Official: Google Glass Explorer Edition now ready to ship to developers

It’s been almost a year since Phandroid was last at Google I/O and signed up for Google Glass as Explorers. Since then, we’ve seen Google hold hackathons in both San Francisco and New York, letting developers play around with the hardware. There’s just been one thing missing — the actual hardware. A year later and nobody outside of Google has the actual Glass hardware. Great news. Aside from focusing on the software, it looks like Google has also been busy working on the production of the Glass units, and is finally ready to begin dispersing them to Explorers (early backers).

In an email sent out just moments ago, Google says they’re finally ready to begin shipping out the first of many Glass units to a few lucky Explorers, with more units being produced and rolling out to other Explorers in waves. As Glass Explorers ourselves, we’ll have to wait for another follow up email, letting us know our units are ready for delivery. Looks like it wont be much longer before you could see Glass making an appearance in your city on some lucky developer’s noggin.

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  • Leon

    Would have been nice to source the folks that original broke this!

    • Rob Jackson

      Myself, Chris, and Steve (our Android Developer) are Glass Explorers and got this E-Mail directly in our inbox just now. So unless we’re giving Google the assist by sourcing GMail, not really sure what more you can expect!

  • androidscales

    yea put a case on it Chris

    • Brian S.

      This just sounds funny. Hahaha

  • Brian S.

    I found the process of applying confusing. I did register for the Explorer Edition last year but I didn’t know that I got accepted for the actual program until now, with the email and all.

    Can anyone clear some of this up for me?

  • Yu Hua Guo

    I’m looking forward to see how google glass turns out :)

  • hemipw54

    Google’s human assimilation begins. Humans will become walking billboards for ads, ads everywhere.