Samsung releases first Galaxy S4 TV spots

Samsung is flexing its advertising muscle, issuing three new TV spots for the upcoming Galaxy S4. The short ads demonstrate various features of the phone including Sound Shot, Group Play, and S Translator. Each is shown off in “real world” situations, illustrating exactly why we need the GS4 to live a fulfilling life.

Expect plenty of more ads to begin popping up online and on TV in the coming weeks. Samsung isn’t afraid to go all in on marketing, spending over $400 million last year, more than any other mobile manufacturer (including Apple). The focus on brand-building has certainly had positive payoffs for the company, however.


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  • Texas Black

    just like in samsung old commercial …”how will they know i upgraded” “they say it looks the same”…….hmmmm s3 s4…or the s3s

    • TechGuy22

      at least you seen s4 commercial. wheres the ONE commercial. sammy will win this year again. i want the one now.

      • abc

        Sammy just released Jelly Bean for their 2 yr old SGS2. Where is Jelly Bean for the Amaze or One S? And the new One ships with an old version of Android. Good luck with HTC updates people. Agree with you, Sammy will win this year again.

        • Vinny

          Where is the Jelly Bean update for the HTC Rezound??? I paid cash for that phone and was the best device at the time it came out. What a freaken joke. Samsung is making better phones every day but they are not forgetting about there other phones. Every SGS2 has received the jelly bean update including the skyrocket. That speaks volumes for Samsung. They are the only manufacturer who is taking care of its customers. Thanks Samsung.

          • PhishyKris

            I am/was really pulling for HTC, but they just can’t seem to get it right. They now have what is arguably the nicest phone even made, but it will be plagued with issues like all the other HTC devices before it. GS4 may be plasticky but it’ll be a great choice…that is until the Note3 hits:)

  • Anthony McKay

    *smh* arggggghhhh that button.. that hideous button. Such a waste of space!

    • abc

      Better than on screen buttons that waste screen space. They should have made the home button capacative like in the first Galaxy S.

      • Anthony McKay

        I disagree. I know not everyone roots their phone, you can easily hide on screen buttons and the notification bar by simply adding gestures by the use of launchers and/or ROMs to make your screen appear larger. I do the same thing by shaving my pubic hair..

        • Keith

          Hiding the screen buttons makes everything annoying, it’s like doing everything twice just to hit the home or back button. I have the N4 and used different roms, the only thing I like to do now is make the navigation buttons smaller but not hide them. Putting buttons on the screen when there is an empty bezel seems like a waste to me. But capacitive buttons would seem better then a huge physical button.

          • Anthony McKay

            I’m using Paranoid Android ROM and I love using the PIE navigation. Really opens up the screen and looks very clean and functional. On screen buttons just adds to the customization feature android can offer and you take that away by adding physical buttons is the only point I am trying to get across. You like the buttons great! I personally like having the option to customize. To each’s own.

          • Keith

            Yeah, I tried PIE as well. It seemed better then the other method where you swipe up first to show the regular navigation bar.

          • Anthony McKay

            Ya I wasn’t a fan either and I’ve gotten so used to PIE Nav that I just swipe one way to go back, home, recents, and search that it’s quicker for me to use that then pressing something. I even went back to using stock for a bit and would act like I’m using PIE lol so I switched back to PA. Love it!

          • Keith

            I use the navigation bar still, but the stock size is HUGE. It’s like they made the buttons on screen for the vision impaired.

        • Daniel Tiberius

          Manscaping ftw

    • Vinny

      I like the home button, it gives the phone another way to wake the device and saves the power button for one, the home button works for so many things. I really hope they keep it on all future phones. It just works.

    • Don_SoLow

      Better than an HTC Logo that does nothing…

  • abc

    LOL Icona Pop’s “I Love It” was totally an inappropriate mismatched song choice. Catchy song but definitely wrong choice.

    • Jody Schoolcraft

      Totally agree, the song is catchy but in a locker room with an entire basketball team?!? Awkward, very awkward. Half expected a disco ball to drop from the ceiling…

  • Richard Short

    I love the Translator. I am horrible with languages that will help me out.

    • Joshwa I. Nieves

      There are a lot of app that made that.

    • supremekizzle

      Google translate is just as effective…

      • PhishyKris

        Isn’t this simply Google Translate? I didn’t know Sammy had their own.

      • Casin

        I don’t know man. It translates wakarimashita as “it was found” and nanjin desuka as “God is south”. It is so far off base. It seems to have a lot more trouble with non-Latin based languages and maybe Samsung as an Asian company has an edge here. I’ll have to test it to see.

  • guitarist5122

    People will think this is a note 2 commercial. They look identical

    • barondebxl

      The ad says Samsung Galaxy s 4, people know how to read.

      • guitarist5122

        Way to sound intelligent, but it doesn’t fix the fact that it looks exactly like a note 2. People be shocked at the end of the commercial when they read that it’s a galaxy s4

        • barondebxl

          Shocked you say? Why? Like ” oh my God I can’t believe it’s an S4″ shocked? Don’t be ridiculous, you’re just hating.

          • guitarist5122

            Hating on what? The fact that Samsung just took a note 2 and made it smaller rather than come up with a new design? If so, then yes I am.

          • barondebxl

            Some of us like the way things look, most of us like the way things work…. ( And i think the S IV looks great) .Besides the Note 2 is a big phone, you have to be an idiot to not be able to tell the difference, just saying.

          • guitarist5122

            yes, because intelligence can be determined by distinguishing betwen two identical phones. gtfo

          • barondebxl

            Well when you have a phone as big as the note 2 and you can’t tell the difference then yeah, you’re probably uninformed or dumb. Besides the commercial not only states in the beginning and end that its a galaxy s 4, but there was no use of an S-pen. I wish some of you would think before posting.

          • Nathan Aker

            They’re not going to make a new design every year, but next year if the S5 still looks really similar to the S3 ill start to wonder.

          • barondebxl

            Me too.

          • Balansi Kherwyn

            What’s wrong with the design? There are only finite number of design you can make on a piece of rectangle with big LCD in the middle.

          • guitarist5122

            nothing wrong with the design other than it’s already been used. there still many designs left out there. the rectangle design pool isnt drying up. we laugh at iphone lovers because they only get a new design every 2 years, but then frown at any negativity regarding a rehashed android design.

  • Joshwa I. Nieves

    The last one was really gay!

    • abc

      The song wasn’t a good choice but neither was your choice of words. Not cool considering gay people also visit this site and probably don’t want to read comments like yours. And btw the Silicon Valley tech industry in San Jose/SF is full of gay people, I am sure some gay people have engineered the products you use. Seriously not cool.

      • uniquename72

        Couldn’t disagree more. OP could have meant “it was really gay” in that it had a homosexual vibe, which it TOTALLY does. My roommate’s gay. Half my friends are gay. Pointing out that something is “gay” is fine.

        One wonders why you’ve appointed yourself watchdog for the feelings of homosexuals everywhere, and arbiter of all things “cool” and “not cool”…

        • abc

          And I couldn’t disagree more with you. In elementary, middle and high schools all around this country kids throw around “that’s so gay” for everything and anything. You think that makes a questioning or young gay individual feel comfortable hearing that? Kids have committed suicide over comments like that. Obviously it’s not just in school, adults like Joshwa never grow up and still use stupid phrases like that which can and do offend people. It’s offensive even if you are not gay.

          • Matt Schley

            I agree that it shouldn’t be used as an alternative phrase for “That’s so stupid.” But if a situation is gay, in a stereotypical way (screw politically correctness), I see no problem with saying “That’s so gay.” There’s nothing wrong with saying “That’s so manly/douchey/feminine/whatever.” if the situation is manly/douchey/feminine/whatever. Why is it insulting to say “That’s so gay.” if a situation seems really gay? And that situation, (a locker room full of basketball players getting ready for a game forming a huddle so that they can play a girly song and jam out together) is extremely gay. Let me just end this by saying one of my best friends is gay, and I am supportive of the LGBT fight for equality and to end bias. Yes, people could do a better job of selecting their words, but at the same time, our society is a punch of pussies, and everyone needs to stop getting so upset about every little thing.

  • Guest

    Apple used to be the advertising machine, but everything they’ve put out since last year has been terrible (some even disrespectful). Samsung has really picked up the ball though on effective advertising.

  • oh4real

    anyone see Facebook home ad yesterday with dude on plane? creepy, really creepy. (full disclosure, I don’t Facebook)

  • aJayshmay

    Would somebody pleeeease buy me an S4????? In Verizon! I have a Droid Charge, old, and aging.

    • OnpointG3

      Tell your story walkin

      • Jonathan DeJesus


  • Jayshmay

    S4 will win this year again. The S3 has a good reputation, people who have it will recommend the S4 to their friends.

  • androidscales

    sure iPhone 7 will catch up

  • Rampage1

    Skip the s4 and get the note 3 in north America I guarantee it will have the octa core processor and probably the unbreakable/ flexible screen the note 3 will be what the s4 should have been.

  • Tony Lai

    Started to hate samsung when it black mailed other manufacturers and competitors in most popular tech forums all over Asia with false benchmarks and cosmetic defect accusations. Despicable!

  • Lucas Shrek

    Awesome promotion of this device which will be soon in the market to purchase. Having all the latest features and every android users will like this device.