Samsung solidifies commitment to S Pen with 5% stake purchase in Wacom

Samsung’s been the biggest proponent of digitized displays and styluses ever since the original Galaxy Note reached shores everywhere, and with several devices out since then — including a possible 8 inch Galaxy Note said to debut next month — it’s become a huge part of Samsung’s mobile strategy. The Galaxy Note series has taken off and Samsung wants to make sure it has a more solid relationship with its partner Wacom.

What better way to solidify said relationship than a purchase of a 5% stake in the company? That’s right, Samsung will fork over $58.9 million in cash to grab itself a small piece of Wacom’s legacy, giving it minority voting rights in the biggest digital stylus company you’ll find. In turn, Wacom will scratch Samsung’s back by funneling that money back into product research and development, improvements to their manufacturing process and enhancements to its supply systems so that it can serve Samsung even better.

Samsung spear-headed the “phablet” movement back in 2011, but it wasn’t until the second edition of the Galaxy Note that things really took off. Not only did Samsung see huge success with the Galaxy Note 2, but its competitors have identified a budding market that seems ripe for the taking in 2013. This purchase gives Samsung an even sturdier leg up on the competition as they look to stay ahead of the smartphone curve with the innovation that the S Pen brings.

Samsung is rumored to be bringing S Pen support to its Galaxy S line in due time, though we can’t say for sure those rumors are solid. We’re not even sure when, exactly, Samsung is looking to unveil the phone so our eyes are set on the Galaxy Note 8.0, a tablet that we should be seeing in the news by the time Mobile World Congress kicks off late next month.

[Wacom via Endgadget]

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  • supremekizzle

    What about the next Note 10.1?!?!??

    • camelsnot

      what about it?

  • Lennatron

    I have a Galaxy Note 2 and don’t want any other phone on the market. I feel the note 2 is the best of the best!

    • camelsnot

      until the next one comes out. Always happens.

      • Big_EZ

        Yeah, but that gives it a year as top phone. I almost waited on the Motorola X since I hated Samsungs poor reception, but I decided to give the Note 2 and shot and Samsung has redeemed themselves in the reception area. It’ll be really hard for any phone other than the Note 3 to dethrone this as best phone for me.

    • nycplayboy78

      As a fellow GN2 owner….AMEN!!! Agree 150%

    • aaaalol

      Not really, the screen just sucks compare to the htc butterfly.

  • Jordan Caviness

    even the galaxy s3 with a capacitive stylus kicks butt

  • camelsnot

    meanwhile Apple is still sitting on their “war chest” trying to figure out what to do without Comrade Jobs. It’s always interesting to watch brands soar and decline. Having been a long time Wacom user in the 3D/VFX field, I’m glad to see a company like Samsung understanding what Wacom can bring to the masses. This may have me holding off on purchases this year until I can see what Wacom/Sammy integration takes place.

  • faara

    This is mainly attributed to the roaring success of Samsung’s line of GALAXY devices, which include the GALAXY Note, GALAXY Note II and GALAXY Note 10.1.

  • Unorthodox

    With S-Pen, I finally went completely paperless. I take notes, any notes, even when I’m on a phone with a sales rep, and then just spool them into PDFs on my GDrive to be accessible from any device. And it finally gives me the same efficient business usage as good old Palm III, Sony Clie, etc. Even better, because I don’t have to use the drawing pad anymore and just write where I need to. Yet, I sometimes miss Graffiti, but that’s just irrational emotion ;) –