Samsung Galaxy S3 getting Barney-fied with purple color, headed to Sprint

Right on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement it looks like Sprint might soon introduce another color option for the Samsung Galaxy S3. On Twitter, @evleaks has leaked a shot of the device in purple, and the back battery door has a logo that has us believing it’s headed straight for Sprint’s store shelves. The color is a bit loud, sure, but I suppose there’s someone out there who ¬†wouldn’t mind carrying one. For now all we know is it’ll be headed to the Now Network starting in mid-April, and there should be little surprises as this will be the same Samsung Galaxy S3 we’ve come to know and love.

[via Twitter]

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  • Matt Laney

    I’ll stick with my classic black one…

  • Cipher Zero

    EWW¬≤ I’m sure the purple will appeal to some people, but I’m not one of them.

  • Elias Miller

    The crazy color schemes wont work here Sammy…sorry

    • ari_free

      It’s fine in your avatar :)

  • Keith Boykin

    I like purple, but not in the S3. I’ll stick to my white one.

  • rustygh

    OMG that’s ugly!

  • Jose Salas

    Am I the only one that likes it ?!