Google Stores to launch by holiday season [RUMOR]

Google may not be ready to call itself a successful online retailer, but it seems they may be taking the next step very soon. If the latest rumors are to be trusted, Google could be releasing its very own physical retail store by this year’s holiday season. Yes, you might be doing your Christmass shopping at a Google store this year!

The source comes from 9to5Google, who claims this is an “extremely reliable source”. We have no idea what that means, but they must be pretty sure that the insider has a good sense of what goes on behind Google’s closed doors.

The idea seems to have sparked from wanting to market Google Glass to the general consumer. The best way to do this would be to hand the units to shoppers and let them test the emerging piece of technology. Having the expensive and rare devices available in a retail store could mean the difference between failure and success, if you ask us.

Though we are quickly moving to an internet-dominated market, brick and mortar stores still play a huge part of marketing. Consumers want to be able to use something before making the decision to purchase it. They want to hold it, feel it, smell it, use it, see its capabilities, experience it first-hand and compare it to the competition.

It’s the same reason why people go to dealers instead of just ordering a car from the manufacturer’s site. I know I often purchase products at Best Buy instead of Amazon for this very reason, even though Amazon tends to have products a bit lower priced most times.

Of course, Google would also be taking a huge risk. They have been offering a rather depressing experience selling their own few devices from the Google Play Store. We understand online and physical retail stores are completely different entities and they could end up offering the best experience, but the Search Giant simply hasn’t proven itself in this area.

Our very own Quentyn has recently written a great editorial on this topic. He goes into detail about the pros and cons of Google opening a retail store, so check that article out to learn more about what could come out of this.

I personally think it would help more than it would harm. It would bring some exposure to Google TV, Nexus devices, Chromebooks, Google Glass and any other upcoming Google products. Tell us what you think, though! Do you think Google will totally screw this one over?

[Source: 9to5Google Via: GTVSource, ChromeSpot]

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  • CryptoNoel

    I see this as a great thing for the Nexus :)

  • blackjaguar25

    The lines would be 6 to 8 weeks long.

    • scoter man1

      Op, jk, everything’s on back order.

      • master94

        I would wait in line for Google. Finally something actually worth waiting in line to buy and see.

    • Miah

      looooooool joker!

    • Javier Fernandez

      On black friday there will be different tech out than what you came for.

  • RitishOemraw

    Well the good thing is that when you got a problem now, you will have employees to annoy with it :D

  • hemipw54

    Would you have to watch a 15 second ad before you can enter the store?
    Or will sales people be dawning a Google Izod shirt with a 10″ flex LCD display on front and back playing ads while they speak with you?

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      ? …

      • Carl Rood

        It’s a joke about Google using ads as their primary means to generate revenue.

  • AMbro86

    This wouldn’t be a bad idea, but Google clearly doesn’t get retail very well. They need to guarantee their stock better and make sure they don’t repeat the supply issues of the Nexus 4. Yeah I know they didn’t anticipate that great of a demand, but once it bacame apparent that the demand was great they could have done more to keep the supply coming. But pessimism aside the thought of a Google store is pretty awesome and is definitely enjoy it. But in order for them to make it a go to place they should offer more than just a handful of Nexus devices and their other projects like Google Glass, and Google TV, they need as much variety of their products and services as possible to make it at least as competitive as Microsoft’s stores.

    • shonangreg

      NYC, San Francisco, London, Doha, Bangalore, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney. The market for google’s specialty products doesn’t actually need a store near everyone. A few stores in the capitals of these few different markets would enable the early adopters there to try them out and report to everyone else how well they work. Then the masses order them online. The stores wouldn’t even need to make a profit, though I think they would. Some of us just need a place to try these things out.



    KUDOS to whoever decided we needed to put the A** back in Christmass! I think I’m gonna like this new take on the holiday a LOT…………

  • androidisawesome

    I hope this is true!

  • godrilla

    nyc please

  • Michael Katz

    I hope they come to my city with a store. I could use a second job. lol

  • capmike1

    Partner with Amazon, utilize their supply chain. Use these physical stores for tech support and a showroom with the option to order online and have it shipped to your house for free after using it in the store.

  • paxmos

    I just hope they won’t run their store business as they have with their Nexus Phones!!!!
    oh no….

  • chris holland


  • AD1980

    Until Google figures out how to manage a supply chain and basic customer service, thus will be a terrible idea. They seriously have worse service than Best Buy.

    • Anfronie

      You hit the nail on the head

    • AdrianP513

      It must be very bad then Bcuz I didn’t know it was possible to be worse than Best buy.. They’re the worst.

  • chuckles87

    If Google has a store anywhere close to me, i will be first in line asking for a job! Who doesn’t want to be on Google’s payroll?

  • Miah

    I think this is cool, hopefully launching in London soon!

  • Jayshmay

    Whatever it takes for there to be less fruit phones out there!!!

    I work security at a supermarket that’s near a college, it seems like every damn student from that college who comes in the supermarket has a damn IPhone, people don’t have any individuality anymore!!!

  • Larkhillv

    For the love of nyan cat, open one in Philly!!!

  • DavidVarghese

    Lemme guess… First store opening in Kansas City?

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Apple started with computers then branched off into the mobile space. I think Google is poised to do the same in reverse.

  • No_Nickname90

    I want to work here. Are they hiring part-time?

  • bob

    Writer must learn English. “Screw over” is not synonymous or interchangeable with “screw up.”