Google confirms Glass Explorer Edition shipping this month

In a conversation with ABC News, a Google spokesperson has confirmed that the Glass Explorer Edition is targeted to begin shipping this month. The goal of the early launch for select individual is to allow “the first people to examine the potential uses of Glass…in the real world.” But that sort of access doesn’t come cheap.

For developers who registered at last year’s Google I/O and regular folk drafted into the program via the #ifihadglass social media campaign, there is still a steep $1500 price tag to grapple with. We can’t imagine every developer or member of the Explorer Program will want to pony up that sort of dough (and it isn’t even clear if the first units will ship to both developers and non-developers, or if devs will get first dibs).

Assuming a good portion of the 8,000+ registered users actually go through with their purchase, expect to see a lot more about Glass popping up far and wide. You might even run into a few people wearing the futuristic headset on the street. Are ny of our readers Glass Explorers? Planning on making the purchase? Let us know!

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  • Craig Isakson

    Someone from my work won through #ifihadglass and doesn’t want to pony up the $1500 so my department is going to buy it for her so we can do development with it. Very excited.

  • Keith Kaplan

    I was selected for the Glass Program, but still debating if I’m going to dish out that amount of money. I think I need to hear the details about the program first.

    • irishrally

      Maybe you should have read the details before signing up and taking a spot of someone who absolutely wanted Google Glass.

  • PhaseBurn

    I’m sure, living in the Bay Area, I’ll see a bunch of people wearing these things in and around Mountain View. Sadly, I’m not going to be getting a pair myself any time soon, but I’ll get to play with ’em I’m sure. The fact that the Explorer editions are being shipped this month means that others who have them for other reasons (Google Employees, Evernote devs (their corp HQ is down the street from where I work), and similar) will be able to wear theirs in public now (something they haven’t been able to do yet)).

    • irishrally

      Nightly News: “Yet again another person today was robbed of their $1500 Google Glasses in broad daylight. Strangely, the victims Rolex watch, gold wedding band, and wallet were not taken.”

  • izzyt

    if i ever have that kind of money in the future i would prob buy Google glasses. if i don’t have any house,car,med,utility bills or if i didn’t have any important bill i have to pay.

  • Sterling Mace

    Thing is ridiculously overpriced, pricepoint should be $199, It’s basically a phone accessory.

    • fuckofflol

      thats the most stupidest thing I have seen someone say lol

    • fuckofflol

      cheap ass do you want a HTC one for $99 too???? lmao

    • Aztec713

      yeah you are retarded, Sorry… :(

    • Christopher Madison

      Actually, Glass is more like an actual phone than an accessory. It has virtually all of the components of a nexus phone with the big exception of a cell radio. It has it’s own processor, display, camera, speaker, microphone, WiFi, GPS, accelerometer and touchpad. And all that is crammed into a much tighter space than any cell phone. In a WiFi environment, Glass can operate completely independently from your phone. Otherwise it just utilizes your phone’s radios to access the internet or can intercept SMS messages and phone calls. The $1,500 price tag is appropriate for such a limited run, but when full scale production starts they are expected to drop into the same range as cell phones (before contract discounts).

  • OptimusL

    This is gonna revolutionise POV porn.

  • Christopher Madison

    I’ve been accepted into the Explorer Program and certainly intend to purchase my Glass. Most of us are just eagerly waiting to hear back from Google with event and purchasing details.

  • strozykowski

    I’m in, and I am planning on making the purchase. Hopefully this information is true, and we will get our chance to purchase them this month.