not concerned, everything I have heard is that it has solid battery life. Nothing like the Razor Maxx HD or Note II but as good or better than any of its competitors. If its a real concern for you go grab a portable backup battery, I have seen them for around $30 or less on Amazon.

    • Chris Chavez

      I’ve been testing it for the past 3 days now and can tell you that you’ll average 10 hours on a bad day (heavy use) or 16 hours with normal use. Whether or not that’s enough for you, is another story..

      • fedevilshorns

        Look at the Anker external battery if you are on road a lot like me. I like the HTC Battery Bar but its too expensive.

  • Chris Chavez

    Yup! My HTC One Developer Edition was scheduled to arrive on Friday! :D

  • backmankiller

    I’ve already received my free htc media link just waiting on phone!

  • Rand Phillips

    Just now got the email saying mine has shipped out today! Awesome!! Should get it tomorrow since I did overnight delivery. Can’t wait!!

  • atheeth reddy

    got an email saying mine has shipped out today Should get it tomorrow since I did overnight delivery.
    Media link freebie was deliverd today …

  • Michael Noel

    Really glad to see so many people ordering this phone….I ordered from the AT&T store and said to ship it there because I live in a college student infested neighborhood and don’t want to risk losing this beauty to a thief! But I played with the display model for 2 hours on Saturday and for those of you who have yet to see it in person, brace yourself for a geekgasm! It’s going to blow your mind how beautiful this thing is.

  • Jacob Serna

    Mine just shipped this afternoon from Texas! should be arriving a day early (18th) Cheers!

  • tceffErorriM

    What a delicious device! I can say I feel almost like you guys. My Nexus 4 arrives on Thursday.

  • ericmittman

    I just talked talked to AT&T Premier support and they told me that my 64GB HTC One is scheduled to be shipped between 4-16 and 4-18. They mentioned that if the phone were back ordered I would have received an email saying so. I hope I get it soon, I’m getting a little anxious. I’be been stuck with my tired old iphone 4 for 2 and a half years now. I ordered mine on 4-8 through the link. By the way it still says that the phone will be shipped on the 16th on that page.

  • Micah Taylor

    I was pleasantly surprised to find my HTC One sitting on my front porch today. I already have it set up, and I’ve been playing with the MediaLink. Awesome phone. (Definitely glad to be done with my Inspire 4g.) I never received an email or anything stating that it had shipped. Just went out to check the mail and found it waiting for me. The LTE is blazing fast.

    • Thi Phan

      Yes, AT&T usually sent an confirm email, but this time they was so quiet. I went to my at&t and found out it was shipped. I suppose to receive it on Thursday.

  • Jayshmay

    Gosh HTC is really trying to beat Samsung to market this time around.

  • socalrailroader

    Mine (32 GB Silver) shipped out Tuesday via UPS 2nd Day Air from Dallas, TX, it’s currently at DFW Airport, and it’ll be delivered here to my hands in Redwood Valley, CA (Mendocino County, Northwestern California) on Thursday, I’m excited! My free Media Link is back ordered though, no worries, they shipped my free wireless charger separately from my Lumia 920 too.

  • Nik

    Mine was supposed to arrive today according to all the tracking info, however I just received the Medialink and no phone! Called ATT and they said that it’s actually not shipping out until today! Something might be wrong with these tracking emails showing delivery today.

    Anyone else have the same issue?

  • Colin McClain

    Shipping for my HTC one days Thursday delivery. Hell yes

  • zillable

    i’m in Upstate NY and the last info on UPS is:Mesquite, TX, United States04/17/201312:27 A.M.Departure Scan
    sucks if you could wind up getting it in the store before the preorders are shipped.

  • Jay Parker

    Ordered the Developers Edition the moment I heard it was available. Saw the status was changed to back ordered and received an email today that I should get it by the end of April. I do not understand why they have a hard time launching phones, its not like they are dealing with the same numbers as the Galaxy S or iPhone.