Gamestick goes up for general preorder, starts at $79

PlayJam today has made their Android-powered Gamestick available for general preorder after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Those who missed out on the opportunity to become an early backer of the project can still get their hands all up on those joysticks in advance of a global retail launch. PlayJam plans to fulfill preorders, which are priced at $79, as soon as the initial batch of Kicstarter orders are delivered. The company is also offers a $25 dock and $10 case to round out the package.

[via Engadget]

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    Oh come on… $80??? A Game Klip costs $15, and a PS3 remote is easy to find.

    • RitishOemraw

      You do know that it is more than just a controller right?
      At the bottom of this controller is a ‘USB stick’ that runs android. Plug it in your TV and boom, android experience +controller in the palm of your hands….it doesn’t get much more mobile than this. (excluding mobile phones ofcourse)

      Man I sound like I am hired to sell this device….and it is working, because after typing this I feel the urge to place an order…….must…..resist…..or….maybe….not?

  • james ortiz

    lol whoever buys this is out is out of their minds

  • Dagmar Schneitz

    I’m not buying it. I’d rather stick with the controllers of the particular system. Plus, this sounds way too expensive for the worth. I can buy two games for that much.

    • Javier Fernandez

      LOL. It’s a game console, not a controller.

  • lav0c

    Cheaper than OUYA, portable, and optional additional ports? Sign me up

  • harold

    Way to high.It’s a fad at best

    • Javier Fernandez

      High? This isn’t a controller, it’s a game console.

  • Kc

  • GibbO

    Why haven’t I heard about this? OUYA should be scared

  • blest

    Looks cool, but imma pass