HBO GO/MAX GO get HDMI-out support in version 2.0 update

HBO subscribers are getting another way to view their favorite television shows on the go as both HBO GO and MAX GO have been updated to feature the ability to display content via HDMI. Previously, subscribers had no option but to enjoy the premium content on the small screen.

Version 2.0 of the app provides a surprising amount of freedom from a company that has done its best to keep its content exclusive while adapting to modern viewing trends. The initiative is happening across the board, as HBO recently enabled AirPlay streaming for Apple devices. You can grab the latest version of HBO GO from Google Play now.

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  • CWeb

    now if only ATT U-verse would allow hdmi out

  • prohunter

    Or the Verizon NFL app…

  • bmg314

    Only 38 days until Game of Thrones season 3!!! 8-)

  • Jason

    really…I’ve been enjoying it via my dock to hdmi for over a year. May be it was not true hdmi but it went to the tv via the mini hdmi cable?

    • REVS

      yeah my mhl adapter has always worked , now if it had dnla we would be G2G

  • Graesen Arnoff

    it launched with hdmi out… then they took the feature away afte ra couple of updates hoping no one noticed. well… i noticed. I’d say thank god they listened to those complaining, but my solution was the xfinity player app. Always had hdmi, included hbo shows.