Chrome for Android to finally get password sync soon


One thing holding many people back from switching to Google Chrome for Android is the absence of password synchronization. Folks wouldn’t be as peeved as they are if the feature wasn’t already available in the iOS version of the browser, but when Google’s own operating system doesn’t get the same tender love and care as its biggest competitor you begin to wonder what gives.

Well, following Google’s explanation that it takes more work and time to implement the feature in the Android version due to the way user accounts work in the OS, we finally have word that the feature is being worked on and should be in a beta build near you soon. New code has been committed to the Chromium project that will finally allow us to sync our passwords to our Android devices.

With everything drawn up and ready to go, we should be seeing this feature in a beta channel update at some point in February, though it’s not wise to hold us to that estimation. Regardless of when the exact landing date is, though, we’re excited to see Chrome for Android making progress and getting one of the most important features for those of us who take password management seriously.

This saga makes us wonder if Google can eventually reach its goal of wanting to get Chrome on all platforms synced up on the development cycle. If it takes Google months longer to implement a feature in one version of an operating system opposed to another then it can’t guarantee that each platform will be updated at the same time.

Not all features will have to lag as far behind as password sync did, but Google’s desire to “do it right” for each individual platform will keep it from being able to get a more uniform update schedule going. Unless you want development on other platforms to be held back for the sake of identical updates and feature sets, this is something we’ll have to deal with for the time being. But don’t let my Debbie Downer commentary deter you from the excitement this news should bring — go nuts and celebrate!

[via Google Code, Chromium, thanks PhaseBurn!]

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  1. The extra features of Chrome are great, but Chrome performs poorly compared to the stock Jellybean and Dolphin browsers.

    1. Agreed. Chrome thus far is a disaster for Android. Ugly UI, slow, and a memory hog. The stock ICS browser blows it away.

      1. I beg to differ. I have used Dolphin on my GNex, and I haven’t had any significant differences between Chrome and Dolphin, whether it be performance or battery drain. I actually prefer Chrome’s UI to pretty much any other mobile browser, for now. This is obviously personal preference, though. I like the minimalist look and feel of it. The biggest plus for me is the fact that it syncs all of my desktop Chrome bookmarks and such with my mobile Chrome browser automatically. It has room for improvement, but then again, Dolphin and the stock browser have been around longer…

        1. Thank you. I’ve used Opera, Stock, and Chrome. The only difference to me was the UI. I don’t see this “speed” and “performance” difference at all. It seems like a placebo to me. But maybe I’m used to how Chrome runs and don’t notice that it’s running slow. I did use Chrome last on this list. Oh well…

        2. Dude, the stock ICS browser syncs the bookmarks as well and even gives you thumbnails of the screens. Plus, the stock ICS browser is faster and still runs Adobe Flash like a champ.

          1. Yea def, Chrome needs a lot of work for sure. Nothing is as terrible as the Google Voice app though.

          2. What Chrome are you guys using? Chrome Beta is way better than stock Chrome available now, you can only find it in the Play Store with a link.

          3. The bookmarks was more directed at other browsers, but even so, I prefer the look and functionality of the Chrome browser. It goes more with how Google is trying to unify its icons, programs/apps, etc. Plus, the card stack for open tabs is nicer than the windows you scroll through with the stock browser.

      2. I don’t think so… while it’s far from perfect, I’m lovin’ that UI, it goes well with the Google Now UI, and it’s actually okay compared to my stock HTC browser when loading websites… But I do wish that it is as great as Chrome for desktop, and also supports flash. I know HTML5 is the future, but most websites still rely on flash to run their websites… Chrome on Android is my default now (mainly because of the sync features), but I’m not too happy with it. The password sync a step closer in the perfection of the Chrome app.

    2. It works great on my jelly bean S3. Maybe its because of the phone but I can’t complain. It works great. What phone are you getting bad experience with chrome?

      1. I’m also using a Galaxy S3 on Jellybean. It is poor performance in comparison, not in general. Load a content heavy page with each browser (stock, Chrome), and scroll through the page as it is loading. Performance with the stock browser is noticeably better.

        1. oh okay… again… coming from a Galaxy S… I can’t complain. Those were slow… haha

  2. I noticed that chrome://history/ works now, so that’s a plus.

  3. Better put numerical lock on your phone before enabling this.

    1. why? what will happen if I don’t?

      1. I should have said “better lock your phone…”

        If you are syncing passwords for important sites, losing your sync-enabled phone can cost you more, since now whomever finds it will have access to these sites.

        I’m assuming that numerical locks are more secure than the pattern locks (I can often see the pattern of someone’ lock on their screen).

      2. Doom.

  4. any word on LastPass for chrome mobile?

  5. I’ve tried every mobile browser there is, just about. I was going with dolphin as my default, but it started running bad after recent updates. It got to the point I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve found chrome to be amazing for me personally. Especially chrome beta. I just wish the tablet ui were used on phones as well. Screens are big enough now, there’s no reason not to have real tabs along the top.

  6. The screenshot is different to my Chrome set-up – I don’t have Personal, Under The Hood stuff any more – I used to ?

  7. I have the new beta version of Chrome and it is 100% better. once this rolls out to everyone I think you will be plesently suprised.

  8. If only chrome for mobile also supported the desktop extensions. I use lastpass for my password management and wished it worked with chrome.

  9. Is it me or is the title to this article kind of… wrong?

  10. When are my Windows browsers going to simply sync bookmarks correctly, that’s what I want to know, my home machine still won’t sync with my work PC. Though it claims syncing is working.

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