FYI: Google I/O site has some fun easter eggs for you to play with

While we’re all waiting for the floodgates to the Google I/O 2013 registration page to open up on the morning of March 13th, Google seems to have injected some fun easter eggs into the main landing page for the developers’ event. The “I” and “O” react to mouse clicks, and you can get a nice variation on the event logo by inputting the right string of 0’s and 1’s (binary code, if you aren’t familiar).

For instance, inputting “01111111” will bring up a Matrix-esque ASCII visualization of the logo, and “10001000” will bring up a cool synthesizer. My personal favorite, “10010000“, brings up a tasty dish of bacon and eggs (because when isn’t bacon awesome?)

There are quite a few to be discovered here so take a look at the quick cheat sheet below and give it a try for yourself. Oh, and we’re hearing from our ninja sleuths that Google developers have a fun time adding more everyday, so if you find any that aren’t listed below be sure to let us know in the comments section!

  1. 01110101
  2. 01000101
  3. 01010011
  4. 10010000
  5. 10001000
  6. 00101010
  7. 11100111
  8. 01111111
  9. 00111001
  10. 11010011
  11. 11011011
  12. 10000001

[Google I/O via TheNextWeb]

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  • Curly


  • phinn

    Excited for this… mainly hoping to hear about Key Lime Pie of course, although it might be a bit soon. It would be cool to also hear ChromeOS and KLP are merging in the way that ICS merged tablets and phones.

  • Jason Farrell

    good to see 42 there. that was the first one I tried. :)

  • Shawn_Locke

    01111111 is my favorite.

  • Kris_pacific