Blitz Brigade gameplay trailer hits the web [VIDEO]

Gameloft is looking to introduce a new shooter soon, if you haven’t heard. It’s called Blitz Brigade, and it should capture the attention of any Orange Box fan. This series doesn’t quite hit that realistic military action that the Modern Combat games look to tackle (or emulate, depending on how you look at it). Instead, it’d be more accurate to liken the game to Valve’s Team Fortress in that it’s a fun and cheeky game that doesn’t try and take itself too seriously.

We’d seen a teaser for the game a couple of weeks ago, but now we’re treated to a full gameplay trailer that shows us exactly what we’re in store for. I have to admit that Blitz Brigade shot right up to the top of my list upon seeing this over-the-top cartoonish style, though I’d understand it if it’s not something that works for you.

Don’t let the fun graphics and imaginative characters fool you, though: this game is still bloody, gory, and filled with as much devastation and destruction that you can handle. Unfortunately we’re not sure when to expect the title, but with this recent uptick on promotion I can’t imagine the wait will be too much longer from now. Take a look above.

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  • Chris

    Looks pretty awesome to me! I love the TF2 style (although you can tell it seems to be a copy).

    • Chris

      Hey guys I found a gameplay video from some guy in France:

      • GregJG

        That looks really good.

        • Chris

          Yeah it really does look like a lot of fun. It’s obvious they copied TF2, but I’m 100% okay with TF2 on my phone haha

  • JoeyKhache

    I hate it when these large companies always state after their promo video that the product will be available for the “ipod, iphone, and ipad”, is it so hard just to state that it’ll be available for “ios” devices? Dang!

    • Tony Lai

      Well, we all know majority of apple users don’t know exactly what they own. They had to see the names to recognize. They go like, iOS whhhhaaaattt!?

  • Steven Berger

    I would say they copied more of Battlefield Heroes then TF2.

  • Jesse Hamlin

    It’s out in the french app store, apparently it’s not what you think it is.

    It costs money for EVERYTHING.

    To download it, free
    To play a round it costs a token. Guess what tokens cost? Money.
    To upgrade your weapons? Money
    To progress through single player? Free or you can pay.
    Everything you can think of costs real money.