Bootloader unlock method found for several Motorola devices

Motorola has gained a bit of a nasty reputation around the development community these past couple of years. The company began locking its bootloaders tighter than the Pentagon does its doors, and developers haven’t found it particularly easy to bypass. For this reason, many in the development community have shunned Motorola devices in favor of more hacker-friendly options from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and HTC.

Well, it looks like something could change on that front soon. is reporting that the bootloaders on at least the Motorola ATRIX HD, Motorola RAZR M, and the Motorola RAZR HD/HD Maxx have been completely unlocked. The method has yet to be posted publicly, but the fruits of the deed — done by Dan Rosenberg — were enjoyed by the admins of after testing it. The method will be posted there once it’s ready, though users are being forewarned quite early regarding the possible affect this might have on your manufacturer’s warranty.

[Thanks Jordan!]

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  • Christopher Robert

    still waiting for a stable version of CM for my old Atrix 4G…

    • scoter man1

      You’ll be waiting for an eternity. I left that boat the day my N4 came in the mail from the huge shipping disaster.

    • Alexander Borsi

      It’s time to move on… It was good at one point, but there are many phones out now that surpass it in every way.

      • Christopher Robert

        I moved on to a galaxy note 2, but would still love to have a 4.1+ ROM for my Atrix I use it as a Media Station for my TV.

        • Alexander Borsi

          Raspberry Pi and OpenElec. Use the Atrix as a wireless remote. That’s my suggestion at any rate.

  • Sergey

    Finally good news !!!

  • stds999

    Expected with Google now in charge but still good news given Verizon, etc. expected push back. It is one of the considerations I use for making both my own purchase decisions and those of my wife’s company and others.

    • Mike Reid

      Well, some people are apologists for Motorola and say smartphones have a long design cycle, so only this summer will we see Google phones.

      I say, Google Motorola could decide today, last week or last year to make boot-loaders easier to unlock. Yes, maybe they’d have to re-negotiate somewhat with the US carriers as it might go against the long ago signed contracts…

      But IMO they’ve owned Motorola long enough to be able to tell Moto to unlock bootloaders on at least some newer phones. And they aren’t. This is just a “software” thing that’s easily changed, not the hardware design of a product that was started 2 years ago.

      So, why is Motorola still Motorola ? And not more Google/Nexus ? (And there are ways to deal with the other OEMs as competition issue.)

      This is not a mistake. Google is doing what Google is doing very purposely.

      I have no reason to believe the X Phone thing will suddenly change things. Let’s just say I’m a “show me, don’t tell me Google” skeptic.

  • Josh

    Still no hope for the droid bionic

    • jbo1018

      was there ever any hope for it after the sixty third delay?

  • JSsanch

    So can I root my razr maxx?? (I’m new to the whole process)

  • TerrBear

    Free the Photon. Awesome hardware but locked tighter than………