Rumor: Facebook’s Android skin will be called ‘Home’

This week all signs point to Facebook unveiling a custom version of Android, one that takes the Facebook experience and puts it front and center on a device’s homescreen. A new rumor posits that the tweaked OS could appropriately be called Facebook Home.

The name almost seems a bit too obvious considering the invite Facebook sent out last week for an April 4th press event. It urged members of the press to “Come See Our New Home on Android.” But it also makes sense given what Facebook is said to be trying to accomplish: a device that becomes your “home” for Facebook, where content and interactions from the social network take center stage.

It will be Facebook’s biggest push into mobile to date, so expect the company to pull out all the stops. But will ‘Home’ be enough to lure mobile users away from more traditional implementations of Android?

[via 9to5Google]

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  • PuzzledObserver

    The whole time, I thought this FB Home stuff was serious. Some rumors went even as far as a FB phone. Now I see that it was an elaborate Aprils’s Fool joke. Kudos to the author. Because really, who is going to put FB on a home page.

    • MK2

      It’s funny because it’s true…

  • Christopher Robert

    Does anyone else think this might just be a home screen launcher? I mean it would make sense, and then it could be available to lots of devices. Also does anyone else think facebook could make a good launcher? The app is terrible…just saying.

  • Maximillion82

    sorry but no thanks, I’d leave OS engineering to the pros, if I want a pretty website I’d look to Facebook. But the quality of their mobile app was not very promising, so if they are making a full os I’d stay away.