Bad Piggies “Road Hogs” update brings 30 new levels [VIDEO]

Those of you who like playing the other side of the fence in the Angry Birds universe will be happy to know that a new Bad Piggies update is now available. The game, which lets you build contraptions to help the pigs sneak by sleeping birds as they hoard their stolen eggs, has gotten a new upgrade titled “Road Hogs” and it will bring us 30 new “Flight in the Night” levels to sink our teeth into.

Alongside the new levels, Rovio has added a new time trials mode that you can play. You’ll be racing against the clock to see if your contraptions can best your previous times. As usual, the upgrade is available for free to both the regular game and those with the HD version. Give it a download and see if you can’t sink a couple of more hours into an already

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