Report: International Galaxy S4 to feature Exynos 5 Octa, US gets Snapdragon 600

According to a lengthy report fromĀ Bloomberg published with just a day left before the phone’s official unveiling, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will ship with at least two variants slated for the international and US markets. The main difference between the two, as was the case with the Galaxy S3, will be the processor. While the international market version of the device will feature Samsung’s latest Exynos 5 Octa platform, US customers will have to settle for a Snapdragon 600 CPU.

The reason for the divergent chipsets seems centered on LTE-connectivity. There are some indications that the Snapdragon 600 version of the phone (GT-i9505) will also launch in other LTE markets outside of the US, including the UK. The Exynos 5 Octa-powered version will likely land in regions favoring HSPA+ connectivity.

While the Snapdragon 600 is no slouch when it comes to processing, potential buyers in the US could feel a bit snubbed. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 could be another case of not being able to have one’s cake and eat it, too.

[via Bloomberg]

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  • Max

    bummer to be an american sometimes :)

    • Ron_Swanson


      • niuguy

        Oh Ron, you sexy curmudgeon.

    • TheOtherGuy

      This time they are adding UK to the screwed ones list. I was so hoping they didn’t… maybe S5 will screw everyone over and the best chips only go to “imaginary countries”. LTE coverage in UK is non-existent, why to screw us over because of it?

  • Damon Lewis

    Apple/iPhone 5 wins this battle if Samsung releases releases a separate 4G model.

    • Crimsonshadow774

      You are aware that Samsung dominated phone sales last year and they did the exact same thing right?

      • Damon Lewis

        The iPhone 4/4s didn’t have 4G/LTE built into the one model and sales doesn’t determine the better device. Look at Call Of Duty, it sells like crazy every year but it’s certainly not the best game.

  • Sinned66

    Hey, can I still use it as a phone? These dumb ass kids only think it’s for texting.

  • readdanielquinn

    God DAMMIT! WTF!!

  • slide83

    We’re really going to believe a site that calls it the galaxy 4 in the title of the article?

  • jimmy

    That’s why I’m waiting for the Note 3. Exynos 5 + bigger screen + massive battery = win.

    • Brian Menius

      I’m thinking the same, if the S3/N2 model is any indication.

      • Beher1962

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    • Marsg

      You forgot to mention the s-pen and the load of features that come with it

    • Jonbo298

      I already am doing so. Spoiled by the Note 2. Plus as history has shown, the Note 3 will get the specs mentioned once it launches in the US.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    We got a Snapdragon last time as well and my S3 runs like a champ. I’d prefer the octa but this is not a deal breaker for me. Its still going to be a fast, sexy little machine.

    • Alberto_jr

      I’m thinking the same thing. Although last year snapdragon outperformed quad core chip sets. I hope the 600 does the same (doubt it) or at least close… performance wise.

    • Zapren Kostadinov

      Last year you got the dual core Snapdragon but you also got double the RAM. Everyone seems to be forgetting that bit.. I’d much rather have double the RAM than speed that I never need.

      • Crimsonshadow774

        I’m aware that we got double the RAM. Just stating that the Snapdragon isn’t a bad processor by any means.

        • Zapren Kostadinov

          Do you think you would get extra RAM this time around? Somehow I do not see it happening (than again I did not forsee it last time around either).

          • Crimsonshadow774

            I don’t think we need more than 2Gb. As long as we get that I’ll be satisfied. Lol

      • fourthletter

        My UK Galaxy S3 (LTE) has 2GB Ram and a quad core Exynos – jealous ?

        • Joseph Lagalla

          I have just one thing to say… Note II. Though size may be a bit big for some, I’m still loving it.

        • Zapren Kostadinov

          I’m not because I don’t live in the US but I’m sure they are.

  • Jeff72

    Nexus 5 for me!

    • Joseph Lagalla

      With Snap 800 hopefully.

  • Maximillion82

    The 600 is a very capable CPU. Too bad it won’t be an 800 though which would be on the same level. My bigger concern is battery life. The octa core big.LITTLE processing is the interesting part.

  • ksizzle9

    As a owner of both a US S3 and and a note 2, I will be sorely dissatisfied if the US variant gets a snapdragon. Benchmarks are pointless at this point and I feel that my note 2 exyenos processor absolutely blows the snapdragon in my s3 away. The snapdragon is great but the other is thay much better IMO.


      I completely agree

    • Zapren Kostadinov

      Note came out later in the year. When the S3 came out the S4 snapdragon was as good if not better than the dual core Exynos. I don’t think the US got screwed on that chip. In fact you got a bonus – another gig of RAM.

      • Jonathan DeJesus

        The dual-core Exynos was found inside of the S2 not S3, remember.

        • Kevin

          Not on T-mobile (USA) it didn’t. My S2 had a dual core Snapdragon S3. International had the Exynos though

        • Zapren Kostadinov

          My point was it was not a bad chip. I find myself needing more RAM more often with my GNex (a lot slower processor) than a faster processor.

  • Jamille Browne

    Dang it Samsung! Why not release both variants and let people choose if LTE is that important to them??

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Because they would have to make twice as many phones… (if you had 10 people, you’d have to make 20 phones so that they choose LTE or not.)

      • Jamille Browne

        They could do a built to order that way no money is wasted and just make it unlocked.

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          “build to order” … you would have to wait for your phone to ship from manufacturer (most folks want to walk in to a store and walk out with a phone).

          Additionally, this would require the manufacturer to maintain stock inventory for pieces to this phone (every time somebody wants one, they have to make it) — instead of making a phone, being done with it and moving the process to the next new flagship.

          • Jamille Browne

            The same exact way car manufacturers do it is what i’m suggesting of course later on they stop it after the year is over then you just buy used. Same exact process is what im suggesting. I mean you will still have the carrier premade models you can just go in and buy but those who would be willing to wait could get their fix.

    • No_Nickname90

      The article clearly stated that they are releasing 2 different varients. If you want the Exynos version you can buy it. What you want is your carrier to have it. You can’t get mad at Samsung if your carrier wants to sell the non-exynos version.

      If you want the Exynos variant, then buy it and use it on your carrier. Nothing is preventing you from doing that. There are Americans that will be doing that.

      • Jamille Browne

        The article clearly stated That the 2 variants depends on where you live, overseas more than likely to receive both but USA if we want to use Exynos we have to buy The international version and thwart any applicable warranties because its international ONLY!(NOT FOR SALE IN USA) No duh I want my carrier to have it but from the sounds of it America is getting the LTE friendly version only.

        If I want the Exynos version I should not have to import it it should be an available choice in USA!

        • No_Nickname90

          When you say “overseas” are you including everything that’s not the USA? Because that’s a pretty large area and will no doubt include both versions of the phone.

          Sadly, they will be choosing USA to be getting non-Exynos version because people want LTE. They won’t bring the Exynos version here because they can’t determine how many people will buy it. How will carriers market that? Do you think the average consumer knows the difference between HSPA and LTE? If they knew LTE was faster, then they would get that one.

          It’s because people who want HSPA only is such a small market as to why it won’t be coming here, leaving your only other option to import it.

  • Jamille Browne

    Note 3 better have yo shiit samsung or im done with you as a customer.

  • Tim Leuty

    This is a huge disappointment. I’m not going to play the same game I did with the Galaxy S3 US variant. Samsung needs to make their best available to everyone, not just select people. The US is a slight afterthought apparently during the design process of their mobile CPUs.

    • Zapren Kostadinov

      Look at it from their perspective. The rest of the world does not need LTE capabilities. It’s just one market out of so many for them. I know it’s a pretty big market but it’s not bigger than all the rest combined.

    • v8esprit

      Don’t you think they would prefer 1 SKU? I was to believe the reason why we are getting the 600 is because of our LTE network requirements relative to the rest of the world. Direct your anger toward domestic carriers and their inability to standardize with the rest of the world.

  • Adolf panda

    Jeez. You guys all act like you’re going to NEED the octa core processor, more or less going to use all 8 cores.
    Double the RAM is definitely the better price to pay than the octa-core processor for the average user and even most of us that browse this site and forums

    • HeatFan786

      Since when will Samsung release 4GB of RAM in a phone? They are putting 2GB of RAM in each variant.

      • TheOtherGuy

        I agree. Very unlikely to happen! Most android devices are 32bit and thus maximum theoretical memory address value is 4GB (unsigned 32bit integer value). Microsoft only lets you have a maximum of 3.75GB accessible memory in a 32bit version of Windows. 4GB or larger would in practise need a 64bit chip. I could see 3GB variation being a possibility, but not really 4GB! (Unless their next generation of Exynos chips are 64bit!!! FTW! :) – now that would be an unexpected move and worthy of all this hype!)

    • Magnus100

      you’re certainly not getting the point. The Octa core is about 75 percent more battery efficient. That’s what’s important.

      • Gas_Huffer

        It’s not 75% more power efficient than the Snapdragon 600. Qualcomm’s performance-per-milliwatt is pretty much the best in the non-Apple world, and it’s miles ahead of stock A15 designs. Besides, much of the efficiency gains you get as a result of a the big.LITTLE design will be erased by the Exynos lack of on-die LTE.

        There is a reason so many OEM’s choose Qualcomm. It’s because they really do make the best SoCs at this point in time.

    • Crimsonshadow774

      You will use all 8 cores because it uses four at a time. it switches to the less powerful 4 when you’re not using your phone to save battery. I agree with you about not needing the processor for the phone to be good though.

  • Jonathan DeJesus

    I can’t wait for the MOTO X phone, once it releases i will jump on board and never look at Sammy again.

    • barry99705

      Heh. I jumped to Samsung and will never look at Motorola again.

  • bluevoodo

    Oh no! Less cores, my life is over. – Said every Samsung mouth breathing basement dweller. SMH.

  • Magnus100

    Waiting for the Note III. I hope it comes with the Exynos Octa core and LTE

  • clipperpimp

    That sucks

  • http://phandroid clipperpimp

    The really sucks

  • http://phandroid clipperpimp

    That really sucks

  • Jayshmay

    I’m gonna wait for the Snapdragon 800!!! That thing is impressive!!! The Snapdragon 800 will unlock capabilities in smartphone that we’re not accustomed to today!

    • v8esprit

      I’d like it too, but I am afraid with an attitude like that, you will constantly be waiting for the next phone with the 800 but another cool feature. I’m at the point after 2+ yrs with a HTC Sensation that I’ll be getting a SG4 with a 600 and be pleased with how much faster my phone is. I only hope that the 600 can sustain me for another 2 years. Can’t hardly wait for my 2015 phone. :)

  • TheOtherGuy

    If they seriously screw this up: I’m going to russians and get a yotaphone!

  • No_Nickname90

    Seeing as I’ll be coming from an Epic 4G Touch, anything will be better. So this is no problem to me. =.D

    And after seeing some concept video posted by a developer on XDA, I CANNOT wait!!

    A developer posted this concept video and stated that their Samsung Employed Friend says it’s going to come with that dock. *cries*
    Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I hope it does come with that laser dock.

  • randy jackson

    yup note 3 it is i think sammy knows alot of folks are note 3 waiting at least the tech heads

  • HeatFan786

    So it looks like I should go with HTC One now?

  • vcarvega

    This is rather disappointing. I don’t mind getting a snapdragon…. But it should have been the 800, not the 600… At least then we would feel we are getting an equally high-end chip.

  • vcarvega

    I’m holding out to find out what the specs on the Moto X Phone are going to be anyway… If the Moto X comes with a stock version of Android, I’ll pick it regardless. After switching from a note to a nexus 10…. I much prefer stock Android without any Samsung skins.

    • HeatFan786

      I have a problem with Nexus itself. Google’s tech support has been awful in my experience with owning a Nexus 7. I like Samsung better. I don’t feel the hype of the Nexus program myself. I like the multi window, and that’s only on touchwiz as of now. TW is not that bloated for me. Sense is worse. And rooting solves a lot of the bloatware. Nexus devices come with good hardware, but not the best.

      • vcarvega

        I’ve never needed tech support for a phone or tablet so I wouldn’t know. But I definitely prefer stock Android to any skin at all. I don’t mind Sense, but I hate Touchwiz and Motoblur. The hardware on the Nexus 10 is certainly better than any Android tablets currently available… If I were in the market for a 7″ tablet, I think the Nexus 7 hardware is actually pretty good too. But to each his own.

        I’m excited by Samsung’s display and chip tech, so I don’t doubt that they are able to make a compelling product. I just have no interest in Touchwiz or Tizen… so in order for me to buy any more of their products, there would have to be no other tablets w/ next gen chips running stock Android. Plus, the joy of Nexus is guaranteed updates & knowing that I will be the first to enjoy new Android features.

  • Adam Outler

    I don’t get it… Samsung has their own external LTE chip now. Why would they use Qualcomm? I don’t trust the report.

  • Wetworx

    Samsung blows if they still can’t get their chipsets to work with LTE. I’m still pissed that my S3 didn’t come with a quad core Exynos. If this is going to be their trend, I’ll consider jumping to another manufacturer for future phone purchases.

  • Phi-Brain

    guys just wanted to ask that which processor is better in s4 the snapdragon one or the octa chip thanx