Nexus 10 stock normalizing in the Google Play Store

Google surprised the hell out of everyone when it replenished stock of the Nexus 4 almost everywhere (and even able to fulfill orders as of the time of this writing). That particular device hasn’t been the only tricky one to get your hands on, though. Those looking for the Nexus 10 have also had a bit of trouble, though it looks like stock might be normalizing for that particular device, as well.

Both the 16GB and 32GB units are showing up as in-stock and shipping soon, with a 1-2 week waiting period between ordering and shipping. Folks might get lucky even with the waiting period as those who weren’t expecting the Nexus 4 for 1-2 weeks began to see shipment notifications right away.

Google has struggled to keep up with demand for its aggressively priced handsets and tablets ever since they’ve launched, though we’ve had a hard time putting our finger on why, exactly, that is. Rumors say Google’s initial order was ridiculously low, which indicates the company didn’t properly gauge demand ahead of launch. Whether or not that is true is something we’ll probably never get the answer to, but neither side of this equation — bet it Google or the manufacturers — was looking to do any finger pointing.

All is well that ends well, though. Head to the Play Store and order yourself a Nexus 10 if you’ve been desiring one, and be sure to get your hands on a Nexus 4 if you’ve been waiting on that — you never know how long they’re going to last this time.

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  • ArmageddonX

    Have had my Nexus 10 since Christmas. By far my favorite Android device of all time! I really love it =D

    • james ortiz

      I got rid of mine…… apps aren’t really optimized for it and then it stopped charging after two weeks of use.. Google sent me a new one or fixed it idk really but I sold I it

      • ArmageddonX

        That’s a shame. = I’ve had a flawless experience with mine. =)

      • Larkhillv

        If you’re referring to screen resolution, I’d hang on to it just because you know that everyone is going to be pushing hardware so that everyone has an approximate PPI as the Nexus 10, so I think soon enough, you’ll see a lot more apps optimized for it.

  • TechGuy22

    i want one. but i waiting for the hulk

  • supremekizzle

    I’m so glad Google is getting the Nexus name out. Even if it is known as being cheap, that’s hardly what these nexus devices feel like when you get them in your hands. Hopefully people grow so fond of the stock jelly bean holo UI that the manufactures will follow suit.

  • AndroidiMac

    Love my Nexus 4. Best phone I’ve ever used.

  • David Beaumont

    “Both the 16GB and 32GB units are showing up as in-stock and shipping soon” …. in which country? The Australian Play store still shows “TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK”

  • hideeho100

    You can buy it at Walmart now. lol

  • Unorthodox

    Too late, Google. I had my money laid away, but I’m happy now that N10 launch was such a mess (surprise, surprise). Happy owner of a Note 10.1 now.