Rumor: HTC M7 launching March 8th with different color options

It’s not often we learn of a possible concrete launch date for a phone that has yet to be unveiled, but the latest rumors regarding the HTC M7 seem to suggest that we have just that. According to a HTCSource, the OEM will look to launch the device starting March 8th through several retailers and carriers. We imagine this date pertains to Europe where most devices tend to launch first, with North American counterparts getting a swing at the plate a little bit later.

No information on who, exactly, would offer it could be had, but in the European market it’s often harder to find a big carrier that isn’t offering these flagship devices. America might be a little more tricky with possible rebranding and exclusivity talks, but earlier rumors suggest HTC aims to get this thing onto as many different carriers as possible.

Alongside all of that, we’re also told to expect multiple color options for the device. There’s the typical black armor that we’ve already seen in leaked images, but a white version could be in the works, as well. It’s not like HTC has never made a white device before so it’s not hard to believe that we could be seeing the HTC in this particular hue. Another edition of the phone could be introduced with aluminum, but the source of that specific details didn’t seem quite as sure.

HTC is holding an event in New York City February 19th and we fully expect the HTC M7 to be in attendance. We’ll be there live to cover it all so keep that date circled and keep it tuned to Phandroid to get all the latest regarding HTC’s 2013 bread winner.


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  • Richard Gilboy

    Tegra 4 or APQ8074? Who wants to place bets.

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m guessing Tegra 4. Only because rumors say Verizon will also offer the M7 and it needs to be different enough from the DNA to make it worthwhile to Verizon.

    • BigBen7

      It better be the Qualcomm. Tegra’s are great for tablets, though.

    • dreadnatty08

      Is Tegra 4 LTE compatible?

      • Chris Chavez


    • Mikee128
  • DavidVarghese

    Man… I wanna see how the Evo M7 will look like and how much it’ll differ from the original M7

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  • Daniel Tiberius

    I’d like to see them branch out with colors like Nokia did. I like a bright yellow or something.

    • OMFCody

      I want red, or cyan.

      • Mikee128

        Red would be great.

  • Neto Lugo

    Need a new device. My Sensation is being a total pile. Everyday tasks are starting to derp out no matter what rom I throw on it. Now the thing is do i wanna deal with Sense again…I havnt putzed with Sense in a good while. I have some varient of 4.X on it now. Honestly cant tell diff between the versions. 3.6to4.x was significant. Since then cant tell anything new

  • jd_from_da_80s

    Hopefully the rumors of Sprint rolling out LTE in NYC in March are true. My contract is up in March & would love to upgrade my Evo 3D. No LTE, no M7

  • OMFCody

    Unless it’s water resistant and has expandable memory as well as inductive charging I’ll pass in favor of the Butterfly.

  • moises1204

    come to tmobile.

  • bigcix

    My One X (at&t) is still on the same software it launched with. I’m done with non Nexus phones!

    • Chris Chavez

      You really want Google Now that bad? I don’t even use it on my Note 2, DNA, or GS3..

    • yami951

      if you are worried about software that bad you should probably just root your phone…put on some aokp or something.

  • Orion575

    No, I will better keep my DNA

    • Chris Chavez


    • toomuchgame441

      Try it again in English now

      • Orion575


        • Manbo

          E N G L I S H.
          You are to have tried writing English words sentence in.

  • InspectorGadget80

    No SD CARD NO BUY. Still interested too see what colors their going to offer

  • Marsg

    will it have a snap 800 or tegra 4 since its coming in march ?

  • dan_gallo

    My birthday, wouldn’t that be a hoot if I buy it.

  • Marco Gymnopoulos

    I will wait for the M7+ which will be released 3-4 months later and has the specs needed. Of course like the Hox+ on AT&T it will never get an update because nobody buys it.

  • ijstaartindeoven


  • Manbo

    And not a f**k was given.

    HTC is blocking dev’s, I for one will not support a company that does that. They aren’t going to support their hardware after 1 year, so why c**k block the dev’s??? (Well we all know it’s because they want you to buy new phones to update…)

    So I say, “Up yours HTC. I’ll stick with Samsung and Sony for my non-Nexus needs.”