Amazon taps formers Windows Phone exec for Kindle smartphone

Will it be the Kindle smartphone or the Kindel smartphone? That’s the question we are asking after former app platform and developer experience manager for Windows Phone Charlie Kindel has been called upon by Amazon to work on an undisclosed project. His past experience gives us an obvious hint at what he could be up to, but he isn’t spilling the beans.

The most Kindel would reveal in a discussion with¬†GeekWire¬† was that his current project has “ginormous potential” and he “simply couldn’t pass the opportunity up.” That certainly sounds like he is working on something a bit more outside the box than merely helping the retailer sell books. His background serves him well for working on a device that will likely run a similarly modified version of Android as do the Kindle line of tablets.

Most recent rumors point to the Amazon Kindle smartphone finally launching in 2013 after what seems like years of speculation. We’re even getting our first idea of what the hardware might entail, including a 4.7-inch display. A Q2 launch is not out of the question.

[via GeekWire]

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  • Sebastian Encina

    Kindel will kindly work on the Kindle?

  • Fahim Yaqoob

    hopefully the nutcases will actually make an open source smartphone

  • Peter Lewis

    Because he did such a great job with the Windows phone “experience”. All sarcasm aside, it would be nice to have a Amazon product with a good UI. The kindle, although pretty successful, was broken from the start. The UI experience was all content delivery and a clean user experience. I just don’t see that happening when you hire one of the people in charge of windows phone UI experience. Please let me be very wrong.