Swype Beta update rolling out now, brings bug fixes and promises more responsive tap typing

Swype has long been my go-to keyboard application for one handed use. You know, for when your other hand is preoccupied doing something more important. If you’re a die-hard Swyper, we have some good news for you. An update to Swype Beta (v1.4.9.13905) is rolling out to users over the next 72 hours or so. The update brings the obligatory bug fixes and but more important, Swype is promising a more responsive keyboard when tapping to type the old fashioned way. Here’s the full changelog:

Swype Beta v1.4.9.13905

  • Advanced Language Models added for Hindi and Belgian Dutch
  • Responsiveness for tap input improved for all languages
  • Improved overall Smart Editor behavior and implemented some bug fixes
  • Fixed a Gingerbread crash that occurred when rotating device into landscape mode
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes reported by the Beta community
  • Fixed an issue where default Android voice input (‘mic’/’microphone’) icon displayed instead of Dragon logo
  • Changed subtype text in notification drawer to be more accurate
  • Word Choice List behavior improved in Polaris Office
  • And many more bug fixes and improvements!

Honestly, the laggy tap-to-type with Swype has long been my biggest frustrations with the keyboard. As a man about town, I find myself switching between Swiftkey, Swype and more recently Kii Keyboard as my top input methods. It’s funny cuz where Swype handles swiping better than Swiftkey, it’s Swiftkey is still the king when it comes to quick tap typing. But I digress. If you’re curious to give Swype a try, the app can be downloaded via the link provided below.

[SwypeForum | Download Swype Beta]

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  • Michael Quinlan

    Thanks. I haven’t used Swype in months. I’ve paid for both SwiftKey and Kii, and have been using Kii since it came out, switching back to SwiftKey when there’s an update, only to switch back in 15 minutes. I’ll try Swype again and see how long it lasts.

  • OptimusL

    What do you do with your other hand Chris? o_O

    • AndroidLoverrr


  • DarrenR

    That was my main issue with swype was how bad it was at tap typing. Im just using the Continuous typing on the stock Samsung keyboard (which I think is by swiftkey?) It does the swype-esque thing, and is good at tapping.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      That would be Swiftkey, yes.

      • AndroidLoverrr


  • C-Law

    I’ve noticed problems with swype every time I try to edit a paragraph. Words go in the wrong place and letters go in the wrong parts of words sometimes. I hope this is one of the bugs they fixed.

    • Thomas Jefferson II

      I get this too, but only when typing in disqus comments for some reason.

  • Christopher Woodruff

    I just want some more themes available. Say a holo theme perhaps?

  • Thomas Jefferson II

    How about a decimal on the number pad? Do we get that yet?

    • umataro42

      Yeah, it really doesn’t make sense that its missing.

  • AndroidLoverrr

    I never used Swype, I’m just not a big fan.

  • umataro42

    I often have trouble moving cursor using that blue pointer that pops up, I hope that gets fixed. But as far as gesture keyboards go, I’ve found Swype to read my… swipes much more accurately than Swiftkey flow.

  • Keith

    I’m glad I use the swype keyboard to swype and not tap type.