Android 4.2.1 update commences for Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus


Sprint has begun pushing the Android 4.2.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, bringing the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship phone to the latest version of Jelly Bean. Major changes include an overhauled camera interface with Photo Sphere feature, a retooled notifications shade with quick settings, and lockscreen widgets.

The update brings the phone’s software version to L700GA02 and will rollout to all users over the coming weeks. Sprint says all users should have the update within 21 days. Verizon, the ball is in your court now.

[via Sprint | Thanks, Andrew!]

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  1. LOL @ Verizon.

    1. LOL@Sprint
      -GSM Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4

  2. This means that vzw update will arrive in about 3 months….keeping fingers crossed….ggggrrrr

  3. enh. who needs Verizon. that’s why i bought the phone with the healthiest Dev community.

    1. I concure, I have been on 4.2 with CM10.1 for some time now.

      1. AOKP ftw.

        1. GSM GNexus FTW

          1. They still have LTE and you don’t

          2. They still have data caps and he doesn’t- you’re comparing a F1 to a Corvette when the F1 can only drive in the city limits and the Corvette can drive on the autobahn. Besides, it’s all brotherly Android love folks. No need to talk smack! Let’s save that angst for the iTrolls and WP8 evangelists.

          3. Verizon doesn’t have a data cap. The odds you will get throttled are slim to none. AT&T has caps.

          4. These folks beg to differ with you: https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/725847

          5. I know several people who chew though 5+ GB a month with no problems.

          6. Unless you have 7 pages worth of folks that you can show like the official Verizon post above, I call BS. Screw Verizon, their data throttling, their excessive pricing, their excessive branding, their excessive bloatware, their anti-net neutrality campaign, their outdated CDMA technology, their locked bootloaders, their rape of the Nexus brand, their brainwashing of their customers,

            You may be in love with them, but F**C Verizon.

          7. I don’t even have Verizon. I have AT&T, so it’s worse. I get throttled at 3GB even and I don’t get data in crowded areas. Yay!

            And why would people post on Veizon that they aren’t getting throttled. That makes no sense whatsoever.

          8. If you don’t have Verizon, then why are you sticking up for them? Especially with no evidence? That makes no sense whatsoever.

            On another note, do you have an HSPA+ device on ATT? How fast does it go on average? I’m wondering because I’m on T-Mobile (Nexus 4) and an thinking about switching to ATT- but your throttling warning is scaring me.

          9. AT&T no longer offers unlimited data (like Verizon). I have unlimited from being Grandfathered in. I did say something incorrect before. 3GB is where I used to be throttled, but now they don’t throttle LTE customers until 5GB. Again, this only applies to unlimited data which they no longer offer.

            In California, AT&T HSPA+ only delivers about 3Mbps download speeds and 1 Mbps upload. And it doesn’t work well (or at all) in crowded areas (malls, disneyland, concerts, etc). T-Mo HSPA+ is much faster in my experience.

            And my evidence for the throttle is from all my friends who have Verizon who make fun of me when I get throttled. I wasn’t sticking up for Verizon. I was saying people with the Verizon G-Nex have LTE and with a GSM G-Nex you do not. And they can flash CM builds to make up for not having 4.2

          10. That community thread is pretty convicting.

        2. AOKP for the CHAMPIONSHIP. =)

    2. Agreed…I gave up on Verizon and decided to take the custom ROM approach. I’ve never been happier!

  4. I said screw it and already changed my ROM to MMuzzy and am loving the 4.2.1 already, screw Verizon

  5. Verizon is shameful. Really, even this update is pretty ridiculously late. I am very strongly considering cutting ties with 2year contracts and just getting the next Nexus straight from Google and just doing a prepaid plan.

    1. same here

  6. Once my contract is up I’m taking my business elsewhere. So sick of verizon’s BS with both OS updates and the Wallet debacle.

    1. I switched to Sprint and haven’t looked back even for a second. Their new network is amazing if your area has been upgraded already! That and you don’t have to worry about never receiving OS updates as Sprint is always one of the first to do so. Rest assured, if the manufacture made an update, Sprint will have it out usually in a week or two vs. Verizon’s 3-6 months.

      1. I was a Sprint customer for 10 years and loved them. I only switched away 3 years ago because they were lagging behind all other carriers with Android phone adoption. :/ As much as I like 4G I’ll probably just switch us over to a 45/50$ unlimited plan through one of the TracFone companies and live with 3G.

        1. If you can live with T-Mobile’s coverage, their DC-HSPA+ is as fast as LTE. So get a Nexus 4, get a T-Mobile Straight talk sim and you’ll have true unlimited 4G like you did with VZW but with a much lower bill and also unfortunately much less coverage.

  7. what about the nexus s 4g? my 4.1.1 is buggy and I know I’m not the only one.

  8. Got so pissed at Verizon today with ongoing service and gnex hardware issues I cancelled on the spot. Don’t even have new service yet. Think I’m gonna find a good deal on a gsm Nexus and try tmobile. No idea if they’re worth anything in my area.


  10. Well reset the google services framework several times and no update. Thus is going to be one of those updates that’s not really available for a couple days…

    Can anyone

  11. The reason for AT&T’s slower hspa+ is because it is only 21mb/s.

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