Report: Samsung Galaxy S4 could introduce ‘eye-scrolling’

According to The New York Times, The Samsung Galaxy S4 will introduce new eye-tracking technology to allow users to navigate their devices hands-free. The information comes from an unnamed Samsung employee less than two weeks away from the phone’s official unveiling in New York City.

The new functionality would follow on the heels of other advancements such as Smart Stay introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S3, a feature that could detect when a user was actively viewing the screen and thus prevent the display from timing out. Eye-scrolling would monitor a users eyes as they peruse webpages, instantly advancing to the next paragraph as the end of the previous is reached.

The exact technology being uses to accomplish such “smart” scrolling was not disclosed, but like Smart Stay, the front-facing camera is no doubt involved. The function could be core to the Galaxy S4 experience and make for a great demo for Samsung to show off come March 14th.

[via The Verge]

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  • No_Nickname90

    All the more reason why I’m patiently waiting for the device to hit the states instead of jumping in on my upgrade this June.

  • pr0xidian

    THIS is inovation. Doing something before anyone else did. Inovation is NOT adding 4G to your phone years after the other guys. Inovation is NOT replacing google maps after years and years and calling it revoloutionairy. I’m talking to you Apple.

    • user311

      um hello… Not sure if you noticed but did you not see the extra row of icons???

      • Marsg

        O.o when they unveiled that my mind almost exploded in excitement.

        • lawrence mcatee

          Dude the headphone jack… at the bottom… my jimmies will never know peace

          • Matt Schley

            You guys, the iPhone is also the perfectly magical size for your hand to fit it. And yes, every person in the world does have the same size hand, apparently.

          • OptimusL

            Don’t forget about the new panorama mode that was added to the iPhone 5 even though Android had it years before.

          • Marsg

            its also the thinnest phone in the world……. Apple world

          • lawrence mcatee

            it’s screen is not 16:9 because filming and creating apps and media in 16:9 is sooooo last year… and this year… and every year in the foreseeable future…

    • Rdfry

      Well Apple did take advantage of ole Steve dying to introduce their revolutionary 4″ phone.

    • Fahim Yaqoob

      I dont like apple much. But i think we bash on apple to much. There stock price is over $400. So they are doing well. Googles stock is over $800. So we need to start bashing on microsoft, because they hate on others when they are struggling . There stock is just over $20

      • Daniel Weisinger

        It’s not just about the stock price, it also depends on how many shares each company actually has out. Making the order of total value: Apple (~394B) -> Google (~271B) -> Microsoft (~236B). I guess Microsoft is still last though, so have at it.

        • Fahim Yaqoob


      • Rdfry

        Uh no we don’t they deserve to be bashed out of existence.

      • Roberta Mangano

        MS stocks are worth $14,000 if you backtrack the 9 splits. Having google make an os they don’t support take over the market completely is foolish. The android OS is awful at best and the WP8 OS is considered the best on the market. Has anyone purchased a google chromebook? it doesn’t even support rtf files and doesn’t have an app for it…
        apple and ms will eventually rule the roost once again.

    • nsnsmj

      This is not innovation. Samsung aren’t even the first to do this type of eye-tracking. It’s been around for years. Applying it to a phone doesn’t make it new or innovative. This is just another one of Samsung’s battery-wasting gimmicks that hardly anyone uses. Samsung fanboys are the new Apple fanboys.

      • jessez93

        truuuuu. Lol (coming from a previous S2 owner)

      • Jason Farrell

        This is a feature I would actually use, because I’m often too LAZY to move my arm/hand to scroll way more often than I should admit. I’m also interested in getting Tobii’s more accurate eye-tracking device (CES 2013) for my PC, depending on its eventual price.

        The kind of functionality I’d LOVE to have is:
        IF looking at bottom quarter of window && double-blink { scrollDown(); }

  • MITM

    final nail in he coffin for Samsuck

    • taz89

      Lol how is this in anyway a nail in the coffin

      • Marsg

        grammar error he misspelled “Apple sauce”

      • bmg314

        Lol… Some trolls don’t know the proper moments to jump into a conversation.

    • MITM

      they mad lol

      • Nieves Diaz III

        u still havent answered the question sir douche….how is this a nail in the coffin for samsung??? o wait, could it be that u have insider information that Crapple is already hard at work with their next litigatory farce involving them claiming that they invented eyes and so any funtion that involves using your eyes to phone is infringment??? hmmm cant wait for this one! Lucy Koh had a change of heart, i dont see apple making it in any US Courts anymore…HAHAHAHAH ANDROID FTW!!!

    • Matthew Wiechert

      Final nail for the biggest selling android co. Ya u got brains

  • simpleas

    Very… smart :))

  • lawrence mcatee

    If they fix touchwiz… I still won’t buy it. I am tired of holding a phone that looks and feels like a phone. I am perfectly happy with my onex+ and will be buying the One the day it is released. All this hype is over more of the same. Yes they innovate and create some really cool things but… When you put it in such a crappy handset with a screen that makes it look like a toy… c’mon go back to the basics and build a phone from the ground up. oversaturated blueish tinted crap.

  • no thanks

    I see the potential for a lot of backlash if this tech doesn’t execute flawlessly

    • Matt Schley

      Yeah, this could potentially be extremely annoying.

  • Aaron17Watson17

    What i mostly care about ia for them to have a global software update delievery like apple. That is all i want.

    • Jamille Browne

      The ONLY reason Apple is able to do that is because they demand the same device configuration among all their devices. Until Samsung holds carriers by the balls that will not happen.

      • Aaron17Watson17

        I hope they can do that soon. The only way that would happen is when samsung becomes big enough, when carriers start to believe that the galaxy s series isnt a fad and is here to stay just like iphones. Maybe they wont infere with the s4, who knows

        • Aaron17Watson17

          Interfere *. Fail auto correct

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Can’t wait til it’s ported to other phones! :D

  • wrxlvr

    Hey, now at least you won’t have to touch the cheap plastic they will use for the body of the phone.

  • Uriah Romero

    The eye scrolling feature sounds pretty useful, but in the end, I’d probably keep it off. Out of all the features that are said to come on the Galaxy S4, I would say I’m looking forward to the 1080p display the most. I like streaming live and recorded shows to my phone while I’m commuting to and from work at DISH, and I think a higher resolution display would do well for me. I have the DISH Anywhere app on my Galaxy S2, which allows me to stream my shows from my DVR wherever I go, and I think it would work brilliantly with the higher resolution display.


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