Cinemagram for Android lets you create “GIFs on steroids”

The popular Cinemagram app has finally come over to Android, folks. By its own description in the Google Play Store, this app will allow you to create and share “4s(econd) videos that are like GIFs on steroids.” You can instantly share said GIFs to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but only after adding cool effects, altering the speed, create looping and more. Cinemagram also provides you a pretty nice social community to share all of that stuff with, with the ability to like, adorn posts with hashtags, repost, comment, share with friends and more. Find it in the Google Play Store for free and see if this app can become the next big thing in image-driven social networking.

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  • PhaseBurn

    Oh yay, yet another “social network” for me to ignore :-)

    • Chris Chavez

      You need to get out (on the internet) more O_o

      • PhaseBurn

        YouTube MySpace and I’ll Google your Yahoo!

        • Eric Junior

          Facebook me your MySpace username so I can link that YouTube video I found on Yahoo! while searching Google for Instagram pics.

  • Anthony McKay

    What would be a neat feature is having the ability to insert a YouTube link and editing it to make your GIF.. or is there something already out there that does that I don’t know?

    • Chris Chavez

      I mean, these aren’t even REAL gifs. They’re MP4’s that are embedded into Cinemagram’s site.

      If YouTube had a pause feature, you could create the same thing (record, pause, record) and just use YouTube vids.


    if you share to G+ its super small and looks very lame. two thumbs down.

    • louched1

      N8ER, long time no see. Did you finally get banned for GPS spoofing on Ingress? We don’t see you around anymore.

  • Aar0nC

    i think GIF Camera works better…

  • Bob Bertrand

    This one interests me a little but why can’t we have a Google Play Store icon I can click on to have this added to my wish list. By the time I get over to the Play Store I will have perhaps forgotten this item or that I had interest in it. Come On Phandroid, up your game and make your content more meaningful.