AT&T HTC One bootloader unlockable (at least for now)

Many have been wondering whether or not the HTC One would be eligible for a bootloader unlocking method via the manufacturer’s official HTC Dev portal, and it seems we have an early answer. The device will indeed be able to be freed from its chains with keys generated directly from the site. This was tested on a 64GB HTC One that one lucky XDA member seems to have gotten his hands on ahead of the April 19th launch date.

It’s unclear whether AT&T and HTC are intentionally supporting the HTC One with the bootloader unlock tool, which means this might just be a temporary hole that AT&T very well could have patched up either by the time the device comes out or shortly afterward.

We’ll be reaching out to both parties to see if this is something all users can look forward to by the end of the week, but it’s wise not to get too excited or bummed either way. For now, just sit back and know that at least one developer has an open device (which we hope will lead to beautiful things in due time).

[XDA via Droid-Life]

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  • irishrally

    Are you sure this isn’t the 64GB Dev edition?

    EDIT: did some checking, not the Dev version.

  • ineversl33p

    The 64gb version isn’t even available for pre order or in stores yet. I run a att store.

    • ineversl33p

      So I’m not sure how he got one

      • ryan rochford

        to be honest, you can be higher up then “running a store.” Maybe he works for HTC… or maybe he knows someone who does. Or maybe he works in a warehouse, or a manufacturing plant, or maybe he was sent one to review, how do you think C-Net and Engadget and….Chris Chavez get them…lol


        • ineversl33p

          The review units have be 32gb versions. The 64s aren’t supposed to be available until sometime after the launch.

      • DavidVarghese

        Some AT&T stores gave it early, by mistake of course…

      • M Westbrook

        I went to an At&T store today and saw
        and actually touched and played with the Infamous HTC One. Here in Northridge, California