LG Intuition OTA exits lengthy testing process, still proceeds to be ultra buggy

LG and Verizon have long promised that the LG Intuition would receive received the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, but lengthy delays — likely due to carrier and OEM “testing” — delayed that to no end. We have to wonder what, exactly, was being tested as many users have come forward regarding some rather major issues post-update.

For starters, it seems to be nuking the gallery app for users, with some mistaking this behavior for their data being wiped. Fortunately it sounds like the data is safe, it’s just that it can’t be accessed without a file browser. On top of that, it seems Google Play Store access is broken for many users, and other miscellaneous app errors are being thrown every which way.

It’s a classic case of “out of the frying pan and into the fire,” and for the time being it doesn’t look like either party — be it Verizon or LG — has a solution. In fact, one might question if either of the two even know about what’s going on. That’s why we’ve contacted our friends at each respective company to find out, and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

In the meantime, LG Intuition users are advised to reject this update. It might go off perfectly for you, but you’ll have a lot more peace of mind by rejecting it altogether in the off chance that it doesn’t.

[Verizon 1, 2, 3 via Android Police]

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  • Timbo1

    Oh Verizon…….

  • Jason Crumbley

    Doesn’t surprise me after what happened with the G2x.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    It probably was fine until Verizon got their hands on the ROM, I hope its not one of those nagging updates where a pop up appears every five minutes to download. How many 1000’s aren’t aware of this and will let the phone update?

    • itz

      No, no…LG testing went wrong…and they (LG) still pushed it over to VZW as a workable BOTA.

  • chanel

    The sad part it we cant stop the update. Both companies are blaming each other. This is ridiculious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-L-Smith/600302717 Robert L Smith

    It launched with ics.