More Motorola X Phone rumors surface – amazing battery, great camera and more

Rumors of the Motorola X Phone are heating up and we have some new possible details for you today. Some of these seem a bit iffy, some sound exciting and some are just unbelievable. It seems no matter how we look at this phone, we have no idea what Google and Motorola are trying to do here. Let’s just jump into today’s murmurings, shall we?

Phone Arena’s sources claim to have the inside scoop on the X Phone’s details. Allegedly, some of his friends have been testing this bad boy and we are looking at some great improvements laid out in the table.

For starters, Google is said to be working with Motorola to focus on better battery life and superior durability. According to the insider, the device will have a kevlar back (of course) and a hefty battery (like the RAZR Maxx). It is also stated that it will have a 4.8-inch display, a quad-core processor and… wait for it… a microSD slot and up to 128 GB of internal storage! That is some serious storage, and we seriously doubt this will happen, but we’ll see.

We are not sure what is going on here. If this is true, Google is going back to its old ways, as Google has permanently moved away from expandable storage. Then again, this is not meant to be a Nexus device – even if it is said it will be sold via the Play Store, have stock Android and be built in collaboration with Google.

The last rumored addition, and probably the most exciting, is an improved camera. More specifically, it is said to come with a Sony Exmor sensor (Apple devices are powered with these sensors). We know many of you have been begging Google to improve camera quality, so this might very well be the first step.

Like always, you should take this with a grain of salt. Even trusted sources have been wrong in the past, and it is way too early for us to really bet on any of this. If you are patient enough, you can go ahead and speculate in the comments, let us know what you think, and wait until Google I/O to see if any of this is true.


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  • schitzengigles10

    I’ll be first in line for one of the babies.

    • Butthurt iSheep are Butthurt

      Seconds. We really need a full featured high end Nexus phone.

  • ScottyByrd

    Throw in the new 800 series Qualcomm CPU and a 1080p screen too why dont ya :)

  • Daniel Tiberius

    I’ll sell my soul for a 128GB smartphone.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Or you could just wait a bit and buy one… lol. They are coming.

      • bmg314

        Wait… Besides this set of rumors, what have you heard, Edgar?

        • Edgar Cervantes

          I haven’t heard anything, just speaking in general. I am simply basing this statement on my own speculations. 64 GB smartphones are around, I am sure 128 GB ones are coming.

          • bmg314

            Oh, ok… I thought you had some specific juicy info that you were sitting on. ;-)

        • camelsnot

          64 and 128 will be a standard in the next year for high-end. Apple is releasing their next ipad w/128. It can be done and it will be done.

          I think it’s almost necessary considering a lot of carriers are moving away from unlimited data and people with legacy plans are either going to have to buy the phone out right or switch to newer data plans. By doing that, more people will need more storage on their phones as cloud storage will be less useful if you’re having to pay for each MB after your cap.

          It is a shame as cloud offerings become more advanced that cell providers revert back to archaic data caps.

    • Fatty Bunter

      whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? What do people actively use all this storage for?

      • ty

        Porn maybe…

    • snowmanjack

      I’d have to think one could get a lot more for a soul than a 128GB smartphone.

  • androidisawesome

    this is the first phone I’ve been truly excited for since the galaxy nexus. I’ve been holding off to get a galaxy note 3 next year but this phone might make me think otherwise! can’t wait.

  • Michael Thompson

    128…card slot…I’M IN

  • user311

    I hope this phone won’t have the same nonavailability problems which plagued the nexus 4. Because my contract with Verizon is up and I am deciding on either going with this phone (thru Play) or the S4. But if it will be impossible to get this I’ll just spend the extra cash and grab the s4 to keep my unlimited data. Vanilla Android (KLP hopefully) with expandable storage sounds tempting though.

    • TalkingMoose

      Motorola isn’t known of having availability issues. They’re much better at manufacturing and supply chain than that.

      • ckeegan

        Well, they haven’t really had anything worth talking about for years.

  • bob

    “A spoonful of salt” would mean it’s highly probable. Opposed to “A grain of salt” meaning a miniscule chance. :-)

    • gujupmp88

      not to mention “we will advice that”

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Alex Murphy

      Really? I always thought that salt = doubt, so more salt = more doubt.

    • Jamille Browne

      At the end of the day you knew what he meant lol

    • JasonIvers

      You have that backwards from anything I’ve ever heard… a grain of salt means there is a good chance of it being false, and more salt means more UNlikely, not more likely.

  • SocalTeknique

    Removable battery?

    • TalkingMoose

      Unlikely. With a battery that size you don’t need to be able to remove it, and you don’t want you if you don’t have to. A soldered-in battery has less issues with power spikes and battery bounce than a replaceable battery.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Come on, bro. They are already giving you a microSD slot. lmao

  • Lennatron

    If these rumors are true and it launches simultaneously on all carriers, Motorola will make a huge come back and post profits!

  • sid_m

    My dream Specs for the X-Phone :

    4.8″-5.0″ 1080p Screen Edge to Edge Display
    Exynos Octa Processor
    2GB RAM
    32/64 Gigs Internal Storage Options+Expandable Memory
    3000 mah+ battery life

    Stock Android

    • Jared Muskovitz

      With LTE. I’d sacrifice storage space for LTE. My G-Nex is 32GB, never needed more.

      That screen is ideal, quad-core at least, 2 GB RAM is a must. And the battery from the MAXX.

      Dream phone. Moto makes the best hardware and this is why Google bought Moto Mobility. This needs to happen.

      • Jared Muskovitz

        Thought I’d list it better.

        Dream X-Phone Specs

        5.0 E2E, 1080p
        Octa (or great quad-core)
        2GB Ram
        32GB internal (I don’t really need a slot)
        MAXX battery or better

        W/O 4G, this battery isn’t needed. My phone doesn’t need to be unbelievably thin. If it’s as thick as the G-Nex but has that battery, I’m fine. Just want 4G with that battery.

        • Jared Muskovitz

          Sell it unlocked for all carriers on Play. 349.99.

          I’d buy it in an instant.

          • bmg314

            If it has all of these specs, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that kind of pricing, even sold directly from Google.

          • Alex Murphy

            If they basically sell it at cost they could.

          • bmg314

            Hey, I hope you’re right. But let’s look at it this way… The N4 goes for 350, and the X phone, if these rumors are true, basically blows the N4 clear out of the water, right?

          • NYCHitman1

            If it were to go on the Play Store unlocked, I would think it might sell for a slightly higher rate.. perhaps 399.99 or 429.99

            Either way, I’d buy it.

        • phinn

          I got one better, 10″ screen, 4K resolution, 512 cores, and more pointless specs for a phone.

        • Esmail Sewid

          Motolora X Phone

          4.8 Inch 1080p display
          Snapdragon 800 proccesor

          2.5 gb ram
          64 gb internal storage
          sony 13 megapixel exmor rs sensor
          Android 5.0 (key lime pie)
          3500 mh batery

          This should also be sold unlocked on google play for every carrier

          • Joseph Evans

            Thank you for listing it as LTE and not 4g

    • rk20817

      Exynos Octa Processor only uses 4 processors at a time.

    • ben7337

      My dream phone would be like that, but would need the screen to be 5″, 4.8 is too small, and the battery should be big, but removable, a built in battery means the phone will hold maybe half the original charge in 2 years, and phones are getting powerful enough that upgrading is losing its value.

      Plus any 4 or 8 core SoC would be fine so long as the GPU with it is the best, and an unbreakable amoled screen would rock.

      Oh and out of the box liquipel style waterproofing.

      • snowmanjack

        Disagree on the size. I would much rather have 4.8 than 5″. It’s gotta fit nicely in the pocket.

    • bluevoodo

      you’d definitely get a girlfriend then. /jk

    • tyguy829

      all good, but there is no way moto is going to use an exynos. it’s going to be qualcomm- it could be an s4 pro, but hopefully they can get one of the new snapdragons like the 800


      4GB of RAM

  • The_Chief

    I have no idea what I would do with 128 Gigabytes of storage. 32, yes. I can fill that. 64’s all I need for the foreseeable future, methinks. As long as it has great RAM and comes to VZW with an unlocked bootloader, color me in.

    • ckeegan

      Uh, movies. Done, 128 GB filled. Oh, and 320kbps music from Spotify for airplane usage.

    • ben7337

      I kind of agree, I’m sure there’s a use for it, but I have well over 2TB of storage taken up, and don’t really need it all one me all the time. Would be nice, but 128GB, doesn’t really help, I can’t pick any one thing over another, since i don’t need any specifically. 64GB leaves me with a good 32GB of play room as it is, which can be for a few movies with friends or what not.

    • camelsnot

      data caps. Less people will be inclined to opt for automatic photo uploads or download music/vids on their data plans. Storage on phones will become more of a priority now for most people who will have to rely on that along with wifi when they can get it.

  • Richard Gilboy

    I laughed at the MicroSD part.

  • Joel Vasallo

    If the above is true….Please Google…PLEASE INCLUDE 4G!!

    • TalkingMoose

      foregone conclusion. Why make a monster phone and cripple it with an old network?

      • camelsnot


    • bmg314

      Of course it will have 4G…why wouldn’t it? O.o

    • Joel Vasallo

      Look at the Nexus 4. :X They were pretty adamant about not including 4G.

  • cjohnson481

    128 GB SD Card slot means nothing if you cant mount it to be used in conjunction with internal memory for app storage/system memory. i would rather have no sd card slot and 128 GB internal memory.

    • TalkingMoose


    • bmg314

      I understood it to have 128 internal, plus an sd slot.

  • maximillion82

    Looks like it won’t be a Nexus line, which is becoming a budget solution for developers, but this will be Google’s high end line for the most demanding consumers, devs don’t care about camera quality and usually don’t need a bazillion bytes of storage to run their 1-5 apps they usually have in production. But with this device Google is listening to it’s customers and adding all the desired goodies without worrying too much about cost. I assume after the success of the Galaxy S series Google decided to up the Game again the same way they did with the Nexus One when it first arrived.

  • note4me

    If the article from Phone Arena is read right, it states that it will have 128 GB of internal storage.

  • Joshua Saunders

    Looking forward to a comparison between this and the galaxy s4. One of them is sure to be my next.

  • note4me
    • Edgar Cervantes

      I did put it as the source…

      • note4me

        I just realized that.

  • Sean

    Supposedly their goal for this phone was to go all out in every imaginable way, price was never expected to be as low as a Nexus device. If even part of this is true, I’d say they’ve succeeded and made a pretty untouchable phone. The only way to beat it would be a bigger screen, but that’s a preference thing.

  • Marsg

    lol sounds like everything we could possibly want in a phone >.> with that said, it sounds like these rumors were made up by an Android fan. >.> ill believe it when I see it.

    • bmg314

      Yeah, is a nice little dream to think about on a Saturday night, but what are the chances the end product comes anywhere near this?

      • Marsg

        The camera and larger battery are very plausible but 128gb of internal and a micro SD now that sounds far fetched

  • phinn

    Oh cool, yet-another-phablet.

    • bmg314


  • Jayshmay

    I find that supporting 128GB memory cards part hard to believe! Especially if this us a Nexus smartphone!

  • ArmageddonX

    The Google X-Phone or the Google Nexus 5 will be my next device.

    •!/Cuca64 Nino_64

      Same here … hopefully they wont disappoint us

    • camelsnot

      X or Note 3.

      • ArmageddonX

        I refuse to ever get a non-Vanilla device again. I’m tired of carriers not creating newer Android updates for their phones after they promise to support the device.

        • technohead95

          I to am tired of manufacturer’s empty promises of releasing OS updates. They are all talk, when they have your money they are no show. Unfortunately it isn’t enough for a device to be vanilla. Some manufacturers have released vanilla devices but still plagues with Android OS versions being delayed, skipped or support being completely abandoned. I’ve recently purchased the nexus 7 and nexus 4, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to non-nexus device now.

          • ArmageddonX

            That’s my plan as well. All Nexus from here on out for me.

  • Darrien Glasser

    Soo… who’s ready for another Verizon exclusive phone?

    • bmg314

      Doubt it, if Google is calling the shots here.

      • Darrien Glasser

        Just like they’ve done for the last six months.

        • bmg314

          Not sure what you mean?

          • Darrien Glasser

            They’ve had Motorola for quite some time now, and they’ve recently said that they were *only* six months past the post acquisition phase. At this point however, they’ve nearly had Motorola for a year and a half however, and no major changes have occurred.


          • bmg314

            Ok, now I see where you’re coming from… My thing is that by all indications, this is a joint moto/google project, and what I meant was the whole fiasco with the Galaxy Nexus on VZW, I can’t see them giving VZW exclusive.

          • Darrien Glasser

            Honestly I hope that it’s not exclusive, I’d really love this phone (according to the rumors at least) and I’d really like a nice Moto phone for T-Mobile (I was really hoping for a Motorola Nexus), which sadly did not happen. I’ll leave my fingers crossed.

  • Napster87

    my dream phone: nexus 4 with 1080 screen, bigger battery and improved camera. that’s all. LG truly did an amazing job with the phone and I hardly find myself saying, “wow, i wish my phone had this or did this better”

    • Daniel Tiberius

      I love my Nexus 4, but I’d need better sound quality and more storage.

      • Napster87

        Sound quality? In call quality is amazing for me. The external speaker could be a bit louder bit its still great.

        • Daniel Tiberius

          No, from the headphone jack. I play music from it in my car through the aux input and it doesn’t sound good. My Galaxy Note and Evos sounded much better.

          • Napster87

            Stupid question but are you using an equalizer? It may be like the camera. The hardwares there bit Google just hasn’t improved the native software

          • Daniel Tiberius

            Yeah I’ve tried them all. Even PowerAmp doesn’t sound as good on it. I’ll be using the Nexus 4 for texting and calls and a few other things and I’m getting a Note 2 for music.

          • Napster87

            Baller status. I’m not quite that much of an audiophile.

          • scoter man1

            LOL, uses the name “napster” and isnt an audiophile…

            Sorry, just seemed slightly ironic to me. I love my Nexus 4 though.

          • Napster87

            Don’t get me wrong. I love my music but I just don’t have the money to heavily invest in it all. My Malibu’s stock speakers will have to do for now.

          • bluevoodo

            Not really Napster streamed Mp3, Mp3’s are like arsenic to audiophiles who prefer Vinyl or Flac.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    I don’t actually care about that Motorola X phone is going to have a super camera. Do we really need a super camera phone that can replace a real DSLR camera? NOP!
    Fast performance!
    Quick update from Google! (All countries at the same time)
    Beautiful screen! Really super light!
    Bezel less!
    Full HD!
    Less than 5 inch! (Don’t really need to have large pocket)
    Bla bla bla…

  • Terrormaster

    Gonna go out on a limb here and be the first to say this. I know they’ve been saying that Chrome like Android statue rolled out means nothing (yeah right). But I’m betting that the X in XPhone stands for Cross not EX. As in Cross Phone. As in first hybrid Chrome OS / Android OS Phone. Not sure if that means dual boot or merged OSes. I would LOVE for it to be the later and not former. I would love for Android to get forked right here where it’s at now – an incredible sweet spot. Let the next Nexus device sport KLP and continue on with that fork of pure Android. Then have this Chrome/Android hybrid be exclusive between Google and Motorola with Google controlling the hardware and software. Meanwhile the underlying Android layer maintains compatibility between both forks. Best of both worlds.

  • Xavier Spruill

    While the XPhone will most likely be my next phone. It is becoming more of a let down to me. I mean it sounds like a really good phone, but i fell in love with the “experimental” nature of the early rumors. Toying with the possibility of bendable displays, ceramics, that “cutting edge, new approach” feel. Now it seems like a really good spec, conventional, cellphone to me. I’ll upgrade my Gnex for one, but it just seems like the “next step” in incremental phone spec sheet war.

  • Champion1229

    Hopefully this will bring back the Motorola that used to prosper! Their devices are built like tanks (in a good way) and if any of these specs pan out then this device will be a tank with some EXTREME horsepower!

  • Jwhap

    I think if these rumors hold true, you are looking at a $500.00 phone at minimum. To stay off contact, with Verizon…… Totally worth it to me. However, will most even touch this at a 500-650 price point? My guess would be mild success at best. 350-400 this thing would fly off of shelves. Realistically, if these specs hold true it would be on the higher side of those numbers.

    My wants, Verizon availability, lte, 4.8 screen, maxx like battery, better camera, quad core, moto build quality.

    Much less, I may wait it out. My gnex has quite a bit more life left in it.

    • kEiThZ

      Compare to Nexus 4 specs. Completely achievable without much or any price increase.

  • ckeegan

    Even if just the battery is true, and it holds a candle to my GNexus display, I will buy it in a heartbeat. The 4.8″ display actually turns me off a bit.

    • scoter man1

      Yours is 4.75″ (on the g’nex)… it’ll be no bigger.

      • ckeegan

        GNex is 4.65″

  • scoter man1

    Well, I never considered myself to be much of a phone whore (buy and sell a lot), but if this turns out to be sick, my Nexus 4 will be replaced.

  • MikePopovici

    I dont get why it cant be a nexus. being a nexus basicaly means it will get timly updates with no cell company screw ups so why cant this phone be a nexus??

    • DevilInPgh

      Because Motorola has a good relationship with Verizon. In other words, Motorola DEPENDS on Verizon and thus is at the behest of Big Red’s commands. This allows Big Red to have all the control it wants over a flagship phone.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Whats the point in buying this phone when its only going too be for gerizon only? Bunch of fckn greedy turds. at least their using sony good camera

  • InspectorGadget80

    Whats the point in buying this phone when its only going too be for verizon only? Bunch of greedy turds

  • aerojad

    When the part about 128GB was mentioned I thought we were being trolled. When the part about removable storage was mentioned I *knew* we were being trolled.

  • FortTech101

    Price point?

  • catt4u

    Reading trough all the wishes I think most of them will be bundled in the next Samsung Galaxy S IV which will be available Q2 worldwide.

    Perhaps the used materials won’t be as tough as Moto used to, but specs wise it will be the phone to beat like the S III.

  • lynyrd65

    Make one for Sprint that has 800/1900/2500 LTE radios, an FM radio and excellent reception then I’m there.

  • El_Frank

    I call bs… Especially from phone arena. If it’s true I would love to have one:-P

  • rei_load

    Please let it be sold on the Play Store for Verizon. I would beg them to take my money!

  • SocalTeknique

    If the rumors are true then I’m in. I havent had a Moto since the original Razr.

  • No_Nickname90

    I’ll just continue waiting under my rock until someone realizes that I like trackpads on my phone and full Qwerty Keyboards. Software keyboards just don’t do it for me. I’m tired of switching my keyboards.

  • David Pat

    I want a keyboard!

  • Nick V

    I think that this will be the test bed for the Nexus Phones. If these do not come with Stock Android, I will pass up on these immediately. I will stick with Stock Android/Nexus devices only. I have the Nexus4 16GB, and it is sufficient.

    Not sure why everyone is clamoring for the Octa Processors, as no one even know how they will perform. I think that the Quad Cores will outperform the Octa Processors for the first two iterations, as there are no apps, and not even the OS is capable of multithreading the way it should be. There are some multithreading portions of the OS, but the kernel needs a huge advance to take full advantage. Then these processors will do what the came to do. As long as the apps are still single threaded apps, there is no need to move forward.

  • renGek

    Well for me I just need a more simple phone and hopefully that translates to a cheaper phone. On my GN I still have not used more than 6 gigs out of my 32 so I paid for 26gigs of blanks. I rarely take pictures with my phone. I only use my SLRs. I only use it to scan QR codes and things of that nature. What I do care about is decent but not fantastic processor, 1-2gigs of main memory and most important of all, big fat battery and LTE for tethering to my N7 which I use far more often than my phone.

  • Guest

    i’ve seen a test build of the xfon and for the most part these specs are planned.

  • Steve Schmidt

    This are some good rumors but we have to wait and watch what kind of phone motorola is building. I am sure other Android manufacturer like Samsung, HTC will not keep quite.