Some HTC One pre-orders still on track for shipment tomorrow?

Well, this is interesting. One of the folks over at — use CraftyCarper — is reporting that retailer Phones4U is still expecting to ship their silver HTC One tomorrow. If you don’t remember, HTC recently confirmed a delay that would keep shipments from going out until the end of this month, but HTC didn’t quite tell us if all retailers would be subject to those delays.

HTC’s wording also noted that first shipments would be out by end of March, meaning any time between the original date of March 15th and the end of business March 31st. The strange thing about this particular report is that P4U also sent that user a delay notice regarding the black version of the HTC One.

We’re about a day away from seeing if the shipment notification was just an error or if it’s the real deal, but we’ve zipped a line to Phones 4 U to see if we can get their take on things. In the meantime, check your inboxes and let us know if your retailer of choice is sending you any shipment notices — it’s a long shot at this point, but definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

[via, thanks EarlyMon!]

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  • Tom

    I work for three mobile and our pre orders for the silver variant are on track for 15th delivery its just the black we are having trouble with. We’ve been told delivery on the black variant will be april the 30th. Hope this helps

    • Chris Chavez

      GAAAAAH… Black was my color! The end of April sounds so far away :/

      I guess it could be different in the US. Guess we’ll just have to see.

      • No_Nickname90

        “Sounds so far away”!? That’s an eternity from now. (‘o’)/

      • Jason Farrell

        Might be better for your cleanliness OCD to get the silver version, since it hides ugly hand oil smudges better than the black according this review


    THX Quentyn! Please get back w/us should you hear anything from PHONES 4 U.

  • jaycemiskel

    At first I didn’t like the way this phone looked but the black one is growing on me. It’s too bad that if Verizon ever does get it that it’ll be locked down so tight. CM still isn’t fully functional on the Droid DNA.

  • bob

    Phones4u have just confirmed via email that my htc one simfree in silver has been posted and to expect it tomorrow (friday)

  • Jasmin Bang Fergusson

    I pre ordered my silver One through Phones 4 U and they haven’t said it’s been mailed. Mine was one of the first 800 ordered as they were giving free Beats headphones with first 800.

  • Stephen Cutler

    I have a tracking no. For my silver HTC one

  • Greg Cranfield

    Just got shipment email from Phones4u for my HTC One silver through Vodafone contract, no idea to expect it tomorrow or not, was getting ready for a long wait lol might just be very lucky pre-ordered when the case and headphones were included in the deal

  • Andrew Croft

    I’ve had my dispatch email from three for the silver. According to tracking it has been received at the sortation facility and out for delivery tomorrow! I don’t think I could wait another 2 weeks!

  • HTC One

    Wait it in UK .. it’s delay to the end of the month :/

  • Russ Smith

    Well, theyre in available today!

  • Stewart Speer

    so… did anyone have their HTC One arrive after all?