News Corp announces $299 tablet aimed at education

News Corp looking to cash in on the tablet craze, taking a page from Amazon’s book by offering a branded slate at a low cost of entry. Dubbed Amplify, the tablet is geared as an educational tool and comes preloaded with Google Apps for Education, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and a graphing calculator.For educators the tablet offers lesson planning software and gives parents a way to track their children’s progress.

Specs aren’t so important for this one, rather it’s the pricing model. For $299 News Corp will offer a WiFi version of the Amplify tablet, but there is one catch. The pricing comes with a $99 yearly subscription to News Corp content. A 4G version will be available for $349 with a $179 per year contract.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • Chris Brown

    LMAO! Every 5 minutes it breaks into a FoxNews Alert. Talk about indoctrinating children..

    • Robert Kauffman

      It’s about time they get alittle from the right since the whole school system is run from the far left. It might finally be fair and balanced.

      • Chris Brown

        Like Jesus lived with dinosaurs?? Or legitimate rape victims barely get pregnant?? Or “Money is the barometer of a society‚Äôs virtue.” – Ayn Rand??

        • mmmmmbop

          You are aware that your shallow projection of beliefs on people who don’t actually believe those things is squarely within the definition of being a bigot, right? -“Reality”

      • renGek

        I don’t recall my algebra classes having references to pro choice or same sex marriage.

  • Clarence Chow

    This is not even cheap

  • Matthew Woehrle

    I just want to grab a few of the apps off it, especially the teacher ones…besides that it’s going to be a bust

  • Michael_Spotts

    Does it come with right wing propaganda wallpapers? This is a joke right ?

    • Rdfry

      No it comes with left wing communist social propaganda this political crap is becoming tiresome.

      • Michael_Spotts

        That would be the MSNBC version.

      • renGek

        then why perpetuate it?

    • niuguy

      No, but it will hack your phones and steel your messages.

  • Dave Turner

    newscorp and education? Match made in hell


    rupert murdoch in the computer business, what a concept.