Official trailer for The Internship hits YouTube

We’ve been following the launch of The Internship, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s new movie, for quite some time. Why, you ask? Well, because those two whackos will be playing characters who are trying to get hired on as interns for Google. The film is being shot at the actual Googleplex and has Google’s unconditional blessing. We’re interested for obvious reasons, but beyond our interest for all things Google it seems like it will be a pretty fun movie to see.

Until now we’ve only had a promotional shot to go on, but the full featured trailer has finally been uploaded to YouTube, and now we’re feverishly awaiting June 7th. That’s the date the film opens in theaters everywhere, and you can bet we’ll be trying our hardest to get to the box office before tickets sell out. Take a quick look at the two and a half minute trailer above, and be sure to discuss it among yourselves in the comments section below.

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  • Kyle Cordiano

    I hope it’s rated R. Vince and Owen were hilarious in Wedding Crashers but this needs an R rating.

  • Chris Chavez

    YES! :D

  • Covert_Death

    what whatttttt movie of my life, i tried to get an intern with google but they are SO locked down its damn near impossible to even get your name out

  • JulianZHuang

    Is this film going to vs apple’s steve jobs??

    • shonangreg

      Wow. Hearing earlier about no large screen for the iPhone till at least 2014 . . . and now this movie . . . It just seems like Apple isn’t cool anymore.

      Good luck getting all the music out of iTunes ;-)

      • JulianZHuang

        I tried getting iTunes song to Zune hd before. Just require some converting.

      • Robb Nunya

        Double Twist.

  • GregJG

    The Charles Xavier part got me. phew I’m still laughing. lol

    • Chris Chavez


  • RitishOemraw

    You mean you guys didn’t watch the Hangout on air Feb 13th where they debuted this trailer?
    Man, that hangout was hilarious…. you guys missed out


    I’ll watch it only because Google is involved. Otherwise I have stopped watching movies with these 2 senior citizen actors.

    • Chris Chavez

      Damn, bruh. O_o

  • Stacy Devino

    Do something cool and Google comes knocking on your door. Seriously.

    I don’t quite get the thing with everyone wanting to work there so bad. It seems great and all, but there is something to be said about finding that same environment elsewhere and directing new innovation that way. Not many very smart people are also incredibly creative.

    It would be very hard to be a star there or to have all of your ideas really heard.
    Still, i would love to visit in a non-interview way first. Meet the people as equals and then see what happens.

  • OtisFeelgood

    Professor Xavier is a total……