Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 spotted in black

As it stands, Samsung has only confirmed their upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 for a white color scheme upon launch, but a new leaked photo suggests a black version could follow shortly after. The promo render showcases a tablet that is identical to the white counterpart we had a chance to fondle at last week’s MWC. Specifically portrayed here is the 16GB 3G version (you know, the one that can function as a full-on phone).

There is a chance this secondary color could launch simultaneously with the white version, but there is also a small chance it could go somewhere as an exclusive version. We can’t say because the photo came with no additional info.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is prepped to launch in Q2 of the year internationally. Plans for the US release have not been solidified at this time.

[via PhoneArena]

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  • Matthew Merrick

    Looks SO much better. I don’t get why people like white devices.

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

      I ended up getting a white Note 2 because BB didn’t have any Grey Ones in stock and I didn’t want to wait….and am still wishing that I had waited for the Grey version to be in stock.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    LOL! That thing is now a tablet. I wouldnt mind a 6.5″ or 6.8″ Note or whatever. Id like to keep it phone sized.



  • Kyle Cordiano

    Black looks sexy.

  • james ortiz

    some guy had this tablet today but in a grayish color…..he worked samsung so that makes it obvious he would have one

  • Scotsman of Loch Ness

    Must not be a VZW prototype since there isn’t a VZW Tramp Stamp …errr… I mean VZW Logo … on the “Home” button.

  • securiteeboyz

    I wish they would announce a price and release date for the US. Price is going to play a major role weather I buy this. I want an 8 inch android tablet, but I’m not paying an inflated price for this considering the technology inside is from last year and its a sub 200ppi screen.

  • KamilG

    I think white devices have gotten so popular and people have gotten so use to them that seeing the black devices is nice again.