Clockworkmod Superuser now available in the Google Play Store

Koushik Dutta has been typing away lately. After the successful launch of Carbon Backup, the fabled Android developer immediately began work on a free, open-sourced superuser app. The app features a lot of advanced features that you won’t find in the likes of chainsdd’s implementation, such as logs, support for profiles, notifications and more:

* Multiuser support
* Pin protection
* Manifest permission support
* Per app configuration
* Request timeout
* Logging
* Notifications
* Proper Tablet UX

It was only available in flashable form and through ROM Manager upon release, but Koush has finally implemented the necessary bits for it to live in the Google Play Store. As you can imagine there is more work to be done, but Koush has whipped up a very elaborate experience in a very short amount of time.

Koush notes that users might still need to take the flashable .zip route if they are having issues with the app in the Google Play Store, and he also recommends this route for those who aren’t yet rooted. If you’re already rooted and willing to ditch whatever superuser app you are currently using then head to the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can download the .APK file via this link.

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  • Jason Farrell

    Article was missing the playstore link; had to search for it:

    I think chainsdd’s same-named “Superuser” app has a slightly better non-tablet viewpager+tabbed interface, but I’ll be switching to Clockworkmod’s version anyway because opensource>closed. Besides, how often do you ever actually RUN the SU app VS just granting access? Right.

  • Jaime J. Denizard

    As far as I’m aware, Koush’s app is just called Superuser, not Clockworkmod Superuser.

    • Keith

      Yeah it’s just Superuser but he probably did that so it’s easier to distinguish between the different superuser apps.

    • enomele

      It’s an app called Superuser, released by CLOCKWORKMOD.