Blackberry extends security software to Android, iOS

With Blackberry scratching and clawing its way back into relevancy, and trying to stay afloat financially, a lot of major changes have been made. From Blackberry’s device strategy and the new name to the make up of its executive team, things are a lot different now compared to just a year ago. Now, even more changes have been made — Blackberry will look to leverage the massive market surrounding iOS and Android.

Knowing it’s been drilled into the ground by those two, it wants to capitalize on their rise to prominence in enterprise by providing the Secure Work Space security suite that allows users to seamlessly separate business and personal phone life. Seeding the enterprise sector with Android and iOS solutions may seem counterproductive at first, but we’ve always thought one of the smartest things Blackberry could do was to explore the mobile market as a software vendor as opposed to a full-stop OEM like Apple.

Of course, the Secure Work Space will utilize BES 10, and that gives Blackberry a nice stream of revenue through licensing, support and other services that enterprises would pay for. It’s a win-win, really, and it can be seen as a bit of an insurance blanket in case the company’s device strategy falls through.

[via AllThingsD]

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  • blest

    Good guy blackberry

    • scoter man1

      More like, they finally made a smart move.

  • ThaSik1

    It actually is a smart tactic..comparative to a google move in my opinion with the Maps scenario. Blackberry is thirsty right now and they are grabbing revenue however they can.

  • chuckles87

    very smart and if bb10 fails they can just take this integrate it into a android rom and back in business.