ASUS shows us what the 7-inch MeMO Pad can do in new promo video

The 7-inch ASUS MeMo Pad, which was announced last month for a spring launch, is highlighted in a new promotional video posted to YouTube. The clip shows the low-cost slate’s usefulness in a number of situations, from office productivity to drawing, but unfortunately we have to settle for manipulated still shots of the device rather than a true video overview

If the MeMO Pad looks a bit familiar, chalk it up to the the device’s close relation to another 7-inch tablet manufactured by ASUS, the Nexus 7. With no rear camera and a lower display resolution, however, the MeMO Pad is actually priced cheaper than the Google-branded counterpart at $150.

[Thanks, Alex!]

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  • JustReboot PC Repair

    I think I’ll wait for the Tab 3 or the Nexus II

  • EasyEEE

    Really, it can do everything every other phone or tablet can do? Horrible ad.

  • Unorthodox

    The demo shows either very tiny hands, or a different tablet.

  • Andre Outlaw

    It tickles me when I see someone writing with their finger.
    Sent from my Note 10.1

  • Aslan Bollin

    too bad they removed the built in capacitive stylus that the original pre Nexus 7 memo prototype had.
    thats why it was named the memo to begin with. use the stylus to take memos….