SwiftKey getting update to version 4.0.1, improves predictions and brings numerous fixes

A minor update to predictive keyboard replacement SwiftKey is now available. Bringing the input method to version 4.0.1, the latest software comes with numerous bug fixes as well as improved prediction quality. Minor issues such as misplaced characters, crashes, and device and app-specific bugs have been addressed, notably for the HTC One.

SwiftKey 4 was the first iteration of the keyboard software to introduce Flow, a swipe-to-type input method that allows users to construct whole sentences without ever lifting a finger. You can find the full changlog for version 4.0.1 over at SwiftKey’s site. The updated version of the app is available to all users via the Google Play Store.

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    The Best Just Keeps Getting Better>

  • Unorthodox

    Is it worth enabling Flow now? Because so far it’s only been Frustration.

    • kwaping

      Why would you disable it? It doesn’t interfere with your ability to peck out a word using individual taps.

    • http://twitter.com/KnowScott Scott Stafford

      Not for me as I use the swipe to left to delete the whole word very frequently. Why frequently is another story and its annoying.

    • Mike

      I had hopes for it, but I still prefer Swype

  • bmg314

    Switched to Kii last week and so far it’s the best out of them all…I kept switching from Swiftkey to Swype to Aosp… but Kii has kept me for the longest so far

  • Lucky

    What case is on the phone in the picture?

  • BoSamps

    SwiftKey Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Wetworx

    Flow doesn’t seem to work as well as Swype for that style of input. I still find SwiftKey’s forte to be predictive text. Flow actually caused me to type out more errors when it was enabled and using a classic predictive input, so I disabled Flow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rapeed.else Rapeed Else

    I dont find any reason to buy this keyboard, Adaptxt is far better they give a better prediction qualtiy for keyboard for free. if you need costomization n all than u need to pay which makes more sense to me. Thanks Adaptxt

  • anurakt

    touchpal keyboard is the best best keyboard ever hands down. light fast free and accurate. swype and prediction