LG Optimus G Pro is official: 5.5-inch 1080p 2.5D curved glass display, and lots of glitter


The LG Optimus G Pro hasn’t been much of a secret since it was announced for Japan a few weeks ago. Tonight, LG has finally taken the wraps off the device for its homeland of South Korea, unveiling the device unto the world for a likely debut at Mobile World Congress. Pretty much everything here is what we’ve already known of the device: 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 3140mAh battery, 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor and 13MP camera.

But this isn’t simply a rehash of the Japanese version we saw a short time ago. This version not only comes with a larger display (5.5-inches vs Japan’s 5-inch), but aesthetic differences as well. You’ll now notice LG’s now trademark “glitter” pattern along the back of the device ala the Nexus 4/Optimus G, and a curved glass display, giving the phone — what LG is calling — a “2.5D” effect. Sounds a lot like the curved glass on the Nexus 4 which makes us wonder… could a Nexus 5 be in the works from LG? I know, just thinking out loud.

No word on when we can expect this anywhere outside of South Korea, but like the LG Optimus G (sans Pro), expect it in the near future. We more than expect to nab a hands-on of this device during Mobile World Congress 2013 at the tail-end of this month. Full (roughly translated) press release below.

Feb. 13, 2013 – LG Electronics (066,570, representing具本俊www.lge.co.kr ) Companies Face book ( https://www.facebook.com/theLGstory ) to ‘Optimus Pro design, scheduled to be released through the end of February, Lightning unveiled

‘Optimus Pro succeeded LG Electronics minimalist design, but the design plus the vibrancy of the full-HD. LG Electronics had previously released products revealed the beauty of temperance, but the smooth, dynamic sensory elements emphasized

LG Electronics this product, but the 5.5-inch large screen with one hand for ease of use and attentive. Narrowing the width of the left and right bezel to minimize the thickness of incoming hand-animated feel. Good grip of similar size compared to competitors’ products.

Products in a streamlined metal border with dynamic images reanimated. Feel a sense of depth to mount the glass front of a finely curled, curved glass, ‘2 .5 D ‘. The effect of the pattern is applied to the rear of the high quality of the Optimus G ‘Heritage succeeded. ‘Digital Cube Pattern’, went on to create the sleek texture, depending on the angle of the light patterns shimmering effect steric and mysteriously coming.

Smartphone is the first full HD of LG Electronics’ Optimus Pro 5.5-inch full-HD display equipped with quad-core AP. ‘Optimus Pro’ design public as a way to participate through Facebook from the past 12 days was conducted.

Vice President of LG Electronics MC Director Park, Jong – Seok “full-DH smartphone ‘Optimus Pro LG’ quality ‘would clearly imprinted” said three-dimensional UX, hardware, as well as vivid, full-HD large-screen design differentiated smartphone markets to lead, “he said.

Source: LG Electronics (KOSPI: 066570 )
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  1. Looks a little Note 2-ish.

    1. Honestly, I wish they wouldn’t have gone with the dang home button. Would have actually helped distinguish them from Samsung.

      Other than that, it’s a lot less “Note-ish” than the Japanese variant.

      1. Agreed, ill never get another LG if they keep that home button

    2. No kidding. Oh wait, this just in: Samsung Sues LG for Design Infringement

  2. Ugh if its anything like the nexus 4, be careful that thing is made with cheap glass *supposedly gorilla glass but I dont think so.

    1. Mine seems fine. Then again.. I don’t drop my phone (not trying to be a douche), so I wouldn’t know very well.

      1. Yeah I dont drop it either, I have no idea where I got that scratch since I pamper the phone, but the only thing I can imagine is loose change. My old Evo had no scratches and I abused that thing like no other, but you know what they say about HTC reliability.

        1. The glass is Gorilla Glass 2. There is nothing cheap about it. Blame Corning if yours is defective.

          Mine is still beautiful to look at and comfortable to swipe across.

          GG3 is supposed to be nearly bullet-proof.

          1. I know it Gorilla Glass 2, Im not laying blame on anyone, I expected better. Gorilla Glass might stop bullets, but I’m not trying to stop bullets, I’m trying to prevent scratches and that’s where it fails, there is widespread reports of how easy the glass on the Nexus 4 scratches and or breaks.

          2. “Gorilla Glass” is just marketing speak, that’s it. Now it may be a little bit more dense than the standard alternative but don’t think for one minute that your screen is bullet proof. I can assure you that one single grain of sand/silica will in fact damage your screen will little effort.

          3. / this – thank you sir!

          4. Part of the problem is they put oleophobic coatings on top of the glass and that coating scratches fairly easy.

          5. Nobody said that it was. I was talking about the NEXT iteration. If you don’t believe me, watch the video I included.

        2. Loose change wont scratch your screen.

          1. Something did and it wasnt much but it scratched it, Ive owned a galaxy nexus and an evo 4g before both without cases or covers, neither scratched this easy.

          2. Mine has no scratches after over a month of usage. You shouldn’t expect it to magically stop scratches. It will keep loose change from scratching, as well as many other metal objects. Sand, however, will scratch it. And not just sand from the beach. Sand can be found everywhere! You have to be careful and make sure there’s no sand in your pockets before you put it in. All glass you’ll see on a mobile device for a long time will scratch from sand.

          3. Look people, Im not butthurt or trolling but I did expect better from something called Gorilla Glass, like I said I’ve abused my Galaxy Nexus and Evo4g in worst ways before, its a small scratch I’ll live.

          4. Right, your phone should never end up scratched no matter what…but that’s not how it works. If you scrape your screen with something harder then your screen it will be scratched. It wasn’t loose change either.

          5. I’ve had S2 since the day it came into market and it’s pretty much trashed now. Funny thing, the only scratch to the screen itself became when i dropped it face down and i heard the grain of sand scratching the screen. It’s pretty much down to luck when you drop the phone. Sometimes the screen seemes to endure anything and the there are the unlucky situations. imo.

  3. If the dev support is anything like the LG Optimus G, its probably not gonna be worth it.

    1. Agreed the dev for my Optimus G (sprint) is dead…

  4. Note 3 > This

  5. Seriously is anyone else thinking lg is copying Samsung their last devices look like a galaxy s2 and this kind of looks like a Galaxy note 2 >.> at first i thought well this might be just a coincidence but after seeing this its pretty obvious.

  6. Why won’t physical home buttons die?! I love my gs3 but I can’t stand pressing a physical home button

    1. You want some cheese with that whine?
      Man up, Nancy.

      1. Lololol

    2. Personally I love the physical home button as it makes waking the device so much easier.

    3. What’s wrong with the physical home button? Seriously.

      1. ^and also this.

  7. Hi buddy how much it costs? You doesn’t mention that in this article

  8. Was the press release translated by the folks at Bad Lip Reading?

  9. If this generic CHEAP glitterish “case” is the best design+materials combo LG can put its amazing in-cell IPS displays….welll LG is STUPID. Plainly stupid.

    PLASTIC/kevlar/polycarbonate TOP smartphones in 2013 = NO!

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